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Sunday Stumper #44: Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is regarded as one of the most influential and notable novelists of the nineteenth century, and consequently, he was the perfect topic for our 44th Sunday Stumper!   520 more words


Minor Gift: A Free Chapter

New Year’s Day is a good time to start the year off right by sharing with others, and so I’m sharing a chapter from my book, … 1,712 more words


Minor Character Necessity


There’s an interesting curiosity I’ve found in many of the stories I’ve been exposed to. A lot of the time people’s favorite characters are not the ones the story is centered around. 667 more words


Mass Effect's journalists...

Mass Effect didn’t seem to like journalists much. I’d analyse Emily Wong’s story if anything had actually happened to her but she completely disappeared from the games. 148 more words


Joyce Johnson: Let's Dance to A Female Beat

When I first created this blog I had also created a couple of pages that I devoted to literary time periods that inspire and influence me. 1,926 more words


Janet Edwards: Spotlight on Amalie

Minor characters can be a rebellious bunch. Perhaps other authors can easily keep them under control, but I often struggle with mine. The extreme case was Raven, a character who was introduced into the final book of the Earth Girl trilogy to do one specific thing and promptly did the opposite. 905 more words

NaNo 2015: The Outline

Some of you may know that I am a Super-Outliner. I don’t ‘pants’ anything when it comes to writing. I fill up every inch of our white board several times. 471 more words

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