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#INNOVATION - 4 consejos para trabajar en modo #StartUps dentro de una gran organización


Crecer dentro de una gran empresa no siempre es fácil. Cuando la empresa tiene miles de empleados y varios años sobre sus espaldas, suele crearse una capa media y superior de Management que tiende a las fórmulas conocidas para definir los marcos de trabajo. 540 more words


Episode 1: The Minimum Viable Product and the importance of community

Discussing the minimum viable product and the evolution of content based on feedback from the digital community, this podcast dives into the idea that creating something in a beta version and choosing to improve it is more important than questing for perfection and never putting it out to the universe. 41 more words

Digital Communities

Minimum Viable Product- MVP

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a term frequently used, with an abundance of definitions, and is often poorly understood.

An MVP isn’t an incomplete product, it is the the MINIMUM product that will accomplish what you desire.   520 more words

Using minimum viable product in an Agile project - Beware!

Many agile projects like to use the concept of minimum viable product (MVP) without direct day to day involvement of business this is often a badly flawed process. 9 more words

Benefits of a MVP

We always get to know of any startup or a product that succeeded, but we seldom find out which failed.

There are a few reasons for product failure or not succeeding as expected. 493 more words


A Book: Preface

What you are about to read (over the next several months) is completely unfinished. There is a purpose for it to be this way – representing… 478 more words


Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a way to design and develop your product with sufficient features so that the product can be launched or sold to early customers. 212 more words