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Reality Stranger than Fiction: JP Morgan and Minority Report

Can you be fired or arrested for a crime you haven’t yet committed, but most likely will? JP Morgan thinks so – and they’ve developed new algorithms to monitor their employees and stop rogue trading behaviour before it happens. 1,173 more words


Leap Motion is cool, but what's made us love it so much?

A pretty interesting question to consider is why we’re so interested in motion control in the first place.

It seems reasonable that there is a considerably large pop culture influence that feeds our fascination with it, which gives us the inspiration and desire to create devices like Leap Motion. 158 more words

Leap Motion

Science Fiction Today - Books

Books are still such an important part of not only how we get information, but how we get to experience all the various stories that people have to tell. 504 more words


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Science Fiction Today - Justice System

The justice system is a complicated process and deals with not only finding the people who commit crimes, but also convicting and judging them. There are a lot of different areas that make up the entire justice system and in science fiction we see these areas dealt with in very different ways. 485 more words

Science Fiction

The Thing I Like About ... [mild spoiler]

Minority Report: the part where he confronts the guy who killed his child.

In Minority Report, John Anderton is a man whose job at the Pre-Crime Division allows him to see when people are about to commit a crime; he then goes to arrest them before anything bad can actually happen. 371 more words

SMR Cooper's Official Author's Site

Review- Minority Report (2002)

I’ll always have a soft spot for Tom Cruise. Despite his off-screen hilarity, he’ll always be a talented and enjoyable guy to watch. Minority Report is no exception. 595 more words


#22 Too Much In Love (or Stalker, Ahoy!)

“Will DeeDee’s dependence chase Bill away?”

Yeesh. Pictured in prime stage 5 clinger mode on the cover is one DeeDee Gordon. The object of her obsession is her surfer boy beau, Bill Chase. 1,249 more words

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