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Write Right, Ya Ninnies #2

Write Right, Ya Ninnies:

Making That Character #1

Minor Characters.

First off, if anyone has ever told you you write wrong, tell them to stuff it. 682 more words


Illuminating the Beats From Their Shadow: Re-Blog from NY Times

Books | American Beauties

By Joyce Johnson
265 pages, Penguin Books, $16.

Joyce Johnson was 21 and not long out of Barnard College when, in the winter of 1957, Allen Ginsberg set her up on a blind date with Jack Kerouac. 1,052 more words

Beat Movement

Everyone's the Hero of Their Own Story

This is one concept I keep going back to, over and over, as I write. Everyone is the center of their own universe, their own life story. 632 more words

On Writing

Wu Wei Wednesday: Why Characters Get Out Of Hand And Understanding Them Better

It’s only 8:20 AM and the battlefield is quiet.

A lone tumbleweed rolls across the barren land just like a blockbuster western, but today you’re not here to stop and smell the cliches. 961 more words


The 'Forgotten/Minor Characters Project' is Coming Back!

Hello readers,

I’m here to bring you an exciting announcement….well, at least I think it’s exciting. For those of you who have been following me since I started, the first project I did on my blog was a… 108 more words


Don't Forget Your Minor Characters!

I’m in the revision process with my novel and one of the areas I am focusing on is character development. When you hear character development, you usually think of main characters or supporting characters. 364 more words

What to Consider for Supporting Characters

Besides the protagonist, several other characters feature in our stories, as they should. What would our tale be without the antagonist? Certainly it would fall flat with no conflict. 567 more words