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Minister Of Health Claims He's Not Aware Of Prof. Micheal Okpara's Discovery For The Cure Of HIV/AIDS

There was a post this morning on the discovery for a cure for HIV/AIDS. here’s what the Minister of Health has to say about that. 205 more words


Buhari Flags off 10,000 PHCs Revitalization Programme

Resident Muhammadu Buhari has flagged off the revitalization of 10,000 Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) in Nigeria, at Kuchigoro Primary Healthcare Centre, Abuja. 442 more words

B.C. paramedics to use bikes, ATVs to fight opioid crisis

Paramedics will use bicycles and all-terrain vehicles in high-overdose areas to respond to a worsening opioid crisis in British Columbia, the province’s health minister says. 446 more words


The NICM’s undeclared conflicts of interest. Is there some ministerial interest in this? An update.

‘Competing interests: The authors declare that they have no competing interests

-‘Conflict of interest: There are no known conflicts of interest and no competing financial… 956 more words


Bill 41, the Patients First Act, does not put patients first

As a palliative care physician I provide daily home care for patients in Windsor and see how they rely on the health care system in their greatest time of need. 265 more words


गगन मेरो लागि मेस्सी जस्तै हो !

सांसद भएपछि गगनलाई चिनाउने भिडियो तल छ । गगनलाई राम्ररी चिन्नु हुन्न भने वा पत्रपत्रिका हावा कुराले भ्रमित हुनुन्छ भने यो भिडियोहरु हेर्न अत्यावासक छ ! 

Prince Edward Island EMS: Corruption, Cover-ups by PEI Health

PEI EMS, (IEMS), Prince Edward Island, Canada: has been giving the controlled drug, VERSED, to females:  An Illegal and Unethical Practice

PEI EMS has been giving the controlled drug, VERSED, to females, against protocols, and without orders. 126 more words