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For a guy who has spent more than half of his life sleeping this post should just end with three simple words. SLEEP IS LOVE. 965 more words

Minor Annoyances

Minor Annoyances

Every Saturday morning I wake up to my wonderful, handsome husband watching super hero movies. Every. Saturday. Morning. The big screen tv is blasting in the nearby living room with sound effects of an epic battle of someone who stretches, or has webs coming out of them, laser eyes, can fly, super strength, and the list goes on and on. 742 more words


Bad hair and Cheesy smiles.

No matter how beautiful and charming you might be now and how super sexy is your character, there is this one photo (maybe few more) of yours back from the school days that upon seeing every time makes you remind of how ugly, awkward and a disgrace to the human race you were once. 691 more words

Minor Annoyances