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Not Ready, Agile versus Half Baked

This week, I got nothing. Nothing is ready for posting. Sure, I have three partial posts with great themes, a day of hooky, discussion versus decision and the feeling of joy when you find out, it’s not just you. 218 more words


How I Launched My Business by Doing Less

I promised in my last post that I’d write about how to spend less time and money to launch a business. So here it is! 735 more words


Just Do it and Stop Pursuing Perfection

Perfectionism is such a good thing. It is the engine that has fueled technological innovation and advancement in science. It has helped birth the finest of art and even defined much of our evolution. 219 more words


Lessons Learned Running a 100 Mile Relay Race

Seven years ago I took part in GE Training at their Crotonville, NY campus. Much of our time was dedicated to navigating corporate politics and developing large-scale, effective teams. 1,098 more words


What we mean when we talk about a ‘minimum viable product’

Co-op Digital is helping the wider Co-op transform its business by building digital products and services. We know some of our readers have an interest in how technology and digital skills can help businesses but if they’re not part of that digital and design community they’re unlikely to be familiar with some of the terms we use in our blog posts. 533 more words

Agile Delivery

How did we launch our startup with €200!?

We (as everybody else) were well aware of the dreadful start-up failure statistics. It goes like this: 9 out of 10 start-ups fail. Moreover, we were going to enter a highly competitive market. 2,369 more words