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The simplest, most helpful advice for creating your first game ever: Build, test and learn

I’ve been working on a minigame for testing one’s touch-typing skills as part of a larger training software. When I’m not working on that, I am mostly researching on how to approach game development from a practical indie developer point-of-view, during which I come across blogs, articles, Quora topics and Youtube videos about game development. 684 more words


Why It's Good to Get Punched in the Face

What Reality Loves to Do to Plans

Reality loves to punch everyone and everything in the face. Especially plans. Huge plans, grandiose plans, top-down designs, pages of words, charts, diagrams, jargon, tables, mountains of data–all that no one will ever read. 228 more words


MVP Minimum Viable Product

According to wikipedia, the term minimum viable product, MVP, is a term coined by Frank Robinson, and popularized by Steve Blank, and Eric Ries. I find this to be a very powerful idea, and one that works hand in hand with using a PHP framework, such as Laravel 5.1 and Yii 2. 683 more words

Lean Startup

Are we all working for the Robots?

While society is not run by robots – yet. There are a lot of people learning programming and a lot of companies who’s only product depends on a lot of automation. 599 more words

Minimum Viable Product

Notes on Pivotal Lab's Lean Customer Research with Validately

From a 3/31/15 video with Validately’s Steven Cohn, posted on Pivotal Labs’ livestream channel, link here. I also saw this presented by Steven Cohn at LeanUX NYC a few weeks ago, which was great. 393 more words

Product Development

The 3 most important questions you will need to answer about customer segmentation

Customer segmentation for entrepreneurs is a tool to reduce distractions, focus your product roadmap towards your Minimum Viable product and create personas that can help your marketing, sales and development efforts. 696 more words


How I Started a Company in 72 Hours

Recently, I helped found a company with 3-Day Startup. 3-Day Startup (3DS) is a program that assists college students (and current professionals) with creating a new company over the course of a weekend. 553 more words

Minimum Viable Product