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Bad health in Parliament

The Minister of Health has a very demanding job, but that doesn’t excuse being an arrogant ass.

It’s a serious issue. for many. A lot of people have good cause to have serious concerns about the delivery (or often non-delivery) of health care. 1,032 more words


Coleman a growing risk for National

At the worst possible time for National there are growing sides that Minister of Health Jonathan Coleman is highlighting the Achilles Heel of multi-term governments – arrogance and ineptitude. 352 more words


House Committee on Healthcare Service Sends Out Acting ES of NHIS

The last has not been heard in the tussle between the minister of Health Adewole and the National Health Insurrance Scheme (NHIS) when the later appeared yesterday on the request of the House of Representatives. 289 more words


Mental health workers claim decent pay

Mental health care is a real and growing problem for the National Government and for New Zealand Society.

There was a major move from institutional mental health care late last century. 1,070 more words


COMMENTARY: Dear Federal Minister of Health Jane Philpott: Are chronic pain patients victims of government attack?

You have heard chronic pain patients express their fear of the Canadian and provincial governments because their opioid medications, prescribed by their doctors, are being cut back, or cut off entirely. 336 more words


Private investors join fight to save Raymond Care Centre

In a fight to save one of Raymond’s historical buildings, private investors have stepped forward, trying to buy the beloved Raymond Care Centre.

But the current owners, Alberta Health Services (AHS), say¬†a purchase isn’t possible, and plan to move forward with demolition. 477 more words


A Beacon of Hope To The African Continent 

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from Ethiopia has been elected by the 70th World Health Assembly to serve as Director General of the WHO.

Tedros has served in the government of Ethiopia as Minister of Health from 2005 to 2012 and the Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2012 to 2016. 102 more words

Assembly Of The African Union