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Are You Gonna Give It Back?

This post comes from a very recent experience. It caught me off guard and annoyed the shit outta me. Let me fill you in.
During the summer I let a friend borrow a copy of on of my most cherished books, The Autobiography of Malcolm X. 310 more words

Days 4 & 5: Autopilot

Ever realize how automatically you just go to Facebook without thinking about it? I did a couple of times but didn’t log in. Although admittedly it was tempting to keep reading the newsfeed on the work account after posting.  64 more words

Daily Recap

Day 2: Thoughts on Reaching Big Audiences

In the more recent hours of tonight, I’ve been thinking about how I can use alternate methods of communication to fill in various tasks that I did on Facebook. 290 more words

Daily Recap

Bound to the Flame, Chapter IV, Part III

Hello, everyone! Sorry about the wait… when real life intrudes, the blog suffers. :-S Even when the blogger has 30k plus words up her sleeve to post… Sorry, once again. 1,216 more words

Tales Of A Wandering Bard

Bound to the Flame, Chapter II, Part VI

Hello, my dear readers, and welcome to the next installment of Bound to the Flame. News from Camp Nanowrimo: I am currently having a slight bit of bother, due to being stuck in places on my novel. 1,249 more words

Tales Of A Wandering Bard

Social Experiment: The house that would piss off a homeless person.

So I had a shower thought today and I came up with this idea in about 15 minutes. As a social experiment in some dark and twisted way I would like to build a house that embraces all the frustrations of a normal dwelling and multiply it by a 100 times. 802 more words

Red Bottle, Green Cap, Very Spicy.