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The Middle of a Good Story

A little over two years ago I found myself coaxing my lungs to pull in some air after receiving a blow that reverberated to my soul.   362 more words


Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is a person just like God and Jesus. He is a part of the Godhead or the Trinity; all 3 persons working together as one. 1,425 more words


5 Reasons I'm Certain That Miracles Happen.

The following five points will demonstrate why I am certain that the supernatural exists and that miracles of healing really do take place today. Although I am fully convinced of this I do also hope that skeptical readers may think hard and long about what they read here (although I am certain that many skeptical readers may not find this as convincing as I do). 2,670 more words



Every now and then we find ourselves in a situation where we need help. Sometimes in desperation we cry out to God and go on to face the day, hoping that things will work out fine. 74 more words

Life Lessons

Creativity and Entropy

It seems to me that everybody that sets their mind to creating things faces an incessant battle against entropy, which they can never win, ultimately.  Yet, we create anyway, because without creation, entropy is indistinguishable from decay. 697 more words

Four Chairs, Part 2 (Magic)

I’ve always believed in magic.

I suppose it isn’t surprising when I think about my Irish grandmother, Margaret (O’Laughlin) Ferguson, known to many as “Mickey.” Whenever I visited her home, brightly colored kitsch-art gnomes peered out from shelves scattered around her living room. 587 more words

Spiritual Journey

Being Vulnerable

I come from a very long line of impeccably strong women with bold personalities that are bullet-proof and shatter-proof. My grandmother was a single mother raising three girls in a patriarchal society, vulnerability was not something we ever thought of as a strength. 630 more words