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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? By Philip K. Dick Review

“The legacy of World War Terminus had diminished in potency; those who could not survive the dust had passed into oblivion years ago, and the dust, weaker now and confronting the strong survivors” 408 more words


The Future is Here (only you don't know it yet.)

There have been movies and books that depict a future where nothing can be hidden; where the authorities know everything about everyone. The 2002 movie… 699 more words


Bladerunner 2049, and how society is closing in on "The Future"

My dad is the sole reason I grew up knowing about Bladerunner. He’s also into a lot of other fantasy/sci-fi movies such as Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars and X-Men, so I’ve learnt to love this genre too. 263 more words

In an old lady's greenhouse: Aerin Waterlilly

Waterlillies remind me of ponds and ponds remind me of two things: 1) A really murky swimming hole from my childhood that was known as Sherwood’s Pond  (that might have been a toxic runoff for all I know)  and  2) A cute wishing well with lilypads. 711 more words

Fragrance Sample

Blade Runner's Philip K. Dick: From Book to Screen

One word comes to mind when describing Philip K. Dick – visionary.

Before Black Mirror became a buzzword, Philip K. Dick’s exploratory novels covered the wide spectrum of science fiction. 571 more words