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Melodies in the Key of "X"

Hello, all.

Interesting article I picked-up, on how horror music can sound completely bright and happy when played in a different key.

If you remember, there’s “major” and “minor” modes which is the difference between full, well-rounded notes and then something that sounds “a bit more gloomy”. 98 more words

Slim at the Vancouver Folk Festival

Slim at the Vancouver Folk Festival

One hour into the folkfest

and a mellow, minor key, melancholy

is seeping into Slim’s bones,

he feels it like an arthritic ache… 34 more words


M26: minor key

A little ditty in minor key, mistakes and all per usual.

1. Musical Monday

Mozart Symphony No 19, K132

A café I go to plays classical music. I was told that they change the type of music they play according to the time of day, so maybe by the evening they’re playing heavy metal. 663 more words


Dominant Seven Flat 9 Chords V7(b9)

One of the features that makes a minor key sound so rich is its V7(b9) chord illustrated below as a V-I in the key of A minor.        79 more words


Suite Disposition

The Tweet: “Listening to sad songs actually creates positive emotions.”

According to one study, the reason we keep listening to sad songs is because they evoke  455 more words

The Untweetable Truth

Music Flows In My Veins

I love music. I think I would go so far as to say music is in my veins and keeps my heart beating on days when it wants to stop or doesn’t see a reason to keep on beating (which is actually the same thing but sounds more dramatic when you say both of them). 825 more words