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College grads need a higher minimum wage🙄

Let’s see; our high school “graduates” rank near the bottom in literacy, our college students spend less time studying than in other countries; take economically worthless courses in the majority and can’t finish school in four years. 81 more words


Must Reads For The Week 2/13/16

Economics Explained (In 1 Simple Cartoon), at zerohedge.com. Economics isn’t about what is good or bad. Each of us wants low prices when we are buyers, and higher prices when we are sellers. 566 more words

Must Reads For The Week


Hillary assuring her corporate cronies she really isn’t a progressive or reformer, just something she’s had to say in an attempt to stave off Sanders. 80 more words

Race and the Race

Democrats are constantly calling for a frank national conservation about race, as if it hasn’t ranked right up there with sports and weather and the sex lives of celebrities as one of the three or four most discussed topics of the past 240 years or so, but there are times when we wonder just how frank they want that conversation to be. 1,091 more words


A $15 Minimum Wage?

With the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, the United States set its first federal minimum wage at 25 cents per hour. In the 78 years since, it has been raised 22 times. 650 more words


Why Aren't We Talking more about Housing?

This campaign season has been filled with ideas about how to help the middle class: raise the minimum wage, reign in Wall Street, make college more affordable, bring jobs back home, spur investment, or give small businesses a boost. 341 more words

"It's a worry for small business," Proposed $10.15 minimum wage in PA


Governor Tom Wolf is proposing raising the minimum wage to $10.15 an hour.

“People working full time should not live in poverty,” Governor’s Office Press Secretary Jeff Sheridan said. 267 more words