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A, B, C Challenge

R is for Road. The road we travel has not been travel before by anyone. Because of the choices you made. The road took a different direction. 12 more words

So far on Funday Saturday

Here is what I have done so far today

  • Bedding and other clothing in the washer
  • Filled bottle water up with water.
  • Started putting clothes away.
  • 11 more words

Walking on Wednesday Update on a Saturday

I’m so excited to see the progress !!!

Mini week 1: 8.77 Month: 9.77 Year To Date: 452.16

Week 2: 15.83 Month: 24.6 Year To Date: 467.99

They Blame Technology When It's Really Management

What happens when you micromanage people to the nth degree? Minneapolis drops controversial 911 answering software.

They quit.

Management of Minneapolis’s 911 call center spent $730,000 dollars on a system, and training, to take all humanity out of the 911 call center. 402 more words

Calling 911

A, B, C Challenge

Purple thought Orange Octopus was sad. So he tried calling Pinkalious over to help out. I thought that was the best thing to do for a friend.