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Ships Coming In - The Three of Wands

In decks styled after Rider-Waite-Smith, the Three of Wands shows a figure looking out over a harbor, watching the ships come in.

This card is about using the fruits of past investments to start new ventures.  288 more words


9 of Wands R

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With the Nine of Wands reversed, you may be feeling paranoid that everyone else is out to get you. You’re looking over your shoulder, worried that someone might attack you or try to take something away from you. 73 more words

Minor Arcana

5 of Cups R

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The Five of Cups is a card of regret, loss and disappointment. This week, you may find yourself feeling deeply saddened by a situation that has not turned out as you had hoped. 55 more words

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The World At Your Fingertips - The Two of Wands

We start our journey into the minor arcana with the Two of Wands.  In the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition, this card shows a figure holding a globe, and looking out from a balcony.  253 more words


The Princess of Swords

A stuttering wind unravels in my mind, whispering and moaning, fragmented by half formed words and the tail-ends of forgotten promises. The flippant words said in jest, the frivolity of lover’s lips, the poisoned barbs of jealousy and bitterness….the sof… 327 more words


Everything's Aces, Kid - Suits of the Minor Arcana

The minor arcana is comprised of 56 cards divided into four suits – Wands, Cups, Swords, and Coins – of fourteen cards each.  Ace through ten, then a Page, Knight, Queen, and King.  1,072 more words


Introduction to Tarot's Minor Arcana

Hello, my lovelies!  Today, and in the future, we’ll be talking about tarot.  This is the start of a series which is going to walk through the traditional meanings of the cards, as well as my own interpretations of them.  429 more words