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Seeing green

Cool Minor Threat bootleg from 2008, this time on green vinyl. Great artwork, very cool pictures. Sound quality is fine, the band sounds tight. Nice one.


Dead format

I picked up a few cd’s, I really wanted to hear that Leeway album. It was never released on vinyl and it probably never will. So getting the cd is the only option for me. 25 more words

Minor Threat

Live at the Buff Hall

It took me a while, but I finally manged to find the last variation/pressing. Turns out there are at least eight. Not counting the test press. 64 more words


Slip that tape in the deck and enjoy the sheep in the farmland

When I grow up tapes where my thing, I did so many road trips filled with homemade mix tapes or demo tapes by new bands. I also started a decent collection of regular records on tape purely for the road trips. 68 more words


Free Music Friday: Winnipeg Hardcore Archive

I came across the Winnipeg Hardcore Archive when a friend shared the link to Figure Four’s demo on Facebook. The site not only features Figure Four’s 1998 demo but also the band’s self-titled 7″, Minor Threat Live in 83, Rogue Nation’s Our Conspiracy, OneOfTheseDay’s This Time It’s Different, and race Like Winter/From This Day Forward’s split. 38 more words


Yard sale finds Jan 29 2017

I found these awesome punk shirts at a yard sale in East Los Angeles on a Sunday morning. It was up the street from the home I lived in until the age of 8. 44 more words

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