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1. the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.

2. serious thought or consideration…

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FlowerDreams New Designs… 61 more words

Second Life

Seeing Something

Seeing something out there,

Beyond the fog,

Something not quite in reach,

But maybe in time.




Something not quite in reach,

But something to look for. 27 more words


It scintillates at the cusp of sky,
Color-shifting and entrancingly nebulous,
Run through with the riddle of vapor and heat:
A wave-rippled and oasal truth-in-purpose. 121 more words


Mirage of Romance

Chuckle escapes her bossom

Romance she escapes from

Deadened by his kiss


The Essence of Mirage

If equanimity opens me to the colors of the day, mindfulness provides the canvas. These are my daily tools, and I keep them close. If I do not, ego will send me in search of something so promising that to escape the day seems my only choice. 233 more words


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Second Life