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Mirage - part -5

Through his drive Rana Pratap went through a roller coaster of emotions. It was so unusual of his daughter to  loose her calm and when a daughter calls and talks like that, that’s the end of a dad, he thought. 725 more words

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As Destiny Unfolds

Vehemently we have misinterpreted desire

Delved into our ignorance to create caricatures

Such divine energy dissipates in superficial pursuits

Ignorance paints a reality for us to live with… 42 more words


Podcast Episode 40: The Core

If you like Devastator, then you are in luck this week. The Constructicons take center-stage as Megatron tries to drill to the Earth’s core. You can listen to it here: 51 more words


STEVIE NICKS - " Gypsy "

Fleetwood Mac are one of the only bands whose rarities and outtakes are good enough to make us wish they’d included them on each albums, This rare demo version of… 589 more words


Mirage part -4

“This is going to be your place in a few more years, Reena “said Riyadh as he showed her into the house and “I wish everything  changes for the best when it happens” 665 more words

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Here's why you're wrong.

As human beings, once we get out of our teens, we live our lives based on theories.

There are thousands of theories about work, careers, relationships, spirituality…etc. 699 more words

Mirage -Part-3

Riyadh would be the coolest of guys on certain days showering her in surprises and praises , cracking jokes and talking silly;  but on others he would be a cold person, just point blank cold. 620 more words

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