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And who's Methuselah when he's at home?

At the risk of leading my grandchildren to think I walked from Mt Ararat after Noah grounded the ark there, I have to reveal that a few months after I left BOAC and started my own business, I bought my first personal computer. 759 more words

Diary #1

I haven´t posted anything really since last November. I guess. So it´s time to sum up some of my archievements.


Minolta 7SII: I picked this little camera up at a local camerastore. 437 more words


Nex Generation II by frykholmjonah

Another rendition of the Nex Generation I took

From 500px http://ift.tt/1PejE2h


TK Roll 2015–52: Ephemera (Minolta Instant Pro, Impossible Black and White Spectra Film)

I began this journey the simple way. The way that all journeys should start, with one foot put in front of the other, with small wheels turning, with the expectation of adventure and experience. 583 more words


The railway station of the rising sun

Railway stations are not places where people wander around a lot. You get your ticket, find your train and get out of the station as soon as possible. 191 more words


Film Geekery - Enter the Rangefinder

I’m old enough to have picked up a film camera to shoot with because it was the only option. Back in the early 2000s when I was a hardcore Rally fan I would spend an entire weekend chasing RallyNZ every year.   543 more words