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Free Music Friday: Winnipeg Hardcore Archive

I came across the Winnipeg Hardcore Archive when a friend shared the link to Figure Four’s demo on Facebook. The site not only features Figure Four’s 1998 demo but also the band’s self-titled 7″, Minor Threat Live in 83, Rogue Nation’s Our Conspiracy, OneOfTheseDay’s This Time It’s Different, and race Like Winter/From This Day Forward’s split. 38 more words


Yard sale finds Jan 29 2017

I found these awesome punk shirts at a yard sale in East Los Angeles on a Sunday morning. It was up the street from the home I lived in until the age of 8. 44 more words

90s Punk

More black sheeps

Remember late last year I picked up the final missing version of this bootleg on red vinyl? Well it turns out there was another version, that I missed. 64 more words


Flex your green head

I bought this one somewhere during the summer but it took a while when it arrived at my house, due to being delivered in the USA and it took a while before it was reshipped. 15 more words


Top Ten Bands A-Z: M

Last year I started making a list of all the best bands in the alphabet. Well the list continues to find the top ten bands/artists in the alphabet. 49 more words


Words Are Not Enough - End Of A Year (2016)

It’s the end of a year…
There’s another one coming

Another year has passed and my collection has grown a bit when it comes to non-hardcore records.

359 more words


Interview By Mike Layout by Ed

The first part of this interview was in issue 4. Sorry for doing it as a two part series but after it hit page 12 I had no choice but to cut it off. 2,775 more words