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And then, Yosemite

When I was young, my parents used to take me along trips and vacations to see the wonderful places the world had to offer.  I remember driving to Skyline Drive and Shenandoah National Park for the first time.  443 more words


On Shortness of Life

Life is short. We just had a family member that passed away. It made me realize about our mortality. We will all pass away. Nobody is exempted, rich or poor we will all cease to exist in this plane of life. 235 more words


Pulau Putri Island with Adox silvermax film

This is the first time I am using  Adox silvermax  ISO 100 film in my analog camera. This film rich with silver content so the manufacturer claim it can give more details , more sharpness  and 14 stops dynamic range . 71 more words

Classic Subject, Vintage Lens

Over the weekend, a very nice lady gave me an old Minolta Rokkor-TC 135mm f4 lens.  This lens is over five decades old.  It was a sunny day yesterday, so it was a good opportunity to test the lens on a classic subject.  200 more words



My first roll of film I ever shot. Film was expensive (context: I was a high schooler working part-time) so I finished the film roll over a couple of days. 30 more words

Review: Minolta Weathermatic AF 35mm

Minolta Weathermatic AF 35mm: Overview

People often react to this camera in one of two ways:

1) What is that?

or  2)  I remember that camera from back in my day – man do I feel old! 603 more words