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Janet Edwards: Spotlight on Amalie

Minor characters can be a rebellious bunch. Perhaps other authors can easily keep them under control, but I often struggle with mine. The extreme case was Raven, a character who was introduced into the final book of the Earth Girl trilogy to do one specific thing and promptly did the opposite. 905 more words

NaNo 2015: The Outline

Some of you may know that I am a Super-Outliner. I don’t ‘pants’ anything when it comes to writing. I fill up every inch of our white board several times. 471 more words

The Keeper

Song Update: "Victory"

And we’re back to Greek mythology! This was a FAWM song. If you don’t know what FAWM is, check it out. It’s NaNoWriMo for songwriters. 434 more words


Pixar-Forgotten/Minor Characters #14: Professor Brandywine

We’re finally at the last Pixar film that I have to do for this project, Monsters University (until Inside Out becomes old enough for me to pick a forgotten/minor character from). 429 more words


Trust Between Characters

Life without trust is an impossible achievement.

As I discussed in brief detail the other day here, it’s difficult to get through life without some amount of trust. 757 more words


Relationships: Building Blocks

As I am editing The Varken, I am also eagerly preparing for The Blessed, the last and final Keeper book (for now). In fact, I’ve already written the Prologue and the first scene to set the tone for the novel, although I won’t start getting super serious about writing until NaNoWriMo starts in November and I’m done with my first round of edits for  653 more words

How I Write

12 Elements Needed to Write Strong Character Relationships

Story people like people in real life do not exist in their world alone. They relate to and interact with both principal and secondary characters. These relationships influence character behavior and development. 402 more words

How To Write A Mystery