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December TBR

  1. Metamorphosis and other stories – Franz Kafka

2. The Communist Manifesto – Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels

3. Feed – Mira Grant

4. The Darkest Minds – Alexandra Bracken ( Yes I’m on the late train with this one, should have read it years ago.) 83 more words

Resident Evil & Feed: Part II

Happy Wednesday!

We are back with the final video in our “Resident Evil” and Feed discussion series. If you haven’t watched out other two videos, go check those out: we’ve got an… 87 more words


3 Quotes in 3 Days - Day 2

It’s day two for this challenge, and before we get to my 2nd choice I wanted to thank Avathenerd and Midnight Ranter again for nominating me! 82 more words


Resident Evil & Feed: Part I

Hello spooky nerds! It’s November but the flesh eaters aren’t gone yet. The zombies are back in our first discussion video of Feed by Mira Grant and “Resident Evil HD.” Check out our initial thoughts on pairing these two zombie stories. 75 more words


Bus Reads for October

The Well by Catherine Chanter has an edge of magical realism, but for the most part it is the struggle for life, marriage, family, and self under pressure; I loved it. 311 more words


Feed: no news too hard to swallow

Brilliant science and human idiocy brought on the zombie apocalypse; a generation later, the population still lives behind walls. Intrepid bloggers Georgia and Shaun Mason are the rare exception – they’ll chase a good story wherever it leads. 1,582 more words


Resident Evil & Feed: Introduction

October is here and we are in the midst of fall, Halloween, and ZOMBIES. To celebrate the season, we are going spooky with the video game “Resident Evil” (the remake of the 2002 remake) and the book  105 more words