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Petr Šídlo: Interview about Product Development, Getting Customer Feedback and Baking Apple Pies

Minimum viable product, or MVP, is the first functional version of a product that the company offers to its customers. You can imagine, for example, the first version of a new computer game or a sample model from a young designer’s workshop. 1,086 more words


Petr Šídlo: O vývoji produktů, sbírání zpětné vazby a pečení štrúdlů

Minimum viable product neboli MVP je první funkční verze produktu, kterou firma nabízí svým zákazníkům. Můžete si pod ním představit například první verzi nové počítačové hry nebo ukázkový model z dílny mladého návrháře. 1,217 more words


Free stuff

One of the oldest tricks in the marketing playbook is to give away free stuff. We do this at trade shows, conferences and whenever we test the market for new products. 162 more words


The curious case of Minimum Viable Product

I recently got into an IT project with a dream to digitise the process and use the efficiency to drive down cost, improve experience and reduce marketplace inefficiency (matching demand with supply) – sounds all familiar? 295 more words

What young people have taught me about starting a business #2 – the entrepreneurs

Communication skills are essential

I had a privileged upbringing – surrounded by books and a loving family that were articulate in spoken and written word – particularly around political and social change. 976 more words

Learning About Earning

Taking it easy

Easy is worth it. If you do something repeatable, predictable and simple, easy makes sense. Finding the easy way makes us smarter. It creates value and builds companies. 82 more words