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Life Is A Miracle

Everyone has the potential to elect themselves as Miracle Maker in their own life!

In earlier posts, I have explored the idea and principles of looking toward the good and exercising one’s ultimate freedom i.e. 1,140 more words

The Hero's Journey

Lent Day 3: "Do What He Tells You To Do"


Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your devotional time. Read the assigned passage, then proceed through the “Reflect and Pray” and “Obey” sections.

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Keep Your Eye on the Ball – Part 1

The Mysteries of Gnosis vs. the Revelations of the Gospel

Whoever heard of a “gnosis” anyway? I heard you wonder that. Well, it’s like this. Everyone in the Roman province of Asia heard of gnosis, as well as all of the “mystery religions” which abounded there in New Testament times. 609 more words


So, it's been a while...

I don’t really know where to start – which is incredibly unusual for me!

With endometriosis seemingly popping up in the media more and more often, I felt compelled to return here. 484 more words


Miraculous Healing Claims and Medical Inexplicability

I’m currently wading through Craig Keener’s massive two volume work “Miracles.” The book relays healing anecdote after healing anecdote. Frankly it is largely boring, incredibly tedious reading, and should have been about a quarter of the size. 835 more words


When God Answers Prayer

“Immediately” is the spice-word of the miraculous. Any healing Jesus does is exciting, but the instantaneous ones carry exponential weight and wonder. To illustrate what I mean, let me begin with one that lacks this powerful adverb. 1,137 more words


Grace and Faith

I’ve been practicing talking to a camera. It’s way harder than I thought it would be. I really take my hat of to the people who do this all the time and make it look to effortless. 43 more words