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Ministry Blog - 7 Tips for the Praise and Worship Team

You are running late, there are no musicians. One of the microphones is out and your shoe heel is about to break. And it is time for you to serve in Praise and Worship. 477 more words

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Islamophobia Will Not Save Us

As President Obama and President Hollande speak out in response to the attacks in Paris about strength and unity, freedom and liberty; I can’t help but wonder whose idea about those lofty concepts are they appealing to? 526 more words

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A New Direction

As I continue to come to terms with the fact that I have indeed done what seemed to me like impossible–I graduated from college, I am faced with a new set of responsibilities. 440 more words

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The conservatives have been going wild over the Ben Shapiro vs. Zoey Tur debate in which Ms. Tur explained that if Mr. Shapiro didn’t stop being a rude and dehumanizing turd-muscle, she would put him in the hospital. 489 more words

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Jesus, Bake Me A Cake Already!

There’s a video floating around the Internet and Fox News has probably been running 24 hour coverage of the story as “American families are under attack.” 509 more words

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For the Sympathizers

Someone asked me what they, as someone who can sympathize but not empathize with the trans experience, can and should do?

I’ve wrestled with this question because I’m just one person. 558 more words

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