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Why the MVP method is hard - Organizational challenges

In my previous post I talked about how the MVP method is very frequently referenced but rarely used. Organizations usually use the word Minimum Viable Product when they develop what I refer to as the Maximum Possible Product, where the features for the product are defined up front and then as many of those features as possible are delivered before a deadline or within a budget. 785 more words


MVP versus MPP

The big buzzword these days seems to be MVP, meaning Minimum Viable Product. It’s a reference to the approach to product development described by Eric Ries in his book… 614 more words

Requirements Management

Shower Fresh Part 2: Infusey

Last year, I helped prototype a showerhead for infusing herbs (like lavender) into your shower water. Since then, a new team has re-formed, re-designed the product, and re-named it Infusey. 110 more words


Program-N: A Case to Validate Learning

I was recently part of an organization that established a vision to revolutionize how the Government accessed and analyzed digital content from electronic devices.  These devices, acquired during lawful operations and activities of the federal, state, local, and tribal governments, often revealed information on international terrorist organizations, home-grown violent extremists, and similar nefarious actors that posed a threat to national security. 1,048 more words

DPI-622 Assignments

What is freemium?

What is freemium ? The word freemium is a combination of the words free and premium.

It describes a business model in which you give a core product away for free to a large group of users and sell premium products to a smaller fraction of this user base. 10 more words

Lean In The Digital Age

The Minimum Viable Feature

You’ve been there. A customer asks for a thing they consider to be an easy ask and it’s not in the current product. It might  461 more words

Product Thoughts

On Minimum Viable Instructions

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a popular concept in lean startup methodologies where one creates a mockup of the full finished product one envisions with the minimum viable features for the product’s validation by the market. 497 more words