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The Eight of Disks

Sitting in the quietness and calm of the hallway, I feel a cloying blanket of grey tiredness descend upon me. A pain nags underneath my right shoulder, and the cares of my life surround me, whispering into my ears, picking at my clothes and demanding my attention like a tribe of naughty children. 829 more words

Thoth Tarot

daily reading: Queen of Cups

I am really beginning to love my card a day ritual as it allows me to get intimate with a deck, teach myself a skill, and really get in touch with myself. 550 more words


Fire: In Relationship with Others and Ourselves

Fire, or the Wands suit of the tarot, represents energy and ambition. The raw force to get things done and make change happen. It is visceral, powerful, and forms often an uneasy and delicate balancing act with the other elements of our personalities. 216 more words


daily reading: Nine of Cups

Yesterday got away from me and when I remembered to do my daily pull, it was quite late in the day and I was really tired. 590 more words


daily reading: Three of Wands (reversed)

I’m still fired up on the election and last night was no exception. I was up until 2:30 – 3a explaining to non-Americans how our elections/polls worked, generated a list of questions for the upcoming PSN meeting, and then broke. 499 more words


daily reading: Five of Wands

I’m running late today as I’ve been on the go since 5AM and it’s now 10PM EDT. I was able to commune with the cards for a bit and I picked up some silk to wrap the cards in so while I was everywhere today, I was able to keep in touch within me. 400 more words


The 9 of Swords

Reed tall, straight as a sword, I stand in the hallway of beginnings; I feel the strength of steel seep into me, my frail bones girded with the light of the star, a strength woven from the impenetrable armour of liquid music, a light that will protect me in the desperation of darkness. 1,002 more words