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'Minority Report': The Future is Now

In my personal warmup for the AFC and NFC championship games on TV, I watched the movie “Minority Report.”

The Tom Cruise movie was directed by Steven Spielberg, and was released in 2002. 306 more words


The Other Minority Report

I’ve never been good with statistical data recall. At this point, I don’t know what the exact population of India is. But I can care to guess, as much as anyone else would, and place the number at 1.2 billion. 1,047 more words


A Tale of Two Recalls

He awoke- and wanted Mars. The Valleys, he thought. What would it be like to trudge among them? Great and greater yet: the dream grew as he became fully conscious, the dream and the yearning. 1,534 more words


Day 4 - The Ideal Reader

I decided to rewrite this post because the first draft kind of derailed. It happens. I tend to write just to write these days. I really should get back to my NaNoWriMo story, but that’s neither here nor there. 404 more words


This just in…

My first contributed essay for Criminal Element went live relative moments ago. I’ve not written here at Surfing the Zeitgeist about crime. If you’re curious, please pay a visit to… 8 more words