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Trust Between Characters

Life without trust is an impossible achievement.

As I discussed in brief detail the other day here, it’s difficult to get through life without some amount of trust. 757 more words


Relationships: Building Blocks

As I am editing The Varken, I am also eagerly preparing for The Blessed, the last and final Keeper book (for now). In fact, I’ve already written the Prologue and the first scene to set the tone for the novel, although I won’t start getting super serious about writing until NaNoWriMo starts in November and I’m done with my first round of edits for  653 more words

How I Write

12 Elements Needed to Write Strong Character Relationships

Story people like people in real life do not exist in their world alone. They relate to and interact with both principal and secondary characters. These relationships influence character behavior and development. 402 more words

How To Write A Mystery

Song Update: "Where the Steel Prevails"

We’re still on story things! This one is from the viewpoint of a secondary main character’s father in the first story I’m writing, chronologically speaking. The character is an adolescent boy who has never experienced real war, but hears all the glory tales from his father, and anticipates the day he’ll get to use a sword for something other than practice. 531 more words


The Basics of a Bad Novel : Characters

Part I – Characters

There are great novels and awful novels, and then there are those that are in between. I call them FRUSTRATING.

They are frustrating because they could have so easily been so much more. 1,971 more words

Self Publishing

Talking To Myself

I recently came across a quote by the late Terry Pratchett that has really given me perspective for writing:

Although I have always been in the “don’t rewrite anything until you finish!” camp, this really gave me some perspective on why this method is helpful (beyond ‘so you actually get through the whole story’). 436 more words

How I Write

electrostatic buildup

The South Korean poet Ko Un has been working all his life on a project to write about every person he ever met. See the volume… 583 more words