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Finished College, Now What?

I talk about how hard it is to get a job now even with a degree and sometimes, multiple degrees. Listen to the episode hereĀ Episode 13


Untact vs Connect? Minority Report like digital retail-tainment

Minority report? No… it is a “reality report”. We talk about retail-tainment a lot recently. Events, pop-up stores, free skincare service…. Things are changing rapidly in Seoul, Korea. 282 more words

Predictive Analytics in real-time with Wynyard ACA

As early as in 2002, the concept of predictive analytics was introduced to the world by Steven Spielberg through his movie Minority Report. Tom Cruise starter movie set in 2054, popularized the technology that could detect and prevent crimes even before they occurred. 27 more words


Manomotion Introduces Apple Arkit Hand Gesture Support

Integrate hand gesture control into #AR projects, no extra hardware needed. #ARKit #ARCore #MinorityReport #Trend

Developers will soon be able to integrate hand gesture control into their projects on the ARKit platform, no extra hardware needed. 92 more words