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Economic Collapse in Europe, Japan and North America

I was born again in 1983 and immediately God arranged a job that allowed for many hours of Bible reading as I rode public transit to and from work each weekday. 935 more words



Priest: Sometimes you must come full circle to find the truth. Why does that surprise you?

Penitent: Mostly it just makes me afraid.

Priest: Afraid? 17 more words


Grief or grand self-indulgence…

Grief destroys as swift as disease
A grand self-indulgence anyway??
Yet even, even, for all of that
It won’t help you through the day.

For what is grief, but how you feel… 75 more words


I Just Want This to End

Maybe this isn’t really for me, and I am not meant to be here. Maybe, just maybe it’s as simple as that, but yeah, #miraclesdohappen when you least expect them to. 7 more words


Book Lives.

One of my all time favourite things to do is to stay up and finish a book;a very good one at that. It feels oh-so-nice and satisfying… 373 more words


Some Mountains Don't Move

So I have always wondered about the response Jesus gave his disciples when in frustration they asked him why they had failed to cast the demons out of a young man whose father then brought him to Jesus. 787 more words

Behind The Songs