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Don't Forget Those Minor Characters(Revisited)

I received this critique a while back in regards to four minor characters in my novel. “A lot of new characters have been introduced, and they all run together in my mind. 252 more words

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Why We Have To Destroy Our Minor Characters

Recently, I got into a debate on Twitter (my first one!) about the death of a very well-received character on the TV show The 100: Lexa Kom Trikru. 1,081 more words


Storytelling Through Minor Characters

Not all people in a fictional world are important to the plot. However, I believe it is a mistake to use that as a justification to avoid including insignificant characters at all. 1,857 more words

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Lodestar Lectures: Aida ~ Minor Characters

Welcome back to the discussion of Aida!  Today, we examine the minor characters from the musical.

The mark of a good minor character is that in their small role in the story, they are interesting without stealing thunder from main or secondary characters.  677 more words


Lodestar Lectures: Aida ~ Secondary Characters

We’ve covered all the main characters, so now it’s time to examine the secondary characters in Aida.

Aida really only has two secondary characters: Mereb – servant to Rhadames and friend to Aida, and Zoser – chief councilor to Pharaoh, father to Rhadames, and villain. 648 more words


The Weakest Slave: The Millwoman's Sorrowful Sign

In this often overlooked scene we find an unnamed slave at the end of a long night’s work. 

Odyssey 20.97-120

carried it outside and then prayed… 343 more words