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Unforgettable by French Montana

So apparently this song was huge this past year…but I some how never heard it on the radio????? AND WHY COULDN’T I TILL NOW BECAUSE I FLIPPING LOVE IT? 9 more words


A wonderful, beautiful, minor key.

At noon and then again this evening at our midweek Advent worship services, I realized that all the hymns I picked out were in a minor key. 379 more words


Happy Ending

There are times in life

When all one can hope for

Is to end 51 more words


Major And Minor Key Covers

Minor and Major key song covers are songs that change the key in a particular song. It’s simply a switch from one to the other. Even though it’s a simple idea, it changes the feel of the song completely. 394 more words


re-Hymn: In the Garden (of Gethsemane)

So often the music and key of a song can greatly impact the words and meaning. After all, “the medium IS the message” and the WAY we communicate deeply influences WHAT we are trying to communicate.* 250 more words