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ナミダ / Namida - 2BACCKA (Kanji and Romaji)

 いても きっともう える
なフリして げちゃだめだろう
そんなことくらい わかるだろう

Episode 88 - They Invented the Rice Song

Welcome to After School Tea Time! Witnesses report that the Anibros watched all of K-On!! in one sitting, and it is up to you the listener to determine whether or not they emerged from the other side changed men. 82 more words

Gear Review: Mio Fuse Activity Tracker + HR Monitor

With technology becoming more precise and people becoming more obsessed with using data to fine tune their workouts, the popularity of wearables continues to grow.  While it appears that some degree of convergence is taking place, the perfect all-in-one device for the right price point continues to be elusive.  1,094 more words

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Why You Need A Body Serum In Your Life

We’ve long said that it’s about time the rest of our body gets the TLC our face does. First we schooled you on the importance of… 501 more words

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Otome Visual Novel Releases of April 2015

It’s been a year since I first started the Monthly Releases series of posts… Can’t believe how quickly time has passed! Sadly, outside of this, there’s nothing truly notable about April 2015. 1,771 more words

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Mio sổ trái 75 chuẩn bị cho đêm Dinh Cô

Dinh Cô, một lễ hội lớn nhất vùng biển Nam Bộ được diễn ra hằng năm từ mừng 10 tới 12 âm lịch và đó cũng là một đại hội của giới xe độ bởi vì quy tụ những tay nài danh tiếng của thế giới ngầm và những chiếc xe khủng nhất đến từ các tỉnh. 20 more words