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"I Can't Trust Anyone" {A Life Overseas}

Elizabeth is over at A Life Overseas today.

The last two months we’ve been exploring the ideas in Timothy Sanford’s book “I Have to be Perfect” (and other Parsonage Heresies) 432 more words


The Trick-or-Treat I Do's that I Didn't (Do)

Unlike some pastors I’ve known, I never kept count of the many weddings at which I officiated. Some colleagues were so good at keeping track (with the help of their secretaries, probably) that they have an exact number. 1,104 more words


What's Your Idol?

Is it possible that idolatry is more of a concern for us than we think?

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James' Home

Last week, my best friend turned 20 years old. In accordance with Texas birthday fashion, there was lots of BBQ involved. And in typical Tayler fashion, leftovers weren’t packaged up and sent home with family members who already had overflowing refrigerators. 782 more words

Who Should I "Be" for Easter?

It is overwhelming, if we are honest, to properly steward the once-a-year opportunity that falls into our ministerial laps around this time of the year.  As a student of the Word, one of my favorite… 1,329 more words


What do you do?

What do you do? It’s a simple enough question, however, it’s one that many people can’t answer. Because when you get right down to it finding clarity of purpose is hard. 666 more words