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Vernal Equinox and Holy Week

Spring officially sprung today, and I was struck by the irony of my view the past two mornings. We had a few inches of snow Friday night, and we woke up to a white world on Saturday. 134 more words

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Spring Days

All indications are pointing to an early spring this year. Normally I try not to assume a lot in March – because March can definitely be a month of blizzards – but it’s been mild enough for several weeks to melt every speck of snow and take most of the frost out of the ground. 312 more words


Baby Stuff

This title isn’t very fancy, but I thought it was time to update the blog with some baby stuff.

I will be 34 weeks on Friday, and our baby continues to grow (and thrash and kick) and generally make his or her presence known. 349 more words

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Seven Years

February 7, 2016. Today marks seven years of marriage for us. It makes me feel both older than I am and very young in the bigger picture of things! 270 more words

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The Calf Barn

Winter is rolling right along, and we’ve almost made it through the generally cold and unforgiving month of January.

Truth? January hasn’t been that bad this year. 542 more words

Baby Calf Care

Much Anticipated Twins

Yesterday morning we had a new set of twins born on the farm. December can often be a cold beast, but lately the temperatures are hovering right around 32 degrees which makes for nice winter calving weather. 409 more words


We Are Blanketed in White 

Happy December to all!

In typical fashion I continue to chronicle the weather here at Cow Spots and Tales. We woke up to green on November 30th, but by nighttime the ground was completely white. 104 more words

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