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Why is it important to study Minority Health?

In no more than 300 words explain why it is important to study African American Health

You should be finding sources (APA Cited) and sharing your opinion on what you found  (your own words) 23 more words

Academic Writing

Toxins in the Hood

By: Cassandra Bazile

When we hear of racial injustice, we tend to think of police brutality or the criminal justice system’s war against minorities; but what about the air and water we consume? 788 more words


A look at who we serve during Minority Health Month

April is Minority Health Month and because we just published our annual report, I wanted to share some of our numbers with you.

In 2015, we served 21,304 patients at our five sites with a total of 68,717 visits. 93 more words

Things To Know

Accelerating Health Equity for the Nation - A Reflection on Minority Health

Written by Rachelle Peraz Ocampo, EdM

This year, Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health celebrates its 30th year anniversary and launched the theme, “Accelerating Health Equity for the Nation” to observe National Minority Health Month. 632 more words


Health Isn't One-Size-Fits-All

By: Delphine Gervais, LCSW

This May will mark five years since my mom was “officially” diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and two years since she transitioned.   1,161 more words


Suffering In Silence: Mental Health Conversations in Communities of Color

As a person of color, the topic of mental health is avoided like the plague in our community. We all have that family member or friend who, at the mere mention of going to counseling, shouts back “I’m not crazy”; “You should pray about it”; “Tough it out”; “Therapy’s for White people”. 1,666 more words


Sometimes It Is Just Black & White | The Color Wheel

Let’s talk straight no chaser! When it comes to being a black woman in America a mental illness is the last thing that you would also like to have associated with your name. 997 more words