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Freeing up /boot partition disk space on Mint/Ununtu Linux

If you’ve been running a Mint (or Ubuntu) install for a while, you may eventually see the following notification/warning :

Low Disk Space on /boot… 278 more words

All them diverse Linux versions ... simple bluetooth connect a complete war

Yo volks, its me again,

this day i installed Debian 7.6.0, after some (let’s just keep it friendly and call him a ) “friend”… told me he had some very good experiences with it, and that he ditched Buntu for it… 412 more words


Debian Wheezy

Well it seems my days of using Debian are numbered, I have used it for a number of years to rehabilitate old hardware for use on artworks and in the past as my day to day systems. 413 more words

Linux Mint 12 - A Cool Experience

Ok I lied. I'm definitely gonna keep Linux Mint.

— Robin Magritte (@RobinMagritte) February 6, 2012

I was pretty bored of Ubuntu, and on Google Plus, I asked what Linux distribution I should use?

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Lubuntu Oneiric Ocelot, first impressions

Every six months on the Web there is a bit of a commotion, which heralds the release of a new version of Ubuntu and this… 224 more words