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Mint Tea for a Sick Stomach

This warm, minty tea will soothe a sickly stomach and with a couple cups, you might end up feeling much better and braver, ready to fight a vicious fever.  83 more words


Teaching Myself Linux

So, as I type, I’m downloading Linux Mint and reading random stuff on whatever tabs I have open in Chrome.

I’m Livestreaming. Over at Ozywrites.picarto.tv. I’ve also gotten a tweet out about it. 194 more words

Lux Dress by Janie and Jack

I was in the Seattle “Janie and Jack” store and saw this gorgeous little mint-colored dress which features nice thick soft materials, a tiered skirt and rosette. It is worth every penny.


Making the Most of What you Have.

Making the most of what you have!  You’ve seen them on Pinterest.  But you’ve probably never seen them this grand.  Vertical herbaceous gardens at a peninsula school.   166 more words

The Origin Of Love

WARNING: Possible navel lint ahead.

It’s amazing how a spot of illness can bring out the snivelly, self pitying, weakling in me. That’s when I think to myself, screw this self sufficient, independent woman crap, I just want someone to look after me. 676 more words

Life Lessons

Sun Tea With Mint

Who doesn’t like ice tea?

A favorite memory of my Mom is her recipe for Sun Tea. Of course, it’s not really a recipe other than the fact that you put water and tea bags in a jar and leave it out in the sun for a few hours. 85 more words


Tandoori Chicken

Tonight i bought Fire Wood Roasted Chicken and had it with wheat bread/chapattis. I just love the smell, taste & right spices of the tandoori chicken. 45 more words