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Reflections: Pennies From Heaven

“I collect lucky pennies that I find on the ground. I keep them in a Ziploc bag.” Jessica Simpson

Bing Crosby – Pennies From Heaven… 1,137 more words

Positive Advice

Miracles vs. Magic

“Let us talk a moment here of miracles. Simply stated, miracles are a natural consequence of joining. Magic is your attempt to do miracles on your own. 431 more words


The complaints of a twenty-three year old

I couldn’t sleep.
You all don’t mind if I rant and vent right? I always feel more comfortable speaking my mind through my blog. Of course I’m sure there are people out there who know me in real life, have searched for my blog, clicked on the link, and kept up with my life through here. 840 more words



By Chris Magdziarz

Have you ever prayed for a miracle? Maybe you’ve wished for one when you blew out birthday candles or saw a shooting star. 576 more words

Chris Magdziarz

October Inspiration

Another month, another perfect poem from my Blue Mountain Arts CollectionCracker Barrel calendar.

You Deserve the Very Best Life Has to Offer

In you, there is… 57 more words


Confirming Evidence in the Domain of Religion

For those of you interested in the topic of confirming evidence, particularly as it relates to evidence for religion and for competing views like naturalism, this lecture series is for you.  34 more words