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What Social Life?: The Truth About Choosing Academia

I’ve been in school my entire life. At 26 years old, I’ve qualified as a student for 80% of my existence. I am good at it, and anyone who makes it to and through a graduate-level program is likely good at it too. 886 more words

Killa's World

Wu-Tang Forever

“Hey, you speak Mandarin right?”

That was the first thing a coworker asked me after he introduced himself to me. My response was, “uh, yea, conversationally”. 1,442 more words


To all the boys I never loved

Lately I’ve been thinking about why I’ve never dated Asian men. The answer is actually quite simple. I was one of those bitchy Asian girls with internalized racism who only dated white men who had yellow fever. 662 more words


I spy with my LITTLE eye

Growing up, I hated the game “I Spy”. I felt an immediate aversion the second the words, “I spy with my little eye” came out of my mouth. 954 more words


OTSD -- Ongoing Traumatic Stress Disorder -- a diagnosis for what ails us.

I have attached a pdf of an essay I that began with a response to a FB friend who was feeling overwhelmed by all she has to struggle with and fear on a daily basis. 271 more words

Surviving Academia

Ešte viac rozdelená Keňa po prezidentských voľbách

Začiatkom augusta 2017 si Keňania vyberali okrem prezidenta aj nových členov parlamentu, guvernérov a ďalších zástupcov ľudu. Najväčšiu pozornosť však na seba (tak ako v roku 2013) strhávala voľba prezidenta. 1,142 more words

Global Problems