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Treatment Shake Up: Starting Doxy Early

One of the most potent drugs used to fight Lyme is an antibiotic called doxycycline. I’ve known from the moment that I chose antibiotic therapy that I’d eventually be put on “Doxy”. 309 more words

Sabutoclax and Minocycline can negate Stat3 expression in pancreatic cancer which regulates signalling pathway for tumour growth

Virginia Commonwealth University says that a new promising combination therapy has been discovered for the treatment of one of the most deadly and difficult cancers to manage. 272 more words


The FDA is Not the Only One To Blame (Extra Credit)

In this day and age, many doctors are very comfortable with prescribing pills to patients.  Unfortunately, many people do not know that numerous medications have side effects that are worse than the actual ailment they want to treat.   396 more words


It's About to Get Personal

In August of 2013, I took an antibiotic named minocycline, which was prescribed by my dermatologist to help me overcome my struggle with acne.  I’ve never been a person to resort to taking pills or other prescriptions; I’ve always believed in treating ailments with… 593 more words


What Triggered My Celiac

Okay so a year before I got diagnosed with Celiac I was taking the acne medication minocycline. For a while things were okay, but when I started school my wrists began to hurt and be sore. 396 more words


Anti-inflammatory Drugs to Treat Mood Disorders and Other Psychiatric Illness

By David Warmflash

Over the last few decades, inflammation has been implicated as a prime factor in the pathophysiology of an increasing number of conditions… 584 more words

Current Perspectives

Does the use of high dose antibiotics cause auto immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis?

No, I don’t think so. In particular, for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) there is a long history suggesting that antibiotics appear to be effective (1).

A. … 463 more words