The case for boosting enterprise software startups with services

One of the truisms of software business strategy is that services is bad business; heck, we’ve also said it. The reason, put bluntly, is that it’s a business with low margins and is not as scalable. 1,965 more words



Project & Problem

BallotBud was born out of the Debug Politics Los Angeles Hackathon. Stemming from frustrations on both sides of the political spectrum, the goal of the Hackathon was to find potential solutions to improve the US political sphere. 871 more words


5 Reasons Why Chatbots are Excellent for MVP Startups

MVP stands for the minimum viable product. It is a development method in which new website or product is developed with adequate features to gratify early adopters. 505 more words


5 off-the-cuff definitions for jargon

Here are a handful of jargonish terms floating around my head, and my off the cuff definitions.

Minimum viable product.

This is the bare minimum you can do to launch your product. 293 more words


What's a MVP anyway?

Recently, a friend with an entrepreneurial streak came up with yet another business idea (hey, Hubert!) My first instinct was to strongly suggest that he make an MVP, or minimum viable product, of his project to test its potential. 337 more words


Writing Template - Customer Show Case Summary

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Participating at trade shows, industry or customer events is a great opportunity to show-off.  Your latest and greatest thinking and early stage offerings.  646 more words

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Trade secrets - you can start a business without money or time

What they don’t tell you about starting a business…

Tradition says that you need money to start a business and ‘friends, family and fools’ are the most common source of that funding. 418 more words

Trade Secrets