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Rebel or Warrior?

I am so sorry to be silent for so long. Living with multiple chronic illnesses I often find myself blindsided by the compounded. There is this yo-yo effect that gets away from me when so many things can affect my health in a moment. 136 more words

Public Enemy #1; Race and Health Disparity in America

By: Brittany Foushee

Race in the United States has always been a hot topic of its time. From policy reform, to shifts in social attitudes, race and racism have been a systemic issue in this country. 860 more words

Access To Healthcare

Hypertension: Silent and Unequal

High blood pressure has been coined the “silent killer” because it has no symptoms, which causes many people to go undiagnosed. A blood pressure reading that stays high for long periods of time is called hypertension. 431 more words

Scientific Research

Research In Brief - Terms Relating to Minority Health

In 2016 we began the Research In Focus series, highlighting new and interesting findings from NIDILRR-funded studies, presented in a reader-friendly format. As a follow up, we offer our new occasional series… 357 more words

Health Disparities

Where to Find Minority Health Information on the Internet

Did you know that the 2010 U.S. Census results show that approximately 36% of the American population belongs to a racial or ethnic minority group? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some minority groups experience higher levels of preventable disease, death, and disability as compared to non-minority groups. 380 more words

Spotlight On Health

Can We Talk: A Selfish Post.

(Hi everyone! I wrote this piece a few weeks ago when life was just a little much. I almost didn’t share it, but I felt that it was important to be vulnerable in hopes that it would help someone else. 711 more words


I remember the first time I was called the N-word. I was around eleven years old and my family was driving to Virginia Beach for a family vacation. 903 more words