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Seattle's $13/hour Minimum Wage is Failing Big Time

Wow! Who could have predicted that artificially raising the minimum wage to $13 would be harmful to businesses, minorities, and low-income workers? Kacie Burnett reported on… 64 more words


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1. Alaska Air offers charter flight for solar eclipse viewing

Concerned clouds will block your view?  Why not fly above them?  (See also quite neat video from last year, below.) 387 more words


Seattle faces an economic time bomb with minimum wage, rising cost of living

Washington state is one of the most reliable Democratic states in the nation. Having gone blue for the last 30 years, there is little risk of this state flipping anytime soon. 813 more words

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Magical Thinking About Minimum Wages

The laws of supply and demand apply to labor, too.

Thanks to a new study from economists at the University of Washington, American progressives have learned that the laws of supply and demand apply to the labor market. 85 more words

Poll: Do you support raising the minimum wage in PA to $12.00 or more?

HARRISBURG, Pa.– State Representative Patty Kim has reintroduced legislation that aims to increase minimum wage.

House Bill 1520 would increase the minimum wage for non-tipped employees to $12.00 per hour effective on January 1, 2018. 341 more words


Higher minimum wage could mean less hours

SEATTLE, WA — You may think a pay raise is a good thing, but for folks in Seattle, not so much.

When Seattle raised their minimum wage, people rejoiced! 256 more words