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Minimum skills - sort of

I clearly have minimum skills. My problem is that I do them upright. That is to say, not in derby stance. I am also cursed with good stability in my upright position. 289 more words


What am I doing?

At the age of 35, I have decided to become a derby star. At least in my own head. I will not match the great derby stars whose names I don´t know, but I promise you, in my mind, I am a derby star. 260 more words


WFTDA Rules Homework

I wasn’t sure what to post today or wether to post at all. The hall that our team uses is an old ice rink at our local leisure centre. 375 more words

The Dreaded 27 in 5

Every skater who is yet to achieve this honour will understand the frustration of these 2 numbers. This is especially frustrating for my team mates who have to achieve this on our sticky floor – I’m pretty sure it’s impossible(!) We usually practice 27 in 5 as a team, to see how many laps we can accrue in 5 minutes. 124 more words

Roller Derby

Setting Times

There was no-one coaching todays session but as always I take my own training plan to work through so I can work on what things I need to do most to pass my minimum skills. 386 more words


My friend Connie E sent me this basic message that I have made some changes to hopefully impact the importance of the madness that is destroying America. 299 more words


Let the good times (and the Atom wheels) roll....and quit the mental kidney punches

I’ve finally done it.

After months of blood (stubbed toes), sweat (all over my poor stinking pads) and tears (of frustration over backwards skating) I’ve only gone and finally passed my minimum skills. 396 more words