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15 Steps to Decluttering (a newbie's advice)

Congratulations, you have decided to declutter your home/car/bedroom/basement/closet/kitchen pantry/whatever!

I don’t know what led you here: it could have been that you stubbed your pinky toe tripping over that box of books you never read (nor care to); it could be because you are sick of looking at a closet overly stuffed with clothes (not sure why because you wear the same 4 t-shirts and 2 leggings on repeat((SAME))); it might be because you are bored and needing something to do (God bless you); it could be because you’re moving; maybe you just need space. 745 more words


Eleven good reasons to travel

  1. You meet new people.
  2. The routine conversations change and they stimulate new neural pathways.
  3. You get a different environment to address the chatter inside your head.
  4. 153 more words

Trendy Nana Studio condo for rent

Trendy in the middle of everything…

Studio condo for rent 35 sq m mid floor

Rental 17.000 Per month 1 year contract

Real Estate

Join us on 29 October at Millenia Walk!

If you’re in Singapore, catch the cozy group of local minimalists coming together to share thoughts, ideas and experiences on their journey towards living a simpler yet more meaningful life.


Wild Geese

Photography is about making decisions, luck and patience. I learned it a few days ago. When I saw wild geese preparing for migration I thought, well I didn’t have a telephoto lens and wild geese would look like small black dots on my pictures. 205 more words