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Miracle berries to alter the taste of foods for chemotherapy patients

Students presented posters in class today about the future of cancer research and treatment.  We also had a chance to explore first-hand the effects of miracle fruit/miracle berries during the poster session.   304 more words

Adventures in...Miracle Berries!

I’ve mentioned before that I signed up for the nifty “send me random stuff in December” program from Cards Against Humanity. (Totally worth doing, by the way. 410 more words


Holiday Planning

Take a breather, yeah? Thanksgiving weekend is over and we’re back to our somewhat regular schedule again. It’s not time for more holiday chaos yet, but we’re surrounded by decorations. 608 more words


Miracle berries and my eureka moment

Sorry this is 24 hours late, but I’ve spent a very enjoyable day down at Streatham High School, taking a look round their new labs and discussing everything from iGCSE to KS3 science. 842 more words

Out of this world (yolo)

The miracle berry is amazing – a miracle. You let it cover and disolve on your tongue and it magically makes anything sour #likealemon and makes it sweeter than errr sweet stuff! 16 more words

Taste Tripping With Miracle Berries

Imagine eating a lemon and puckering to incredibly sour…no wait, incredibly sweet citrus syrup. Then you try some tart goat cheese, but to your surprise, it tastes like sugary frosting. 749 more words


'For the fallen... Lest we forget'

Three weeks on and I’m looking pretty bronzed. But with snazzy rubber glove and gumboot tan lines. It brings a whole new meaning to those ‘sexy white bits’. 585 more words

Aussie Slang