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Show Time with My Minolta SR-7 : rewind and rediscover

Roughly around 20 years ago I bought an old camera, second hand at a flea-market, it was a Minolta SR-7. I don’t remember what I paid for it but I wasn’t earning much at the time so it can’t have been expensive.  492 more words

Don't stop what you love because it's just for fun.

I realised recently that I stopped doing a lot of the things I loved. Why? The only reason I could come up with was that I was never going to be an expert at them. 411 more words

Another good thing from summer

Minolta X-700, Kodak200. June 26, 2016. Cafe Blute (블뤼테).

How would you like to spend your summer weekend afternoon?

Me, sitting outdoor in a cafe with breezy air while enjoying ice caramel macchiato or tea with a slice of cake and camera, along with family or friends, or both :).   10 more words

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Eastman 5234 Fine Grain Duplicating Motion Film ISO 6 in SRT 101 Still Camera

The 9 o’clock sun at night is no match for ISO 6 at f1.4. But I intended to shoot it like that.

There is a “HolE” there, make sure you KEEP OFF… 135 more words

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.πές μου ενα παραμύθι να το ζήσω.

Μπήκα στο τελευταίο βαγόνι του τρένου και στάθηκα κόντρα στην πόρτα με το χαμηλωμένο παράθυρο. Έκλεισα τα μάτια καθώς το τρένο ξεκίνησε πάλι και ένιωσα το λυτρωτικό αεράκι που διασχίζει τα βαγόνια.

Nassia Kapa

Favorite films

Just a little bit about the technicalities, mostly because my recent purchase has made me incredibly excited. Even though I have been shooting on film for about four years now, I have not really experimented with different types of films (well, and I never really tried different cameras either; I just love the Minolta too much). 242 more words