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MUSIC REVIEW | Dot Dash – Earthquakes & Tidal Waves (2015)

Dot Dash is made up of ex-members from a variety of Washington DC bands. The one I was most familiar with was Minor Threat. So before I pressed play on… 354 more words


Deep Within The Sea It Sleeps

…is the title of the next track. A little story of an unknown force waiting in the depths of the ocean to unleash its power upon the world. 163 more words


Musicians Should Learn To Laugh At Themselves For Having Crappy Influences

One time, I left my music player’s speakers on low while I was dozing off. I heard this one electropop-style song there and wondered, “What kind of shitty band is that and why is that shitty song on my playlist?” Turns out it was one of my old songs. 507 more words


Washington finest

Another Minor Threat bootleg arrived this week. Again from Greece and again not real vinyl but a lathe cut record. Love the cool sleeve and the live recording is cool too. 6 more words


Happy Edge Day!

(I’d have brought cake but it’s probably full of evil substances like eggs)

Straight edge isn’t really a movement. I described it as an anti-movement over on Public Pressure – link… 663 more words


Book Review: The Truth of Revolution, Brother - An Exploration of Punk Philosophy by Lisa Sofianos, Robin Ryde & Charlie Waterhouse

Think of punk and what comes to mind?  Anger, vitriol, spit, mohicans, leather jackets, fast-paced three chord guitar songs?  Philosophy?  Perhaps not initially, but underneath the spiky surface of punk was a desire for change, a feeling that something was wrong with the world, and that we should and could do better. 548 more words