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The Care and Feeding of Minor Characters

Let’s talk about minor characters.These are your protagonist’s family members, friends, and coworkers. Important enough to have a name, but definitely not an above-the-title name. They mainly exist to help move the plot along, often being on the receiving end of your protagonist’s witty dialog or exposition. 651 more words


Minor Characters Who Steal the Show

One of my favorite movies of all time is The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise. With my love for Asian culture, it’s no surprise that I enjoy it so much. 882 more words


Act 2 Ross

Ross’ conversation with the old man at the beginning of Scene 4 in Act 2 tells the audience about some unnatural episodes in the weather and in the behavior of animals. 141 more words

Not-So-Minor Characters

Well, at least I can transport my own picture from

the “Bio” on this site, to this page. We advance by little tiny steps.

Among the most unreadable books in existence are those in which the protagonist is merely an avatar of the writer himself, powered by wishful thinking: like, here I am as the smartest  guy in the book, the handsomest, 329 more words

Fantasy Criticism

Star trek trible war part two

  “What is this all about?” Jones asked. “Your tribles could be the key to acheving our ends !”the lead female said.
“What is your end?”he asked.”we wish to reform the universe. 443 more words

Star Trek

Act 1 Ross and Angus

My characters, Angus and Ross, are not as important to the story as a whole because they are minor characters but as any other character, they still have their minimum importance. 205 more words

Act I