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40,000 Uber Drivers Just Won the Right to Minimum Wage and Paid Vacation

Because Uber drivers have always been classified as independent contractors, the company has been able to get away with slashing fares that result in earnings below minimum wage. 319 more words


Uber Drivers Should Get Paid Vacation, British Tribunal Says

LONDON (CBS / AP) — Uber drivers in Britain should get paid vacation days and guaranteed minimum wage, a tribunal said Friday in a ruling that the company will appeal. 210 more words


Predatory behaviour not new to charity sales

You might have been reading this week about a collective of young people who are taking legal action against the charity marketing agency Appco for allegedly forcing them to participate in “humiliating rituals”, workplace bullying and underpayment. 453 more words

Today’s News & Commentary — October 27, 2016

With fewer than two weeks remaining until the election, The Wall Street Journal reported political tensions have been heating up at work.  A Society for Human Resources and Management survey found that more than half of human resources personnel are reporting more political discord at work in this election cycle than in the past.   357 more words

On Labor

Cook County Raises Minimum Wage

Nearly two years ago Chicago aldermen voted to raise the minimum wage for businesses in the city to $13 by 2019 and implemented the first phase of the increase. 454 more words


Cook County To Increase Minimum Wage To $13

CHICAGO (CBS) — Minimum-wage workers in the Cook County suburbs are getting a raise, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

County Board members Wednesday approved an ordinance that will boost the minimum hourly wage from $8.25 to $13 by 2020. 397 more words


Bogus Law of Supply and Demand Is Disproven

For reasons not clear to this amateur economist, (OK, I browsed thru an old copy of the Economist once), there has been limited press coverage of the scientific proof that the law supply and demand is nothing but a bucket of pure bulldog drool.   373 more words