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Review - The Wilde Wedding

You know you’re in trouble when a romantic comedy opens with a character explaining to a video camera that they intend to make a documentary. It’s such a hackneyed device that its presence almost seems like a joke; a cheeky acknowledgement that what you’re about to watch is a Frankenstein’s monster-movie, assembled from the offcuts of every paint-by-numbers rom-com you’ve ever seen. 449 more words


Review: The Wilde Wedding


In THE WILDE WEDDING, now-retired film star Eve Wilde (Glenn Close) prepares for her wedding to husband number four, renowned English writer Harold Alcott (Patrick Stewart) after a whirlwind courtship. 431 more words


Great TV: The Riches

Listen: not every show makes it full cycle. Some shows fizzle out: it’s just what happens in the high turnover business of television. One day you’re the critical darling among a crowded slate and the next you’re cancelled after 13 episodes. 1,052 more words


Will & Grace Revival: Minnie Driver Returning as Karen's Nemesis Lorraine

We’re guessing Karen Walker is going to be anything but speechless when she catches wind of the latest Will & Grace casting news.

TVLine has learned exclusively that… 226 more words

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Representation in Speechless

Recently, I’ve been catching up on Speechless.  It’s a TV show about a somewhat dysfunctional family with a kid in a wheelchair, who is actually the oldest child in the family. 363 more words


THE WILDE WEDDING (2017): New Trailer From Glenn Close, Patrick Stewart, John Malkovich, Minnie Driver...

From writer / director Damian Harris, The Wilde Wedding is a new comedy about a retired actress who remarries for the fourth time, to a renowned english writer.  95 more words