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Who he is.

“Come and see what our God has done; what awesome miracles he does for his people! He made a dry path through the Red Sea, and his people went across on foot.

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God's Provision

Proverbs 23

“Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich; restrain yourself.  Riches disappear in the blink of an eye; wealth sprouts wings and flies off into the wild blue yonder,” (

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Why Me?

We’re all good at something. There is one thing or another that we can do with precision..right? Right! Each one of those gift or talents were given to us by God. 324 more words


miracles released

I’m listening to a song this morning with these lyrics:

“Grace that restores

Grace that redeems

Grace that releases me to worship

Grace that repays visions and dreams… 567 more words

Between Plenty and Nothing

Between Plenty and Nothing © 

by La’Kisha DeVon Jordan

In the city of Plenty, it was always apparent when people with nothing came to live there. 845 more words