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Finish: Cornflower Blue

C O R N F L O W E R   B L U E 

This beautiful matte blue glaze has the ability to transform in the kiln. 60 more words


Decor Series #1

A lot of you might not know this, but I am VERY into interior decorating. I basically live for it. Pretty much since we decided to move (which was like 7 months ago) I have been planning how I am going to decorate our new apartment. 544 more words

Minimalism - a guide

Simply defined, minimalism is living your life with a ‘less is more’ philosophy, and you should get on board!

The idea behind minimalism is that: less things, less material goods cluttering up your physical space, means less cluttering up your mental space, it means less stress. 509 more words

Tips For Life

Book 7 Face 2

Book 7 Face 2

Face was pated into a Birthday Book.

Oil Crayons

Book 7 Face 1

Book 7 Face 1

This face was pasted into a Birthday book.

Just Faces


There are those who love the tiny home idea and who have a tiny home built with all new materials…and then there is Savannah. Savannah is a huge fan of minimalism and living off the land and recycling old materials, which you will easily spot in her tiny home design. 101 more words

Tiny Homes