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Thanksgiving Fare

Happy Thanksgiving all!

I expect you are busy preparing to make and/or eat some delicious things in the upcoming days. I also sincerely hope the busyness of preparations, travel, cooking, or guests aren’t stopping you from reflecting on the positive and what you are thankful for this season. 590 more words

Cooking And Foods

November Running and Rain

We’ve had several solid days of drizzle and rain here, and I heard on the radio we are already getting close to the wettest Novembers on record. 355 more words


The Blog Cow and Baby Number Three

It has been a beautiful start to November. We’ve got most of the normal autumn warmth of September, and I’m choosing to believe winter is still a ways in the distance. 280 more words


End of the Season

Sometimes you are tired, and words don’t always come out right. See example below:

Did you know that these tasty green bites are named after the Belgian city? 283 more words

Agriculture ( In General)

The Work of Worry

Worry is such a bother! Maybe that’s too clearly stating the obvious for the beginning of a post, but I will say it anyway.

I know certain amounts of stress or ‘worry’ are valuable physiologically because they help us react in important or dangerous situations and motivate us in others. 231 more words

Baby Calf Care

Silage is like Sauerkraut

Silage is like sauerkraut. And around here we’re making both this fall!

In case you aren’t familiar, here’s an earlier post of mine about silage. 375 more words

Agriculture ( In General)

The Milk Comment

“Lisa, thanks to your teachings, I no longer feel guilty about passing up the $6.99/gal organic milk for conventional.”

Well, wow. Honestly. This comment was written to me in passing on social media last week, and it made me stop and take notice. 568 more words