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This will be my first post to this blog. I hope that posting regularly to this blog will help strengthen my writing skills.

Recently I have been experimenting with minimizing my lifestyle, decluttering my life, and purging myself of the excess material items I have. 144 more words



Frederick Asher was the toast of the town, the art exhibition at the prestigious Midler Concorde Museum had art enthusiasts queuing round the block to take a look at the Minimalist work of this unique artist.   35 more words

Look Like Her #1- Deepika Padukone in random Pic

Hi Guys,

So kick starting my Look Like Her series with a look worn by my favourite actress- Deepika Padukone! For those of you who don’t know, I’m a die hard fan of her. 424 more words

Inspired Makeup

Minimalistic thoughts.

Hey guys, today I wanted to write something I have never written before. I am thought about this a few weeks ago and felt I needed to share it with you guys! 223 more words

First post

As a child I’ve always been a hoarder.
I collected empty whine bottles, toys I hated, toilet rolls and so on.

Funny enough, when I moved to Germany at the age of 12 everything changed. 116 more words

Movie : Point Blank

Walker is double crossed by his criminal partner Reese.  They steal a large amount of money being dropped at the deserted Alcatraz prison.  Reese shoots Walker and leaves him for dead.   325 more words


W książkach motywacyjnych czytamy często, że samo się nie zrobi. Że należy podążać za marzeniami i robić to co Nas naprawdę kręci. Że praca może być jednocześnie naszym hobby, a wtedy tak na prawdę nie jest pracą. 319 more words