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My old Manhattan home

Those who seek literary or cinematic references for the rise of Mr Trump only elevate the clown into a proper harlequin. Trump’s origin is closer to the gutter, PT Barnum and his nineteenth-century circuses, which passed off coal dust as gold to unenlightened and uneducated commoners. 119 more words


The War on Political Correctness: Enabling Discrimination

It’s the eternal cry: ‘political correctness’ acts in service of liberal thought control and is a threat to the freedom of speech which must be countered by ‘strong’ voices and unrepentant actions. 1,314 more words


Forgetting Ole Times at Ole Miss

Well, it finally happened. Earlier today, the University of Mississippi Athletics Department got a jump on the college football season by banning “Dixie” from all athletic events… 584 more words


The Clock's Tale

Tak ada yang lebih membenci waktu, selain jarum jam.

Hampir setiap saat ia mengutuk waku.

Baginya, tak ada yang tak lebih memilukan daripada menjadi jarum jam. 112 more words


Negotiate higher energy into your life

I ask for a moment’s indulgence to sit by Thy side.
The work that t have in hand
I will finish afterwards.
Away from the sight of Thy face… 154 more words


Lama tak berjumpa, Ree.

Bagaimana kabarmu? Kuharap baik-baik saja.

Dan, kuharap kau tak apa bila kukatakan akupun baik-baik saja.

Sudah lama rasanya, sejak terakhir kali melihatmu. 94 more words


Futility of "Colorblindness": Red Cross Poster Associated Negative Connotations to Nonwhite Characters; Mere "Apology" Insufficient

The Washington Post reported on the following story. A user of a pool looked at an American Red Cross poster and felt uncomfortable because the characters that displayed the so-called uncool pool behaviors were generally nonwhite. 303 more words