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Tom Cruise in Minority Report

Hello, I’m NDX9.

This is one scene from Minority Report which Tom Cruise is starring.

As intense scene as the last report ‘CTU:Michelle Dessler… 214 more words


Minority Report: Cinematography

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I’ve just had the pleasure of being initiated into the Minority Report experience. 1,116 more words


Throwback Thursday-Minority Report (2002)

When it comes to police work, the ability to prevent crime by being one step ahead of the criminal may not only dictate the speed in which the criminal is caught, but will also help in preventing future crimes. 122 more words


Are we predetermined?

The movie Minority report talks about future murders that are stopped by pre-crime police before they happen. This avoids unfortunate outcomes, changing events. The ones who actually foresee the future are triplets who have this ability, and they are kept under control to avoid feeling pain and their Dopamine levels are kept steady so that they don’t feel stress. 693 more words


Halloween Postscript

Because I apparently bring this blog out of mothballs exclusively for Halloween fare these days*, I figured I might as well follow up on last year’s epic… 388 more words


Anime Rewind: Mouryou no Hako

You know that feeling that you get when you stumble upon a show that sounds positively amazing! Perhaps it’s something you found as you were looking at some of your favourite genres. 1,023 more words


The Best and Worst of Steven Spielberg

by Jason F. Koenigsberg

Have you seen the new HBO documentary Spielberg on HBO? If not, you can skip it. It was bland and had no point of view, offering very little in terms of insight about the man and his movies. 6,241 more words