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In the startup world, how is the 'proof of concept' different from a 'minimum viable product'?

‘Proof of concept’ and ‘Minimum Viable Product’ are two very different things.

As clarified in the earlier chapter, when testing the proof of concept, you could be testing not just the product itself but also a few other assumptions about the business around that product.  123 more words

Starting Up


I enjoyed this chapter of The Obstacle is the Way more than the last one. It didn’t seem to be as cliché, and it talked about iterating, which is something I’d already believed in. 359 more words

Riding the Minimum Viable Product Roller Coaster

So it turns out that the emotional rollercoaster that “the PMARCA Guide to Startups” warned us about isn’t the only roller coaster entrepreneurs ride.

Of course that’s the one you think of first, “Tears,” where you experience your highest highs and lowest lows. 556 more words

Alexa Seeger

The case for boosting enterprise software startups with services

One of the truisms of software business strategy is that services is bad business; heck, we’ve also said it. The reason, put bluntly, is that it’s a business with low margins and is not as scalable. 1,965 more words



Project & Problem

BallotBud was born out of the Debug Politics Los Angeles Hackathon. Stemming from frustrations on both sides of the political spectrum, the goal of the Hackathon was to find potential solutions to improve the US political sphere. 871 more words


5 Reasons Why Chatbots are Excellent for MVP Startups

MVP stands for the minimum viable product. It is a development method in which new website or product is developed with adequate features to gratify early adopters. 505 more words