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Card study: Four of Cups and Horses and Castles

The castle and mountains in the background speak big achievements and hard-won success. Depending on the context that could mean great achievement has been hard-won and is not appreciated. 133 more words

Minor Arcana


We’ve reached the last suit!  Pentacles!  Pentacles are all about our foundations.  They’re the material world where we build our lives and the resources we need to fulfill our desires.  252 more words


2 of Disks (Pentacles)


April 16th, 2018

Today, blessings will come by adding to our balancing act, and bring things together so that they can blend together as one. 179 more words

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4 of Cups


April 15th, 2018

Today, blessings will come when we relax, look at what gifts we gave our focus to and which ones we have that we might have forgotten about or pushed to the side for what we though we wanted. 237 more words

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6 of Disks (Pentacles)


April 13th, 2018

Today, blessings will come with generosity and giving unto others. Sixes are social cards, and pentacles being physical portions of the world, shows that when we give and receive things via the physical world, we open ourselves up to much needed blessings of success. 166 more words

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Queen of Pentacles/Mother of Earth

While the Pages, Knights, and Kings are all about questions, movement, and seeking in the external realm, the Queens are all about going within.  The Queens are also all about heart.  339 more words


Knight of Pentacles/Brother of Earth

Knights are very helpful cards because they’re all about movement.  They tell us where to go and what to do – and often this is what we’re looking for when we ask questions to the tarot.  260 more words