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52 Rolls Week 43:52

Still on our road trip through the Plains.  Many interesting things seen along the way….So I will pose the question to you.  What is this? 50 more words


film is not dead | 12.09.17

I have always thought that photography was such a cool hobby. I never really took it up though. I was always able to find some excuse not to; it’s too expensive, everyone does photography – nothing I do will be unique, what if I’m bad at it… I don’t know what changed exactly but I eventually came around. 539 more words


Equipment: Minolta XG-1 and Lenses

Well, I’m glad to say that my XG-1(n) is now back home having been sent off for repairs.

I was told that the problem was dirty battery contacts but I am hesitant to believe that…Anyway, I’ve got it home now so I can finally finish off the roll I started. 67 more words

Film Photography

McD Coffee

Iseng – iseng bertemu dengan beberapa sahabat di salah satu McD di kota Malang, karena kangen dengan es kopinya. Namun sayang seribu sayang, rasanya kurang begitu pas. 114 more words



Good evening potential viewers,

I’m terribly sorry that I haven’t uploaded any articles over the last couple of days but something went wrong :/

The other day (Thursday 30th), I was out on a field run with the XG-1 doing some light streak photos and the winder stopped working. 157 more words

Film Photography

Equipment: Bag

A quick post this evening showing off my new Guardsman camera bag. This thing has enough room for three SLR cameras, plus some lenses, any documents and 6 rolls of film along with other bits and bobs. 42 more words

Film Photography

Sunny Sixteens

I like miniature and subminiature cameras. Not only do they tend to have interesting designs but they take up a small amount of space in an increasingly large collection. 345 more words