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Don't confuse a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a Go-To-Market shortcut

As a Product Manager I am often working towards the launch and development of an MVP – Minimum Viable Product. An MVP is a great means to launch quickly and effectively in market; to test and learn, iterate and refine. 210 more words


How to demo an app to an executive

In the digital era, we are frequently making demos of apps to executives. Technologies like Python and the MEAN stack, with an enabling ecosystem provided by the company, means virtually anyone with creativity and zest can build apps that automate their work. 263 more words

Change Enablement

What Will You Do When Life Gives You Lemons?

Common wisdom states:

When life gives you lemons make lemonade.

I would like to challenge this assumption because if all the smart people are busy making lemonade.

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Shooting Holes in the Minimum Viable Product

A really good idea can get quickly accepted as a norm in the tech sector. The late night comedian John Oliver might say that such an idea becomes “a thing” (as in “is that… 1,245 more words

The Lean Startup

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Eric Ries describes a MVP as not necessarily the smallest product producible, but the simplest, fastest way to get into the build-measure-learn feedback loop with the least amount of effort (blog post coming). 191 more words


Notes on Eric Celedonia's Improving UX with Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling

(based on a post by Eric Celedonia on InVision’s blog, link here.)

For brevity’s sake, I am skipping the original Pixar rules and just summarizing their UX counterparts—go to the original post above for the whole thing! 627 more words

Product Development

Turning your idea into a funded company

The cost of entry to the startup world has decreased dramatically in the last decade. We’re now at the point where the tools that were once only available to enterprise users have made their way into the hands of everyday users. 871 more words