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Skills, skills, skills

Fresh meat started just under a year ago (if I don’t count the first taster session where I didn’t even try a pair of skates on) and out of my cohort there are about 9 of us who’ve continued until now. 776 more words

Pre Mins

Pre mins skills so far

To be able to actually scrim at full contact/eventually be considered for a spot on the team, I have to pass the minimum skills that the WFDTA dictate (hence being called pre mins since I’m ‘pre minimum skills’). 266 more words

Pre Mins

Diary 14/08/16

Weak areas
  • Slipping backwards on my skates
  • Scrim-brain
  • Transitioning from a brace into a wall
  • Pushy jammer
Areas which sucked slightly less


So this past week we had tryouts for our B team. We skated almost every day for the past ten days, and ended the festivities with an awesome scrimmage, which left me tired but so happy about how far I had gotten, and how much more was left for me to do. 262 more words

Roller Derby

Diary 27/06/16 - So basics, wow

Some really great training so far this month. I’m having good feels about derby, and I’ve finally managed to get one of my rules infographics off the ground, which is a weight off my mind. 392 more words


Minimum Skills: Stop Freaking Out

Ah minimum skills.

The Freshies on my league have their mins testing on Monday. Watching them get ready reminded me of how I felt as I went through the same motions only a few months ago.  1,078 more words

Roller Derby