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Embracing the Messiness: Committing to Blog

On December 13 2014, I graduated from McMurry University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Christian Ministry. Upon graduation, I had almost a month to plan for my future and read the multitude of classic books I received from a friend, but I took full advantage of my excess of free time by binge watching Netflix and “catching up” on all of the sleep I had lost from the past three and a half years of college. 360 more words



My husband’s desire is to enter into full-time ministry someday, at the moment he is a high school math teacher but his heart is in teaching the Word of God. 268 more words


Maybe Your Church Doesn't Need Small Groups

By Allen White 

For people who know me and know what I do for a living, the title of this post probably seems pretty ridiculous. After all, I am Mr. 441 more words


3-1-15 Video Picks

Here are the video picks for the week.  We have a ton this week!  We did a one week series called “Take” so we decided to have some fun with it with our videos.   384 more words

A Picture of Love

The two thousand and fifteen porn convention has passed, but there’s something that still lingers in the air: Love. Those who were driven there by their flesh were satisfied yet empty. 448 more words

Life Transformations


Rules. They are everywhere. Many are to keep us safe; give us structure; make us better people. Growing up, we had to eat whatever Mom fixed for supper – and we had to finish whatever was on our plate whether we liked it or not. 578 more words


I go to church.*

*just not on a sunday. 

So, on Sunday I was taking a service at one of my smaller churches. Usually this congregation has 30 or so people there, but this morning we had two of the uniformed youth groups there. 626 more words