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Using Minsky to Better Understand Economic Development – Part 2

The work of Hyman Minsky highlighted the essential role of finance in the capital development of an economy. The greater a nation’s reliance on debt relative to internal funds, the more “fragile” the economy becomes. 792 more words


Using Minsky to Better Understand Economic Development – Part 1

This year the global system has seen two major shocks: Brexit, and Trump. What these events have in common is their populist rhetoric that promised to bring back jobs, while also making xenophobic statements. 1,098 more words


Why Minsky Matters by L. Randall Wray - book review

I wrote this review of L. Randall Wray’s Why Minsky Matters for the Rethinking Economics project back in January. RE have changed their website and my review can no longer be found there, so I thought I would post it here. 1,117 more words

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Crash course on Hyman Minsky, who saw the financial crisis coming

A short interview with Professor L. Randall Wray, scholar at the Levy Institute, on the work of economist Hyman Minsky. Minsky’s work on financial fragility has become well-known since the financial crisis which began in 2007. 104 more words

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Artificial Intelligence in Online Education

Artificial Intelligence has been around for a long time. It was first coined in by John McCarthy in 1955 “McCarthy coined the term “AI” in 1955 in connection with a proposed… 3,146 more words


The unstable economy and the delusion of 'the Great Moderation'

“Economists are taught that the economy is intrinsically stable – price changes are small and random, so perturbations are rapidly damped out by the ‘invisible hand’ of market forces.

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Carbon Trading, Sustainable Development and Financial Fragility

The response to climate change is one of the most pressing policy issues of our time. Carbon trading assets are currently worth more than $100 billion. 1,793 more words