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The first roll

My first roll of film was fujicolor 200. What I quickly realized is that what may look focused in camera, may not always end up being so in print. 109 more words


Youthful Souls

Lots of countries out there require their countrymen to serve in the army when reaching their adulthood. While Hong Kong does not have such compulsory act, I have always thought that the army training maybe a good way to train up the body. 434 more words


Sigma 1.4x Autofocus APO Tele Converter Lens for Konica Minolta SLR Cameras

These are dedicated APO teleconverters that can be mounted between the lens and the camera body to increase the focal length by the power of 1.4 or 2. 34 more words

Minolta Weathermatic 35DL

I’m heading to Rarotonga in September for what i’m hoping will a romantic getaway, so i needed a waterproof camera. So i was on trade me having my usual camera browse when i saw the Minolta Weathermatic 35DL. 47 more words


Minolta AF 50mm 1.7

เดินเล่น แถวสะพานพุทธเช่นเคย  ตอนแรกกะว่า จะเดินตลาดต่อ

แต่ดั้น วันนั้น เป็นวันตลาดหยุดซะนี่   อดเลย

วันนี้ติด 50mm f1.7 มาเดินเล่นด้วย


Minolta AF 35-70mm f4

ซื้อ adapter LA-EA4 A-Mmunt to nex  มาเรียบร้อย  ลองบน sony a7