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Minocycline-induced vasculitic neuropathy

This is a quick post to highlight the association of minocycline and neuropathy.

This comes from an article in Neurology titled Vasculitic neuropathy following exposure to minocycline… 105 more words


Skin Deep

Hey guys, I’ve been wanting to write this for a while now. I’ve had a lot of people ask me how exactly I cleared up my acne. 962 more words


Never taking acne antibiotics again. Interview Monday wish me luck.

Okay, so on Monday I have my interview to get into the Teacher Education Program at my university. I am reapplying, so I just really hope I succeed and get in this time. 420 more words

Study Shows Topical BioPharmX Formulation Treats Acne While Minimizing Systemic Exposure Of Minocycline

may offer a breakthrough in acne treatment because it may not result in systemic toxicities commonly associated with current use of the orally administered antibiotic. Minocycline is the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medicine most commonly prescribed …
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Single Course of Antibiotics Can Mess Up The Gut Microbiome for a Year

In a battle against an infection, antibiotics can bring victory over enemy germs. Yet that war-winning aid can come with significant collateral damage; microbial allies and innocents are killed off, too.

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Treatment Shake Up: Starting Doxy Early

One of the most potent drugs used to fight Lyme is an antibiotic called doxycycline. I’ve known from the moment that I chose antibiotic therapy that I’d eventually be put on “Doxy”. 309 more words