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Cute things and yummy things...and burned things

Well, the other day my apartment building had a fire alarm check day, being that I don’t really like people, I decided to leave my apartment for the posted times of 11am to 4pm (it’s only got 4 floors and 10 apartments on each, why does it take that long?). 644 more words


Say NO to stretch marks!!

As soon as i found out i was pregnant i was straight on the computer ordering something for stretch marks! There was no way i was getting any stretch marks! 156 more words

Beauty For Baby & You


“ich weiß nicht, was ich sagen soll. Kein Wort der welt wäre jetzt passend, glaube ich.”

Mi Matthias:

Hace un rato tenía que estudiar para mi exposición de mañana, mas es tan difícil concentrarse cuando siempre estás en mi mente. 542 more words

May 19, 2015

My sister posted Mio’s photo at her FB timeline, duh.





最近多了呃錢黨的新聞出現,突然衝出馬路扮受傷,所以為保障自己,還是裝個車CAM較為穩陣。MIO MIVUE 658 WIFI比一般款式更值得推介,因為除了支援128GB MicroSD記憶卡,更首次加入Wi-Fi功能,只要與裝上專屬APP的手機、平板連接後,即時自動為車CAM內的影像進行備份和上傳到其他平台,同時又可以繼續錄影,這樣便不怕記憶卡爆滿,錯失了重要証據。要清晰記錄路面情況,影像質素也是重要一環。MIVUE 658 WIFI能夠輸出比FULL HD更高清的2304×1296解像度,而且擁有7段EV光暗值,就算夜晚駕駛都一清二楚。當然不想意外發生,還要注意自己的駕駛態度;而它除具備記錄功能,還可透過GPS定位系統,根據行車時速再推算煞車所需距離,出事前預先向用家發出警報,將煞車不及的風險減到最低。

鏡頭:400萬像素CMOS,F1.8光圈● 螢幕:2.7吋電容式觸控螢幕 ● 影片格式:2304×1296 (30fps),MP4 ● 連接:mini USB、5V/1A、Wi-Fi、GPS ● 記憶體:支援MicroSD ● 電池容量:240mAh ● 尺寸:90.59×49×32.7mm ● 重量:120g ● 6 more words


Jacky Bracamontes Manda Un Claro Mensaje: “Martin Fuentes Es Suyo”

Si te preguntabas si Jacky Bracamontes sigue con Martin Fuentes tras los rumores de que el piloto de carrera supuestamente le había sido infiel, la respuesta es sí. 99 more words


Smartwatches of 2015

Smartwatches are the new way to go. Yes, technology has invaded our wrists, as several people are now preferring to wear smartwatches which give far more information than just time. 420 more words