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Gourmet Tapas Samosa

From Saha, National Gallery, Singapore

Crisp samosas stuffed with vegetables, cashew nuts, yogurt and spice, dipped in mint chutney, tamarind chutney and mint foam.


Green blue sapphire engagement ring. Mint sapphire 1.45ct oval halo diamond ring…

Wedding Rings
2015 Engagement Rings | womenstyler.com/…
2015 Engagement Rings
Elegant Diamond & Blue Sapphire Wedding Ring in 14K White Gold with Shield and… Vintage, Boho-Inspired Romantic French Riviera Wedding Vintage Sapphire Wedding Ring Retro Art Deco Style Ster… 17 more words

Winter warmer! Pea and Mint Soup

Variation of the omnivorous soup.

Recipe for 1 person

Preparation: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Kcal per serving: 150

Cost per serving: 80p!!

Health bonus: stomach shield, antioxidant, protein booster, low fat, vitamin E, beta caroten…

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Greenland is covered in ice, and Iceland is very nice

Sometimes, there a distraction. Other times, a fire-in-a-barrel.

Sometimes, there’s a distraction, in a fire-in-a-barrel.

Any questions?

Okay, you probably have lots. But when Tyler Bar, a member of my Game of Thrones crew, mentioned that his girlfriend Leena Bar had just returned from a trip to Iceland and had some candy bars to try, I couldn’t pass up the chance to shoehorn in as many D2: The Mighty Ducks references as I could — lest I get accused of… 702 more words


Tanzanite Ring. Rose Gold Engagement Ring Lavender Mint Tanzanite emerald cut…

Gemstone Rings
Delicate rings. Not a fan of the midi rings, but the lower ones, are so pretty and delicate; I like them layered.
You’re So Golden 6-pc. 32 more words

Mint on your tongue

And the moon’s my only company

But for now it’s fine

Because night is always warmest when you’ve got hope

Even when there’s no reason to hope… 49 more words


Red and Green Crush

Apple, mint and Rooibos fruit crush

In the spirit of summer and Christmas, I’ve decided to combine two of my favourite things: Mint and Rooibos (‘redbush’) tea. 175 more words