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Reflections on The Two of Cups

Q: What is my purpose in life today?

A: This.

As with all of the Twos in the Minor Arcana, this card speaks to us in the language of dualities. 328 more words


Six of Swords

A ferryman rows his boat across a body of still water towards a distant shore. Seated in front of him, backs turned to us, are a hooded adult figure and a small child. 330 more words


Five of Swords

Three men stand on the shore of the ocean. Two of them have their backs turned to us as they gaze out over the waves. A red-haired man holding three swords casts a sideways glance at them; two more swords lay unclaimed on the ground. 463 more words


Three of Swords with The Sun

It’s time for me to revisit my rant about the lottery dreamers. Like in some 80s movie where the protagonist wipes the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand despite the fact he is wearing a headband ala Mike Reno from the band… 508 more words

The Tarot Of Manifestation

Four of Swords

A funeral bier carved with forms of a knight at prayer and a sword lies in a chapel. On the wall behind it, three swords hang vertically, and a stained glass window depicts Christ healing the sick and afflicted as mentioned in Scripture. 384 more words


Three of Swords

A symbol of a human heart is pierced by three crossed swords. Behind them, thick storm clouds rain down a shower of tears.

This is one of the more unambiguous cards in the Waite deck, and it reminds us what occurs when our “split minds” go unhealed for too long as implied by the static unmoving figure in the Two. 294 more words


Two of Swords

A solitary female figure wearing a white robe sits blindfolded on a bench at the shore of an expansive lake dotted with islands. In each of her crossed arms is a sword. 591 more words