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Dreams in the key of R

Education helps everything. My psychology class is making me really happy; I wish I could be a full time student and wallow in classes. I’ve already learned a lot about the brain that I didn’t fully understand before. 98 more words

Daily Darkness: Notes

Good evening,

I usually put out stories mid-day, but this one felt better for an evening release. Yes, more wordplay for the title.

Hope you like it! 105 more words


Minor Key

Above:  Minor Third

Image in the Public Domain


A composer opens a small door with a minor key.


Minor Storm

How can there be drought
When a Harmon-muted horn
Brings the gods to tears?


Unforgettable by French Montana

So apparently this song was huge this past year…but I some how never heard it on the radio????? AND WHY COULDN’T I TILL NOW BECAUSE I FLIPPING LOVE IT? 9 more words


A wonderful, beautiful, minor key.

At noon and then again this evening at our midweek Advent worship services, I realized that all the hymns I picked out were in a minor key. 379 more words


Happy Ending

There are times in life

When all one can hope for

Is to end 51 more words