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Iran's Golestan Province: Turkmen Sahra (Photos)

Turkmen Sahra (meaning Plain of Turkmen) is a region located mainly in Golestan Province, reaching to the Provnice of Razavi Khorasan and North Khorasan. It is situated in the northeast of Iran, near the Caspian Sea, bordering Turkmenistan. 80 more words


Pubjab police save Christian couple from 'blasphemy' mob

LAHORE: Police in Pakistan saved a Christian couple from a Muslim mob who were attempting to lynch them for allegedly committing blasphemy, and later arrested a cleric for inciting the violence, a senior officer said Thursday. 485 more words


Confederate Named Schools are Majority Minority!

Fun factoid. Next time a con mentions a street named after MLK…

Thousands Of Black Students Attend Schools Honoring Racist Leaders

All across the country, young African-American students attend schools that pay homage to those who fought to keep their people enslaved. 130 more words

The New Jim Crow

The Economics Of Being Disabled

Disability is rife and it is relevant. Whilst we may not all be disabled, some of us are. Yet for those of us not currently disabled this does not mean that we can never be, we are all capable, in much the same way that we could die at any point rather easily. 518 more words


There's a New Group in town!

Over the past few years, first cities, now countries are becoming more tolerant of LGBTQ individuals. It is wonderful to see how accepting communities can be when they open their minds to groups or individuals who are considered minorities, undesirables, or less vital to the community. 337 more words


Article Review: Does Racism Still Exist in America?

RE: Katie Pavlich: America is not racist

Black outrage over racial inequality in America has come to the forefront of the national conscience with media coverage of riots in Baltimore and other cities and a white supremist’s terrorism of a black church in Charleston. 566 more words


Dear Miss Baltimore

The social worker cleared her throat and introduced herself as being from Baltimore Maryland. I had the strong urge to whistle or cheer, my family being from that area, but the force of the tension in the room pushed me smutheringly down into my chair, so I just gulped and nodded and smiled at my friend sitting next to me. 303 more words