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The Gospels Side-By-Side (book review)

I love reading. But hands-down, without a doubt, my favorite book to read is the Bible. So I’m always intrigued by any resource that can help me get more out of my time in the Scriptures. 169 more words

Meet the Miracle Hunter

As he was approaching his graduation from Stanford University, Michael O’Neill received some advice from the school’s then vice-provost, Condeleeza Rice. “She asked, ‘What are you going to do after graduation?’ and then she said, “Become an expert on something.’” It didn’t take O’Neill long to figure out what that would be: He would become an expert on miracles. 1,340 more words


Drawing miracles

A lovely quote I came across recently* in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards…

“It is in order to really see, to see ever deeper, ever more intensely, hence to be fully aware and alive, that I draw what the Chinese call ‘The Ten Thousand Things’ around me.   51 more words


Demian (Hermann Hesse) (8/29/2016)

Hard to imagine that at one point I mostly used this blog-thing as a platform for writing about books. That was when I had slightly more time to actually think about the things I read. 961 more words

Elaine's Story

Our good friends Wil and Elaine have been walking with us on this journey from the beginning. They have gone through a similar struggle, so we have been able to pray together and encourage each other. 751 more words


On Miracles


I am a miraculous being
I discover beauty in my inherent creativity

Yes, of course I am inspired
When I witness great works
Of those who have come before… 104 more words

Lyrical Poetry

Own up to knowing Him...

I am married to a wonderful man – a conservative man, but a truly lovely guy!
This is why the following story has had such an impact on my life because I know just how conservative he is! 973 more words