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The Door Unlocked: The Eight of Wands

An unexpected thing started to happen to me as I began this project of pulling cards and writing about them. It became apparent that I was doing  a reading for myself. 431 more words


8 of Cups

A few months ago I found myself going through a very uncomfortable and difficult time. But during that time one thing was certain I was going to do what ever it took to get through it.   309 more words

Minor Arcana

Dame of Wands

Placement: The Minor Arcana

Description: Those with even the most remedial understanding of tarot know that each suit in the minor Arcana includes a Page, a Knight, and Queen and King. 339 more words

No News Is Probably Bad News

7 of Cups

“What would happen if you gave up being a Walter Mitty and began to create your life in the present rather then inhabiting the pico (imaginary) universes in your head?   333 more words

Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana & Four Suits

Having traversed our way through the major arcana of tarot, now let’s take a journey and learn all about the minor arcana. Whereas the major arcana generally signify big life changes in our lives, the minor arcana help us to understand our daily lives. 371 more words

Angel Tarot

6 of Cups

This weeks blog post took me a little longer to start because I have been contemplating this idea of giving and receiving.  The typical way we look at it is are we balancing giving and receiving with others.   550 more words

Minor Arcana

Five of Coins

Placement: The Minor Arcana

Description: It’s snowing. Two people in torn clothing, one with crutches and one with bare feet hobble past a church. The light is on in the window but no one is inviting them in. 342 more words

Minor Arcana