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27 laps in 5 minutes - I did it!

To be allowed to scrimmage (practice games), I have to pass a minimum skills test. One of the hardest parts, supposedly, is managing to do at least 27 laps around the track in 5 minutes. 245 more words

Derby Love

Week 20 : Reflecting on 20 crazy weeks, and Minimum Skills testing!

I decided to keep the blog quiet over the last few weeks because we were going through a period of testing in the league and I wanted to concentrate on that, and then do a reflective post, rather than try to write about things as they happened. 1,029 more words

Roller Derby

Week 15 - Calming it all down.

So this weeks blog post is a little late, few reasons for that, not least of which is simply deciding how to move on with the blog and what to focus on. 528 more words

Roller Derby

Rollin´on the outside

My first outdoor skate… It was amazing and horrifying at the same time. The amazement stems from the sheer fact that I could get my speed up and not have to worry about making a sharp turn or stop. 573 more words

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Minimum skills - sort of

I clearly have minimum skills. My problem is that I do them upright. That is to say, not in derby stance. I am also cursed with good stability in my upright position. 289 more words

Derby Stance

What am I doing?

At the age of 35, I have decided to become a derby star. At least in my own head. I will not match the great derby stars whose names I don´t know, but I promise you, in my mind, I am a derby star. 260 more words

Derby Stance

WFTDA Rules Homework

I wasn’t sure what to post today or wether to post at all. The hall that our team uses is an old ice rink at our local leisure centre. 375 more words