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meat balls with tzatziki

I know, it’s not healthy, it’s meat and even worse fried.. but come on, every now and then it can’t be that bad! my mom, every time she makes meatballs ‘keftedes’, she makes a lot (that’s common for Greek people, when they cook they cook as if they are eating with 10 instead of 2!).

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Olive Oil

La Fraiseraie, Nantes (FR)

La Fraiseraie is in my opinion Nantes’ best stop for delicious ice cream! Their ice cream is produced 50km away from Nantes, in Pornic where their first shop opened in 1985. 669 more words


Gintastic Ice Lollies

After our awesome strawberry picking session I decided to make some treats using the fruits we had left over. I know, it’s hard to believe we had some left over, but we ate a fair few whilst there and a whole punnet afterwards, so there was about half a punnet left to work with. 467 more words


Moroccan Not-A-Tagine

This was another Jack Monroe dish I tried at university. Whilst I enjoyed eating it, I would not say that I was wowed by this particular meal. 172 more words


Mint, Garlic And Yogurt Dip

This dip is easiest to make and very healthy if you eat with cut vegetables. For parties you can serve it with oven baked potato chips, i like it with regular french fries. 73 more words


Fruit Infused Water and Ice

Water is great enough as it is on its own. It’s hydrating, refreshing, and nourishing to the body. But if you want to step up your water game a little, adding handfuls of fruit not only makes your water look better, but it gives it an extra flavor boost as well. 283 more words