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Seeking Judgment

The Major Arcana numbered 22 and sat upstage in twin crescent rows, numbering 11 each, at the head the court as judge and jury for the following trial. 1,562 more words


The Suits or Minor Arcana - Cups

There are 78 cards in the tarot. Twenty two of these are what we call the Major Arcana. These Major cards are considered to be more important than their ‘lesser’ counterparts as it’s believed they deal more on a higher plane of interpretation. 255 more words

Tarot Cards

For Reflection: The Narrative of Cups, The Essence of Now, and The Loss and Recovery of Love

The other day I was listening to a piece of music that activated a strong “memory trigger” in my head. In a moment I was transported some 20 years back in time, to a troubled and turbulent period in my life. 1,296 more words


Words in Your Shell-Like

What do you do to fill a void? A gaping hole in what was once a healthy life full of family and a career of creative activity. 924 more words

Minor Arcana

Ace of Swords

The Suit — Swords or Spades

The sword cuts and dissects. Swords represents the element of air. They are intellect. They are double-sided, which allows them to both damage and heal. 240 more words


Reflection and Reading: Six of Wands

Q: What’s a good thing to think about today?

A: Today and every day, this.

This is a card signifying obstacles overcome, challenges met, fears allayed, and leadership assumed. 1,021 more words


Two of wands - reversed 

Trust in your own power

Upright: Future planning, progress, decisions, discovery
Reversed: Fear of unknown, lack of planning


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