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How stereotypes hurt our children.

On an early Saturday morning, I found myself in a familiar setting among a group of parents and excited 8 to 11 year old boys in their favorite football jerseys ready to delve themselves in a make-believe world of NFL, otherwise known as flag football. 488 more words

Societal Issues

NSFW: How to recognize a victim

The basis of many awareness campaigns is in recognizing victims. Let me paint you a picture or two:

She has stringy hair that looks like moldy straw. 1,310 more words

"What To Do When The Trump Campaign Is Gaslighting Your Network"


When His Surrogates Lie About His Racism, Roll The Tape

Donald Trump’s campaign is rolling out a new strategy to try to tamp down the… 185 more words


What I Am Is White

“God made me white for a reason.”

She said it as I was sipping chai, as we discussed relationships and cultures and the difficulties of listening to people’s stories instead of fixing them. 589 more words

Fears And Personhood