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Tarot and the Chakras

Tarot and the Chakras,Opening New Dimensions to Healers is just that; a whole new dimension in publications. Tarot and Chakras had me at page one!  I am excited to see a book that finally puts it all together. 169 more words

Angels And Attitude

The Three of Cups

I walk slowly up the stairs today, wondering if there is anything here for me today….. I am slightly worried that I have no connection to this card, that “Abundance” is not for me. 714 more words


The Skull in The Seven of Cups - What does it mean?

The Skull in The Seven of Cups

 What does it Mean?

The Skull in the Seven of Cups

I received a query from a new tarot student about the skull that appears to be carved on the 6th Cup in the imagery of the Seven of Cups. 2,656 more words

Magic School : Tarot (Father of Pentacles)

Good morning, my lovelies!

This morning I pulled a really great card, the Father of Pentacles. This is a card bursting with power and potential, just the ticket for a Wednesday morning! 455 more words



When I first started reading tarot, I did not like the 3 of Swords card. Something about three steel blades piecing a beautiful big heart seemed so hurtful and permanent. 517 more words

Minor Arcana

Knight of Wands with The Moon

I am a man of many interests. As a quintessential Gemini I often suffer from Shiny Metal Object Disorder. Just in the amount of time it took me to type those last two sentences I found myself distracted by a dozen little nigglers of attention. 588 more words

The Tarot Of Manifestation

The Ten of Cups

Today there is calm on the stairway, I go with peace and something else, a kind of comfortable feeling, perhaps a surety that I will be happy with what I find. 869 more words

Minor Arcana