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Always learning something new...

Okay, so far, developing my black and white film at home isn’t going so bad. I think I’ve developed 3 rolls at home so far, the second roll wasn’t all that great because the Minolta did something funky and I had to waste the roll of 35mm after 3-4 exposures. 218 more words


Jeter bug

Jeter is 16 years old.

He is the most relaxed cat I’ve ever known, and he insists on sleeping on my arm or my pillow when I crawl into bed. 48 more words


A Frame Per Day – 11th film – 4/38

4th frame

Minolta PROD 20′s
lomography color 400

25.08.2016 – at the carwash …

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Another Take on Windows.....

Another take on windows, is what we see through them………I think this is the aspect of windows that I am likely to pursue.

How were my first rolls?

Back in 2014 I had my first film camera ever. It was the Minolta SRT 101 with MD 50mm 1.7 lens.

Since I was new to film photography, I didn’t know how and what to test when buying this kind of camera. 357 more words


打雀初試: A77ii+Minolta 500mm 反射鏡

A77ii入手已經一段時間, 使用起來十分滿意. 買入她的其中一個考慮當然是Sony A環與 Sony A7Rii系統的互通性. 所以早前已入手數顆A環鏡, 現在可以不經接環, 直接放上A77ii上使用了.

其中 Minolta 500mm F8 Reflex 更是小數可以使用自動對焦的反射鏡, 無錯是自動對焦, 如果你有使用過500mm或以上的反射鏡你自然會明白到自動對焦的可貴……

500mm是長焦段, 再加上A77ii專為應付快速物件的對焦能力, 應該都可以勉勉強強用來影雀(打雀). 27 more words


Cheapest Colour Film in Store

A friend of mine got this old Minolta X300 to get rid of, full manual camera paired with a 50mm f 1.7 piece of glass. The last argument convinced me and subsequently a fair trade took place. 31 more words

Filipe Pinto