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Love Yourself :)

To all of you I just want to say, there is no other people in the world that able to love you except yourself :) and you’re the one that the perfect judge, to judge yourself whole fully :) therefore you guys need to love yourself  609 more words

Tonkotsu Ramen Restaurant: Kurobe (黒兵衛)

Tonkotsu Ramen

As you may know, Tonkotsu Ramen is a ramen with a soup made from boiling pork bones over a long period of time equal or longer than 24 hours. 90 more words



With the photoshoot coming up with Arena Homme in Korea, it seems that Mr. Yang himself gave the hint for the following next new album by Song Minho, but to be honest the last two songs are amazing, but it seems that its more something that the public really love. 471 more words

Swaggering Up

Yup aside from music I love fashion too, I love avant garde fashion, like Alexander McQueen, the runaway version of Thom Browne, Junya Watanabe, Issey Miyake, and more but I love style like James Dean..actually I feel like James Dean style got the vibes of classy bad boy image…I personally think that your fashion helps your performance ofn live stage much better too..So let’s start… 684 more words

more MOBB comeback

MOBB is a group duo formed by YG Ent. they made 4 music videos is total, 1 music video for MINO, and BOBBY, and 2 music videos for the duo. 506 more words

WINNER – Everyday

Album: Everyd4y

Release Date: 2018.04.04

영화나 볼래 조조
yeonghwana bollae jojo
Wanna go to the movies? Matinee

너만 좋다면 난 고고 (고고씽)
neoman jodamyeon nan gogo (gogoshing) 735 more words


Turn Off the Lights...

Whatever you will imagine if you turn off the lights…

On the recent Winner’s comeback Song Minho make his solo comeback once again with the title Turn Off the Lights…..I could say that Song Minho make his breakthrough on TV last year after starring New Journey to the West, he gained the name “Song Mojiri” “Song Garak” and many more.. 305 more words