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10 of Wands - Is our passion really here to destroy us?

Is our passion really here to destroy us?

Or will we be able to frame that explosion, that Big Bang that started everything, the Good and the Bad? 243 more words


Full Moon August 6

I hadn’t really set an intention for this month at the new moon (I was a little late and I didn’t feel like doing a new moon spread two days off), so this is more of a general spread for the full moon that I came up with myself. 454 more words

Major Arcana

the queen of swords

today i shuffled the shadowscapes tarot and out popped the queen of swords. this lovely lady has been an ally of mine for some time now. 180 more words

Card Of The Day

Why the Four of Swords?

Once more into the breach. I pulled the four of swords at a time that I needed to see it, just a few months ago. I had come home mid-semester due to suicidal depression and still had not found my way out of that dark mindset (this would not be until I got the right antidepressants). 357 more words


Returning with Confidence

Recently my upcoming return to college has been on my mind. I left abruptly during the previous semester due to severe depression. This has left me nervous in multiple ways coming back to school: Will my depression return like before? 869 more words


The Kickstart in Practice

Check out the kickstart spread here.

In a story I’ve been working on, a character, Sage, learns that one of her closest friends was one of the kind of monster that killed her parents. 475 more words


Damsel of Wands

Hello, this is your usual blogger, and I believe we have discovered a crack in the black abyss that currently surrounds our cursed headquarters. At least, it may a crack in the abyss. 297 more words

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