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The Prince of Wands

As I walk up the stairs today, I get that familiar feeling that I get with all the fire cards; a sense of danger, a worry that I will be burned to death, or seriously damaged in the process of my exploration. 983 more words

Thoth Tarot

Three of Wands

Placement: The Minor Arcana


As with all tarot cards, the design for Three of Wands varies.

The image featured above comes from the historic Sola Busca* deck. 464 more words

Minor Arcana

Working with the Four Elements in the Minor Arcana: The Four Elemental Corners Exercise


Earth. Air. Fire. Water. The four elements play crucial roles in the symbolic construction and interpretation of tarot, especially in the minor arcana where each suit is represented by a specific elemental affinity.

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The Ace of Wands

My weariness echoes in the stillness of the Hallway of Beginnings, for I am tired, still exhausted by the emotional turmoil that was wrought upon me in the suit of Cups. 1,368 more words

Thoth Tarot

The Three of Swords

Walking serene and sedate, I glide upon the stairs like a wedding barge upon the Nile that is bearing some Egyptian Princess towards her waiting King. 1,059 more words

Thoth Tarot

10 of Cups

“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, theres a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.”

Funny how much this reality says that someday all your wishes and dreams will come true.   302 more words

Minor Arcana

III of Cups

Needs Respected

  • Upright: Celebration, friendship, creativity, community
  • Reversed: An affair, “three’s a crowd”, stifled creativity
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