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Canada, let's not Minsky words

Stability breeds instability – this was economist Hyman Minsky‘s lasting contribution to the craft.  The Minsky Moment , popularized during the 07-09 US housing crisis, basically suggests breeding animal spirits too long creates systemic problems. 985 more words


power: installing CUDA8 on Ubuntu 16.04 running on a Minsky machine with POWER8 with NVLink + Tesla P100

You can leverage the most advanced GPU on IBM Power machine.  The Power System S822LC for High-Performance Computing (code-named “Minsky”) contains two Power8 CPUs and  two Nvidia… 239 more words


Hyman Minsky on the aim of policy - via econblog101

I am currently writing up an article on what Minsky added to Keynes an onwards to whether this is an up to date theoretical framework ready for use in the 21st century.

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Political Economy

One E(nor)MAS Chiyoda mess...

I hope the agreement Forland Shipping reached with EMAS Chiyoda was that if they didn’t get cash up front they were going to take their ship, with all the project equipment on board, and sail away. 1,484 more words


Macro, gold, and private credit

Like most economic historians I get the gold standard was a bad idea and we shouldn’t go back to it. But I think the hankerings for it really reflect a deeper desire for some sort of control on the monetary base. 473 more words


Arguments Against Government Surpluses

A government surplus represents the removal of funds from the private economy with uncompensated public sector productive value creation. It is a policy recommended by those that champion “austerity economics” – however logically, this pattern is liable for encouraging systemic weaknesses and therefore future economic crisis. 939 more words

Government Schemes

Using Minsky to Better Understand Economic Development – Part 2

The work of Hyman Minsky highlighted the essential role of finance in the capital development of an economy. The greater a nation’s reliance on debt relative to internal funds, the more “fragile” the economy becomes. 792 more words