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C.S. Lewis on Why It's Wrong to Say that Miracles Are Impossible

I’ve just finished Narnia author C.S. Lewis’ book Miracles and provide a review in the video above. I really enjoyed it and was fascinated by the philosophical arguments Lewis uses to argue against naturalism, the idea that nature is all that there is and that miracles thus are impossible. 51 more words

Signs & Wonders

July 29, 2016 Prayer

Dear Lord. I know that hope supplies the lifeline to miracles occurring within my life.  I ask You to fill my heart with the faith and strength needed for me to remain hopeful that great happiness and abiding peace can fill this world and all of the human hearts within. 22 more words

Daily Prayer

Happy Saint Olaf Day

The viking saint, as liable to kill you as bless you; he wrought the miracle of the dice. One of my dissertation chapters (the longest one) was about him. 18 more words


FMM 729 16 In Spiration

“And what is it to cease breathing but to free the breath from its restless tides

That it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?”~ 992 more words


Worship Series: Miracles (Jesus Culture)

This is a continuation of a series where we are taking a deeper look at worship songs so we can contemplate what the songs are saying to our own spirits.
998 more words


The Many Words For Miracle

What are the synonyms for miracle?

There must be myriads:

Wonder, mystery and marvel;

Anything above the normal.

Unexplainable, for I was sick: tired, coughing, chesty, 106 more words

Nature Of & In Reality

Praising HIS Name

Praising His Name

Jesus’ request as He looked to the cross was that He might glorify His Father. (See John 17:1) That is to be the desire of our hearts as well. 262 more words

Faith And Trust