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Our failure to wake up to the world around us is a great cause for alarm.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the destruction-bound service calling at: May 16 2014 > May 7 2015 > May’s Britain > Maniac’s America. This train terminates here. 4,274 more words

This land is your land; but is it my land too?

This week’s post is by Rev. Dr. Kirk A. Foster, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and a professor of social work. His research focuses on how people work through local organizations to improve their social and economic mobility, and work collectively to make sustainable change at the neighborhood level. 1,031 more words

Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks at Cannabis World Congress Conference


Rev. Al Sharpton understands that fighting for marijuana legalization isn’t about “getting high” – it’s about economic freedom, diversity, inclusion, equal opportunity, and exercising your right to vote. 806 more words


WYPIPO Lies About Minorities

Globalization is coming. Like it or not. It’s how we roll. How the world spins. Going from families, to clans, tribes, villages, towns, townships, cities, counties, districts, principalities, states, nations and to continents as communication grows our communities. 43 more words


Western Kentucky University is not offering free tuition

Q: Is Western Kentucky University offering free tuition to black students because of slavery?

A: No. The school does not plan to adopt a resolution passed by the Student Government Association demanding “full and free access” for black students. 9 more words


The program for the German visit ist finally online!

Photo: rawpixel.com via Unsplash

After hours of talking, calling hotels and politicians on the phone, argueing, laughing, and eventually agreeing, we can finally announce the program for Germany. 42 more words


Diversity in Photojournalism: ‘Talk Is Cheap’

Facing the dual challenges of changing demographics and technological innovations, new groups are taking steps to broaden opportunities for photographers of color.

Published: September 13, 2017 at 05:30AM… 74 more words