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Episode 10 | Ghosts and Zombies and Comebacks! Oh My!


This week’s episode is all about the undead! That’s right, haunted house stories, zombies, and characters who return after being written off.

If you like what you hear, let us know via… 8 more words


MUSING MONDAYS | Why do you read?

I actually have a lot to talk about but given than I do these blogging things at work, my time is limited. But hey, thanks for sticking around! 581 more words


Review: Parasite by Mira Grant

Typical awesome Mira Grant story, with an amazing narrative and a whole lot of suspense. The only thing I didn’t like: THE CLIFFHANGER. AHHHHHH. 😫 As someone who’s working in public health, Parasite is like the crazy-but-believable cure-all dream that we have for solving all health problems. 540 more words


Parasite, by Mira Grant

Parasite by Mira Grant
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Sapient tapeworms. Five hundred pages of bloviating about sapient tapeworms. That is all.

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Book Review

New to the Quit List

Did you know I’m a quitter? I am. I quit books. I have a few rules to guide my reading and my listening, because I am deeply into rules, but I’m softening up on them. 255 more words


Review : Feed by Mira Grant

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is not what I thought it would be! I think the blurb on the back should contain some hint or big fat warning that the first 300 pages is a terminally boring exploration of US politics and the inner works of a blogging website set to a zombie backdrop. 663 more words


Mini-review - Rolling in the Deep by Mira Grant

Fast paced, well developed, full of gore. Could you ask for anything more from a story about mermaids? Add in TV producers from a questionable network, ambitious scientists and a mermaid performance group and you have another Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire winner. 11 more words