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Declutter clothes.. minimalist?

Blogging after a long time, well what was I upto?

Relocation and moving homes! I know what’s popping up in your mind. Those packing, sorting, unpacking.. 283 more words

How to have a more simplistic Christmas with kids.

Hey dreamers,

This post will be my tips and tricks on how to simplify Christmas.

Step 1: Throw all the social media expectations out of your day. 325 more words


Dreaming of a Simplistic Christmas

Hello fellow dreamers,

Today, I was chatting to a colleague who was describing how over worked and overwhelmed she felt about planning her Christmas day. 284 more words


Festive Accessories.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I’m one of those people who choose to embrace the snow instead of hiding away from it, scowling behind steamy, fogged up windows. 728 more words


Minimalistic Travel: 4 Tips for Simple Airline Carry On

Tired of hauling around massive suitcases? Waiting for your bag after a long flight? Airlines keep losing your checked baggage? Just want to learn more about minimalistic travelling? 1,556 more words


Five Ways To Get Rid Of Clothes You Don't Need

I’ve talked about this a little bit before Getting Rid Of Clothes… talking about how hard it is for me to get rid of clothes, and sometimes, items in general. 476 more words

Follow-up Review: Caudabe iPhone X Cases

Couple weeks ago, we reviewed a number of iPhone 8 Plus cases from Caudabe. Before the review, I have been swapping around a few of them… 770 more words