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You need to be earning $20.91 an hour to make ends meet in Metro Vancouver

You need to be earning at least $20.91 in order to keep your head above water in Metro Vancouver.

That’s according to a new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), a left-leaning think tank that has crunched the numbers on the so-called “living wage” for the region. 338 more words


Restaurant industry pushes tip penalty; unions and tipped workers push back

You might not have noticed the sky falling in Minnesota’s restaurant industry – unless, that is, you’ve been hanging out in meetings of the House Committee on Job Growth and Energy Affordability Policy and Finance. 660 more words


Labor Leaders Furious After World Bank Recommends Ditching Minimum Wage

Bernie Sanders is preparing to release his version of the “jobs guarantee” that has become a fixture of the UK Labour Party’s platform under leader Jeremy Corbyn. 282 more words


Minimum Wage Law Leads To Robots Now Serving Coffee

A second coffee shop that employs robots instead of humans has opened in San Francisco to battle minimum wage and other labor costs. 174 more words


A Living Wage: In Utah, as in Hawaii, lawmakers say no to struggling workers

The Fight for $15 in Hawaii ground to a halt in late February this year when it reached the Senate’s Ways and Means Committee, chaired by Senator Donovan Dela Cruz, a Democrat. 686 more words


World employers report

The history of capitalism is actually a combination of two histories: it’s a history of employers attempting to hire workers and develop new technologies to make profits and expand the reach of capitalism; it’s also a history of workers banding together to improve wages and working conditions and imagine ways of moving beyond capitalism. 602 more words

Minimum Wage

Would you take a minimum wage paying job? Knowing you have years of experience, a wonderful skill set, eagerness for self improvement? Knowing good and well you’re the best candidate for the job? 726 more words

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