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Pastor, Get Ready for Next Sunday's Message

What I have found of God in Jesus Christ is so wonderful, I am eager for others to know it too — and to know him.

Charles Spurgeon (1834 – 1892)

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A couple of Sundays ago, I was standing behind the pulpit conducting my second worship service for the day. The first service had gone well with a larger than expected attendance. 733 more words


The Rabyd Spirit - Once More into the Breach

This is the last week of class for the semester so my role on the spiritual side of things is going to turn heavy scholar.  This is simply a necessity because over the next ten days or so it is ‘once more into the breach’ to try to gain victory over another semester. 814 more words


Of Training Church Leaders

The spiritual call to leadership in the church is a serious vocation. God entrusts the care of souls to the under-shepherds who represents the Chief and Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ himself. 2,547 more words

Christian Education

How Sons Are Those Born in the Furnace

It’s really the fire that purifies…

It’s in the fire of faith, it’s through the furnace of affliction, that sons and daughters are revealed.

Ask the three men thrown into the furnace heated up 7 times hotter, if they would not now bow before the man-god, if they would not change their minds before their bodies were licked by flames. 393 more words


Multiple Chinese tourists feared dead in North Korea road accident

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

A large number of Chinese tourists have been killed or injured in a road accident in North Korea, China’s foreign ministry said. 243 more words

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A proposed model of maturity


Here’s the overview of the maturity model I’m proposing.  I invite your thoughts and suggestions!

Maturity and Being

Scripture and educational theory both provide elements which are helpful in defining maturity and in providing tools and suggestions for helping people grow into maturity. 1,313 more words