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Antminer D3 , dash miner ASIC IS WORTH IT ?

Bitmain the company that create the ASIC miners for bitcoin are planning to launch the new version of Dash and Litecoin ASIC miner , everyone is expecting to get their hands on one of those super miners , but the question is ” IS WORTH IT ” as everyone nows if you try to make an order of dash miner D3 is out stock already and in the Bitmain website the price is 1400 and more dollars per unit , but if you go to aliexpress for example tou find the same product for $ 2880 and once you make an order have to wait untill November that is when Bitmain will deliver , so there is much to think here and my conlcusion on this is simple “WHY IS TAKING TO LONG TO BITMAIN TO SHIP THEIR ASIC HARDWARE ” for me they are using the miners and in november the difficulty of dash will be 10x higher so GOOD TIME FOR SELL RIGHT and at that time yes you can still making money with the ASIC HARDWARE but the things is that if you want to switch to another cryptocurrency you can’t , that’s why i recommend to stay with the video cards miners that you can mine a lot of cryptocurrency and if one of them is not good for you , just switch to another and that’s it .


The Rig or I am back!

ethOS distro, Nvidia, Zcash, More than one gpu

Three weeks ago I moved my two measly Nvidia gpus from my Windows machine to a dedicated rig. 1,256 more words


#MTR - everything is aligned for a share price rerate.

Many analysts, chartists, bloggers and twitter posters are predicting the Metal Tiger share price is going to re-rate upwards.

Many follow what analysts and chartist ‘experts’ say and this can become a self-fulfilling prophesy. 311 more words

Afghanistan--Ever Asked Why?

For almost 17 tears the US and its allies have been fighting and dying in Afghanistan.  In all that time has anyone actually asked the question……why? 276 more words

International Situations

Exposed Silver vein at Viscount Mining’s Silver Cliff project in Colorado – Company to watch in 2017

Back in the late 1800s, hordes of miners descended on Colorado’s Custer County to seek their fortunes. They staked nearly

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Monero is Raging

It might be a good time to look into mining lesser known cryptocurrencies. There are many many currencies you can mine with a newish laptop or unused phone on a hotspot. 381 more words

Personnal Experience

BHP's US$14B Saskatchewan mine delay comes amid dark outlook for potash producers

BHP Billiton Ltd.’s decision to delay a major potash mine in Saskatchewan comes amid a persistent weakening of demand for fertilizer, leading producers to shelve major investments and ink sizeable mergers with competitors to boost revenues. 667 more words