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Look, look, look... a Penguin!

I have never taken photos of animals so when Chris told me we were going to a zoo I got very excited. While we traveled I was thinking about how I was going to compose shots etc when I thought “how am I going to take good photos without a zoom” that is when I got scared as I did not want to get too close to the animals with their sharp teeth, Chris said he would look after me and put on my strap which made me feel safer. 135 more words


Chapter 1: The intro

If, like me, you love photos and the stories they tell, this blog should be of some interest. I hope to take you on my journey learning 35mm film with all the mistakes and errors that come with it. 488 more words


Feeling lost

As a child I had the fun of using a Brownie type film camera with those square flash bulbs that popped and always had a bit of a burnt  smell to them.  349 more words

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Such cool flags 

In Old Portsmouth there is a church with no roof it is called The Royal Garrison Church, but every time we are nearby it is not open, according to the information board it was build in 1212. 131 more words


With Eyes Reborn

Whilst my first SLR was 35mm (a Praktica BMS Electronic), I reached a point around three years ago where I discovered that certain 35mm film SLR lenses could be used on certain digital cameras, some directly, others via cheap adapters. 1,904 more words

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Midweek Minolta 

My Minolta XG-1 is the first of my growing obsession/collection to die. I only shot 1 roll of film with this one. At first I thought the batteries had died so I put in a new set but no go, the meter did not light up as soon as I pressed the shutter. 55 more words