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The 21st century has a breakneck feel, and it’s difficult for organizations to keep up. We try to focus on the work in front of us, but our attention is continually flooded with changing priorities, better options and new ideas. 706 more words


How to create an MVP for your business

Are you ready to launch a game-changing product, but not sure where to start? Creating an MVP, or minimum viable product, is a necessary step to validate your product idea and receive critical customer feedback. 954 more words

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How the Minimum Viable Product Helps Creatives

Dan Gold

The term “minimum viable product” (MVP) is used mainly in the startup business world as a way to describe the first offering a business puts out into the world based on a bigger idea. 579 more words


Don't rush to be embarrassed by the first version of your product

The intent of good quotes is lost over time. So, they are often misunderstood and misused because they are applied out of context. Reid Hoffman’s quote –  357 more words



What is a Minimal Viable Product?

Although first coined by Frank Robinson, the term Minimal Viable Product has been popularised by Eric Ries in his work… 974 more words

Change Management

In the startup world, how is the 'proof of concept' different from a 'minimum viable product'?

‘Proof of concept’ and ‘Minimum Viable Product’ are two very different things.

As clarified in the earlier chapter, when testing the proof of concept, you could be testing not just the product itself but also a few other assumptions about the business around that product.  123 more words

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