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Why the Suit of Swords is My Favorite

In a social justice law course I took back in my law school days, the professor went around the room on the first day of class and asked each one of us to offer what we think brings about social change in this world. 797 more words


Card Profile: Five of Cups

Five of Cups does represent the challenges of the emotional processes; those that have not contemplated at the initiation but appeared on the way; predominantly the pain of letting go and the losses, because the heart does not acknowledge the concept of “for the better”; it still cries for what is no more. 360 more words


Card of the week: 10 of cups

The 2 of wands was the first stage of manifesting discoveries, and setting foot on to our own possibilities. Even if all of those opportunities have not yet come back full circle. 362 more words


Card Profile: Four of Cups

Four of Cups signify the evaluation, reassessment, and contemplation of emotional processes. At this stage, the emotional process related to the question is nearly half-way; and one, rather than looking at the new onsets, is to tune within and seek the answers inside. 414 more words


Five of Wands

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered why sometimes it feels as though you are swimming up stream?  How on earth you got yourself into such a conundrum?   891 more words

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Card Profile: Three of Cups

Three of Cups shows the initial fruits of any emotional process in the form of socializing, trust and a celebration of friendship. It also denotes the importance of that fruits; as one does not carry all the burden on his shoulders if he can lend a shoulder to his friends. 355 more words

Tarot Card Profiles

Card Profile: Two of Cups

Two of Cups is the second in the Suit of Cups; and it represents the initiation of a promising emotional process; or, rather simply; the beginning of a potentially nurturing and powerful relationship. 458 more words