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While I have strong opinions about most of the political issues that I know about, I do have to acknowledge that, in most cases, people can reasonably come to different conclusions based on reasonable differences in core beliefs, or the way that they structure arguments.   249 more words

Workplace 2020

Labour was founded by working people over a century ago and we continue to be the only Party who will stand up for working people and build a fairer economy. 325 more words

Workers' Rights

Raising the D.C. Minimum Wage Will Lead To Loss Of Thousands Of Jobs

In a 1966 essay criticizing Congress for raising the minimum wage, Milton Friedman wrote: Congress has just acted to increase unemployment. It did so by raising the legal minimum-wage rate from $1.25 to $1.60 an hour, effective in 1968, and extending its coverage.

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US Politics

The Failures of Fight for $15

By Logan Marie Glitterbomb

“The Fight for $15 started with just a few hundred fast food workers in New York City, striking for $15 an hour and union rights. 1,104 more words

Human Rights

Raising the Minimum Wage helps Everyone

Republicans attack a lot of things but the minimum wage is something they attack the most and it is rather infuriating to say the least. They are epic liars about every political issue but they take it to a whole new level on this very issue and these lies must be challenged. 1,395 more words