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The cruelty of the minimum wage

By Tom Quiner

Liberal policies have gutted black families.

Great Society programs replaced dads with a welfare check by creating perverse social incentives. Black illegitimacy rates soared from 1 out of 4 out of wedlock births in the early sixties to 7 out of 10 today. 383 more words


Bernie Sanders Vows to Fight On for the Good of the 99 Percent

Bernie Sanders issued a statement after he lost four of five states on April 6, 2016. So this primary campaign season isn’t over until it’s over. 306 more words

High IQ, low common sense of minimum wage


It’s a demographic problem. You could cite HBD.

Traceable by national IQ.

Being tied to economic prosperity. Civic participation. Prosociality.

On the abstract plane, it’s a social problem. 194 more words

Enforcing Seattle’s Minimum Wage Law

April 1st marked the one-year anniversary of the effective date of Seattle’s headline-making minimum wage law.  The law mandated a graduated increase to $15/hour… 1,116 more words

On Labor

Today's News & Commentary --- April 28, 2016

Labor leaders have weighed in to protect pensioners in the Puerto Rico rescue package being finalized in the House of Representatives, according to Politico.  The presidents of the SEIU and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the largest trade union of public employees, met with House Democrats to remove from the rescue bill a provision that would prioritize bondholders before pensioners to receive payments in Puerto Rico’s debt restructuring.   475 more words

Daily Headlines & Commentary

California raises wages

Why attaining and keeping a livable wage should be a priority

In a continuation of the never ending “who’s more progressive” race, both California and New York became the first states within the United States to approve a raise in their minimum wages to $15, with California setting the goal by 2021. 859 more words

Riverside City College

Submission to Porirua City Council on proposed #livingwage

A living wage at a local council will act as a hiring standard that stops low paid workers from being shortlisted for vacancies in the 129 council jobs affected by the proposed living wage increase. 262 more words

Labour Economics