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Six of Wands

A victory parade on a sunny day: A conquering sovereign has returned home from battle. His head is crowned by a laurel wreath, and he rides his white steed erect, his eyes fixed intently ahead of him. 322 more words


Five of Wands

Five youths, each carrying a long wooden truncheon, are at play in a field. Or are they not really playing? Could they be fighting instead, or training for war, or could they be erecting the frame of a shelter of some sort? 365 more words


Four of Wands

A day of jubilee outside a majestic walled city bathed in bright golden light. A canopy of fruits and flowers of all kinds has been strung across four maypoles. 407 more words


Three of Wands

A solitary figure, his back turned toward us, stands on a bluff and contemplates the broad vista before him. A knapsack or bedroll is strung around his shoulder, and his right arm, which holds onto a wooden wand, is clad in armor. 438 more words


Reflections on the Three of Wands

Question  for the cards: What is my purpose today?

Answer: This.

As a rule, the presence of Threes in a Tarot reading are favorable (the Three of Swords being a conditional exception) since the number “3” implies the triangle, the first geometric form to exist beyond a single dimension, and because of the number’s religious connotation (the Holy Trinity). 708 more words


Two of Wands

Standing atop a castle tower, a man contemplates a small globe in his right hand. He steadies himself by holding onto a wooden wand embedded in a stone bearing the insignia of the lily and the rose. 400 more words


Reflections on The Four of Pentacles

Followers of this site are likely aware by now that your humble blogger, a freelance writer by trade, has been enduring the fest-or-famine work cycle that is endemic to his profession, with a recent emphasis being, regrettably, on “famine.” Because of this I’ve been meditating and praying, frankly, for a miracle on the career front, and it was on my mind when I dealt my morning Tree of Life spread earlier today. 667 more words