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A Lesson From An Atheist

Our differences are stark:
He’s a “man’s man who don’t need no woman.” I’m every type of tomboy imaginable but I still look for sentimentality in stupid places and love leaning on the man of my heart. 373 more words


India trip January 2017

About 7 years ago, Pete made his first trip to India. Since then, he traveled there four more times for Rockwell and for ministry. He finally convinced me to go with him on this, his sixth trip, and I enjoyed it more than I expected to! 1,888 more words


A Little More Action, Please!

In my previous post, I talked about Jesus focusing on His ministry & the work His Father wanted Him to do. Jesus didn’t get caught up in government issues. 394 more words


Trading the Police badge for a bible

This is Sean, our new Youth Pastor.  He’s been part of our church family here at Grace for a number of years and has just recently made the decision to hand in his Police uniform for  a career in full-time Christian ministry.  244 more words


God Can't Be Defeated

After all the protests, whining, and bigotry from left-wing “activists” lately regarding Christianity, I feel the need to speak the truth on all matters, whether that includes feminism, abortions, Trump, Hillary, Bernie, or what have you. 985 more words


Bridge The Divide

­­This post is being written as part of the Bridges group, seeking to close the divide that is creeping into our society.  I want to thank Susan Irene Fox, Andy Oldham and Lilka Raphael for their work on this project and for inviting me to be a part. 1,223 more words


Little Less Conversation

When Jesus was born, Rome was in charge of Israel. Israel had asked Rome for protection from their enemies & Rome agreed. In exchange, Rome would collect taxes. 272 more words