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As anniversaries of war pass by memory speaks of oft-told tales

I wrote this for the Minneapolis Star Tribune about my father Paul M. Windrow, a World War II veteran.

When I was a boy working at my old man’s gas station in Tennessee, he had a man who worked for him named Mr. 1,100 more words

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Where's a Man's Soul? In the T-shirt Drawer

Where’s a man’s soul? In the T-shirt drawer

I mean guys have to get their emotional fulfillment somewhere, right? T-shirts are milestones in life’s passages if you’re a guy. 651 more words

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The Quints

The geese have quints.  After several weeks on the nest, mom now sits under her babies, who love to nestle in the fold between her wing and back.   71 more words

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Men are from Mars, laundry is from Venus

Laundry is my favorite household chore. In fact, it is the only household chore that I enjoy doing. Still, I don’t complain when HE does the laundry and would gladly give up any and all forms of housework to anyone that will take them. 499 more words

And just like that, it's winter.

I know Minnesota is referred to as Minne-snow-ta, but come on! It’s November 11th and we already have snow on the ground, and a good amount at that. 452 more words


Our State Fair is the Best State Fair!

We went to the Minnesota State Fair yesterday. Crazy, record-setting crowds! It was us and 53,000 smiling people loving the day. And 200,000 more people who were determined to get their money out of the $5 coupon book they bought at the entrance. 592 more words

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When it's Hot, thank the Lord

Yes, it’s hot and I want to thank you Lord, for air conditioning.

I’m serious. I want to formally and officially thank our Good Lord for air conditioning, because without the ability to escape the heat for a bit and sleep at night, I’d be one crabby, nasty, terribly unpleasant human being to live with. 577 more words