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Waite's Eucharistic Ace of Cups

The Waite-Smith Ace of Cups, despite its seeming simplicity, is a very complex card with deep allusions that are central to Waite’s “Secret Tradition”—his mystical philosophy. 1,288 more words

Tarot History & Research

The most terrifying Tarot cards explained

Hello lovelies! Welcome to another insight lesson in Tarot for beginners. Today, I will try to make it easier for you to bare with these 6 cards which people often hope not to get in their readings. 724 more words


How to understand the difference between Major/Minor Arcana + why it's a bad idea to learn tarot with reversals

Finally, we came to the last bit of my intro to tarot! Of couse, I will continue to write more about the topics which I cover in my weekly advice videos from YouTube. 533 more words


Major/Minor Arcana & the four elements(Part 4)

Finally, we have the honor to meet the 16 magnificent court cards! Each of them represents their suit, carries a certain maturity and approach with them. 618 more words


reaching for freedom

i’m finally feeling more like myself, after a very long period of darkness and depression. rather than marinating in it, i’ve been trying to get back in touch with nature, with the world, with the people i care about. 943 more words

Daily Readings


The Swords are the most ominous of the suit symbols. They are associated with the element of Air and the realm of the Mind or intellect. 639 more words


Five Of Swords - Ouch That Smarts!

And unfortunately, it does hurt!

This card is not one we like to see when reading Tarot, as it usually indicates that one person in particular has been rather mean and nasty, and left plenty of heartbreak in his wake. 574 more words

Tarot And Astrology