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The Bright Stream Adventure

 Or: How our Start-up is progressing…

Since I last wrote here – lots of things have happened – the most exciting of which was to bring a software developer onto the project to create a prototype or minimum viable product (M.V.P). 198 more words

Marcus Barber

Ο Πελάτης ως Χρηματοδότης: μια όχι και τόσο διαφορετική προσέγγιση στην επιχειρηματικότητα

 By: Alexis Komselis, Director, ALBA Hub for Enterprise and Development 

Η κύρια αγωνία όλων των νέων επιχειρηματιών είναι η χρηματοδότηση. Δυστυχώς τα τελευταία χρόνια το πρόβλημα έχει γίνει πιο έντονο, τόσο γιατί οι παραδοσιακές μορφές χρηματοδότησης έχουν «στερέψει» όσο και επειδή οι περισσότεροι επιχειρηματίες εστιάζουν υπερβολικά σε αυτό. 59 more words


Play-testing - Do it now, screw it up and do it again - immediately!

So you got an idea for a game – why haven’t you tested it yet?

SO – you’ve got an idea for a board game you want to make (or some other creative pursuit).   703 more words


Brewing the Minimum Viable Product

That of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP henceforth) is a concept in both design and business. The idea is to distill your product to its core components as soon as possible during the product lifecycle and use it as a benchmark to evaluate if your design is solid at its core and get feedback from the… 281 more words


How Business Benefit From Crowd Sourcing? The good, The Bad and The Ugly

You may have heard about KickStarter and other crowd funding sites. These sites help people raise money for new ventures. The idea is that if a lot of people invest a small amount of money, a project can get funded that may not be up to the rigorous standards of venture capital investors (VCs). 894 more words


How do you Collect Customer Needs?

Experience, customer research, user experience, empathic design, human factors, and intuition.

Above, I have listed six key tactics that I commonly use whilst designing software and service offerings. 255 more words

Concept Phase

Building an MVP with Google Sheets -- no code required

I’m always looking for opportunities to not code. On a new project, we’ve been using Zapier to extract data from a source and store it in google sheets. 561 more words

Customer Development