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My three little secrets for staying young

While July is always a tough month living in the desert — most say August is tougher.  But we’ll see, won’t we!  I say, bring it! 410 more words


Bird Songs

denying miracles

the world’s too much

in my mind


slowing down

to breathe



summer’s shimmering sun

oh lightness

rediscovering quiet beauty



The Woman Who Came Back To Life After Her Heart Stopped Beating For 45 Minutes

This true story happend a while back and I just thought to share it with you guys. 

After giving birth via C-section in 2014, Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro fell unconscious from a rare amniotic fluid embolism. 150 more words

Praying for Planned Parenthood to be De-funded, Out of Business, and For a Mass Exodus of Their Employees

Lord, we cry out to You for the sake of the unborn who are being violently murdered by the thousands each day. Lord, we ask for Your help and favor that Planned Parenthood would be De-funded, out of business, and for a mass exodus of their employees to flee this wicked institution and further expose them for the demonic and purely evil organization that we know them to be: 403 more words


Expect Miracles

At a meeting, one of the members was talking about miracles. Her reference point for miracles was the film, “The Ten Commandments”. Miracles for her were things like the splitting of the Red Sea or one of the plagues visited upon the Egyptians. 159 more words

7-22-2015 The Holy Spirit Or The Written Word?

Why do people listen to what God says first but not last? Jesus promised the Apostles the Holy Spirit when He said, “the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you” (John 14:26 NKJV). 98 more words


Weekender: A Miracle

Today is a miracle, so was yesterday, and tomorrow. Do you think it is by coincidence?

Psalm 14:1
The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

15 more words