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Overcomer #3942 Molest Me Not

Molest-to make indecent sexual advances : to make annoying sexual advances to; especially : to force physical and usually sexual contact on.
As grotesque and unimaginable the meaning of this word is especially because it relates to children. 579 more words


mikehill4jesus "Hell is a problem for many people, even some Christians."

27th May 2016 (8.45) My .mp3 Thought for Today Audio

I have been seeking to help people come to know the Lord Jesus since 1977. 1,435 more words


Six Questions Leaders Should Routinely Ask Themselves (via Eric Geiger)

Eric Geiger points out that those who lead should examine themselves and their leadership regularly.
He offers six questions that aid this self-examination.
“Leaders are merely stewards. 149 more words



Meet Tony. Tony was the previous pastor of Grace Church where I now minister. He faithfully served in the Richmond area for almost 40 years – 18 of those as the chaplain for Nelson’s only hospice, which gave him opportunity to reach into literally thousands of lives in our region. 674 more words


Well, that was easy #ValleyBoyPastor gets first people in his Bible study

After three Bible studies with 0 in attendance, 5 people came today. I was blessed to host my neighbors, a family. It was wonderful to help them find Mark. 248 more words


Haiku Summaries of Bible Books (Old Testament Part One)

Listening to: Something Relaxing

Reading: The Sower’s Almanac from Seedbed

Writing About: Books of the Bible summarized in Haiku Form

Bible Sum-up tweets
man, that’s a clever idea… 260 more words


My Faith Is Shaking

I told you all I was going to be very open about my journey with God on this, but I haven’t had much to write about lately. 464 more words