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'Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick' - A Strolling Commentary

Philip K. Dick’s short stories have a wider range in quality than they do subject matter. But for the most part they’re very good and definitely worth reading. 1,697 more words


#003 - Event Prediction Protocol

The new year approaches and we are trying to make predictions of what happens in 2017. Networks have also its own predictions describing trends, investments and migrations. 291 more words

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Under the guise of “think of the children”, the Government wants to spy on YOUR internet activity. Yes, rooting out paedophiles is a good thing, especially in a culture where child sex abuse has been revealed to be endemic, but like so many “well-intentioned” ideas I feel this could fall flat on its face. 237 more words

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More Not Medical Advice

In terms of science figuring out what to do with the TrialNet siblings diagnosed Minority Report style, so far I like our peds endo’s plan: low dose Lantus and a Dexcom. 361 more words

Katherine G. Johnson - The Hidden Figure of the Space Race

America’s triumph in the space race has been well documented and repeatedly shared throughout time. We all know that America was the first to put a man on the moon. 760 more words


Minority Report

The review of the day is a Sci-Fi Mystery film, similar to Blade Runner. Directed by Steven Spielberg, teaming up with an A list star, a living legend & one of my favorite actors of all time, Tom Cruise. 275 more words