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Raising the Minimum Wage is not Long-Term Benficial

Watching cable news tonight Bill O’Reilly cited a CBS/NY Times Poll from May 28.  The Poll’s minimum wage question reads like this:

“As you may know, the federal minimum wage is currently $7.25 an hour.

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Minimum Wage

UW complies with initial city-wide wage increase

The UW announced Tuesday it will adhere to Seattle’s initial city-wide wage increase and will be raising the minimum wage for non-student employees to $11 an hour, effective today. 194 more words


Employees Lose FLSA Bid to Recover Pooled Tips

Restaurant cases always enthrall me. I was a “server” (waitress, whatever…) at two national chain restaurants while I was in college.  At the end of the night, I was required to give at least 1% of my nightly sales to the hostess, at least 1% of my nightly sales to the expediter, and then at least 1% of my bar sales to the bartender.   763 more words

A minimum wage success story in Seattle

Restaurants in Seattle are raising their wages, upping prices and discouraging tipping as the impact of Seattle’s $15 an hour minimum wage ordinance takes shape.


We’re Angry About Lots of Problems, Let’s Fix Two With One Solution

The Internet is ablaze with hot takes about everything from the most inconsequential local news stories about meth addicts selling tickets to heaven to slightly more consequential issues like… 483 more words

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You're Missing the Point

We’ve all heard the adage: minimum skills, minimum education = minimum wage. Oh, thanks for clarifying. Read: minimum. Can never be too clear, right?

And to that, and to virtually every argument I say, you’re missing the point. 828 more words

On Marriage, Wages, and Immanuel Kant

The Gay Marriage Case against the Minimum Wage

I came across the previous article browsing through my Facebook newsfeed today, and while the article is not openly advocating for any sort of return to the pre-minimum wage days, it does raise the possibility, and it does so with a provocative claim which frames the whole article. 2,184 more words

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