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The 'Forgotten/Minor Characters Project' is Coming Back!

Hello readers,

I’m here to bring you an exciting announcement….well, at least I think it’s exciting. For those of you who have been following me since I started, the first project I did on my blog was a… 108 more words


Don't Forget Your Minor Characters!

I’m in the revision process with my novel and one of the areas I am focusing on is character development. When you hear character development, you usually think of main characters or supporting characters. 364 more words

What to Consider for Supporting Characters

Besides the protagonist, several other characters feature in our stories, as they should. What would our tale be without the antagonist? Certainly it would fall flat with no conflict. 567 more words

Like Me on Facebook Jane!

So we’ve talked about memes, first impressions, and hooks but we should probably start getting intro the nitty gritty of day-to-day class work. What do you do on those days when the students are slowly working towards finishing the book? 766 more words

Why Do Some Characters Stick In Our Hearts And Others Don't?

Hey everyone! Gumiho here and I’m back after a mini break with another article on writing! Though I admit that it’s not as much as an article as much as an idea-turned into an article. 617 more words

Minor Character Retellings

There are many digital tools that we would immediately go to in using in the classroom, such as book trailers and memes, but there are also a lot of tools out there that we can use in the classroom that are less known. 847 more words

Know Your Secondary and Minor Characters

For some reason, the last few books that I have read had really two-dimensional secondary and minor characters. I felt as if they were only in the book to congratulate and support the main character. 198 more words