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#FashionFriday: Bathing Suit Edition

Happy Friday friends!

As I get ready to return to Disney in 8 weeks, I’ve decided to do a look-back on my previous park attire! 126 more words


Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #102 2017 9+ out of 10 Shipped Out

In the latest Mickey Mouse Cartoon Mickey and Minnie just want a relaxing vacation.   After a hilarious bit with an angry Donald dropping them off in traffic while Goofy sings 99 bottles of pop they board a luxary cruise ship and relax with a tropical drink. 128 more words

Disney Animated Short Review

Magic Kingdom

The last 3 days of our vacation were spend at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Universal and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. These day’s were magical! I’ve been to Disneyland Paris a few times but I didn’t expected that Magic Kingdom was so big! 57 more words


Mickey Mouse and Pluto full episode 1 - The Chain Gang (1930)

Mickey’s a prisoner on jailer Pegleg Pete’s rock pile. In a riot, he escapes, but when he’s pursued by the jail guards’ hounds, he jumps on a pair of motley horses who finally return him to jail the hard way. 144 more words


Getting your Disney fix at home

I love Disney stuff and I always see lots in my social network feeds, here are a few of my favourites:

This is my all time favourite bedding… 127 more words


polka dots and the plague.

Once upon a time… polka dots were taboo. Without machines, polka dots were impossible to place evenly and uneven patterns reminded people of diseases such as leprosy, small pox and the plaque. 360 more words


Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #101 2017 7+ out of 10 Bee Inspired

In the latest Mickey Mouse cartoon  Minnie Mouse is looking for inspiration for her painting so Mickey decides to pose for her.   Unfortunately while Mickey is posing with a flower he encounters a Bee his a scary looking stinger.   155 more words

Disney Animated Short Review