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The Card Stalker Spread

As I said in my previous post, the Nine of Swords has been stalking me lately! I have a pretty good idea of why but it seemed like the perfect excuse to try out a new spread. 321 more words


Minor Arcana 101: Aces

Now unlike the Major Arcana which signals intense and grand messages, the minor arcana are bit more specific and limited to certain aspects. Nevertheless, their importance in tarot readings is not to be diminished. 302 more words

Tarot Cards

Born Under a Bad Card: what to do if your personal Thoth Tarot Cards are awful

One of the things I like about the Thoth Tarot deck (and Aleister Crowley’s philosophy) is that there are unambiguously¬†bad¬†cards.

If you do Tarot card readings with the Thoth, the negative cards will allow you to confront the complete spectrum of existence. 569 more words


Relating to the Tarot: Significators.

This post is, in a sense, a continuation of the series of posts for the Tarot beginner I’ve called the “Basics“, the most recent of which deals with getting started using the cards (it’s really just a dip of the toes in the shallow end, but you gotta start somewhere, and there’s only so much objective advice I can give; click… 1,373 more words


Complete Thoth Tarot-Astrological Correspondences (Minor Arcana and Courts)

In my previous post I explained how Birth Cards work in the Thoth Tarot. This is the complete list of all the birth cards.

To find out what degree the Sun was in at your birth, get a free horoscope from… 322 more words


Tarot Card - Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet you say?

Yes, a cheat sheet for Tarot Card meanings.
It has been said that the suit cards are the hardest to learn because there a simply too many of them. 1,297 more words


10 of Wands - Is our passion really here to destroy us?

Is our passion really here to destroy us?

Or will we be able to frame that explosion, that Big Bang that started everything, the Good and the Bad? 243 more words