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Wasted Time?

Taking the time is not always wasting time. It’s more about how we use our time that’s of importance. Or rather if we are allowing time to use us. 65 more words

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I Can't Feel God

What do you do when you stop feeling God?

I feel Him often. It’s like this presence at my right side that I just know He’s there. 762 more words

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Trading His Crown for a Cap

Standing ready to minister and pray for people this thought came to me.

Don’t trade My crown for a cap.


Throughout the week since then the thought has lingered.

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Honesty. Transparency. Joy.

I don’t know exactly what God is doing and where I’ll land but I know it’s good and I trust Him.

Those are my words but not mine alone. 546 more words

God Is Enough For Me...Is He?

If we walked into a room where there was only a concrete floor, no stage or lighting and maybe a person with a squeaky voice and an out of tune guitar… would… 129 more words

Prayer...Not Just an Open and Close

The family that prays together, stays together.

Ever heard that? Believe it?

Moms and dads are we having times of family prayer or have we reduced prayer to saying grace and “now I lay me down to sleep”? 427 more words


What I'm Thankful For? I Killed a Zombie!

It was horrible! The creature came at me dragging his shredded leg and looking at me with glowing hungry eyes. Tired and beaten, I lifted my gun…took aim…and it was over. 304 more words

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