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Sex and the City S03E16 (Frenemies)

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) puts a MAC lipstick on while getting ready to go out on a date.

Make-up Products In Tv Shows

My date with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte & Samantha

For the past couple of days I had a date with Apple TV, which is a sad sad fact and one that I should be ashamed of, but I am not…ashamed at all. 378 more words


The Denim Swap: Casual Denim Without The Casualties!

In the midst of one of our fashion driven, department store champagne infused fitting room conversations, my girlfriends and I embarked on a heated denim debate. 435 more words

15 Things I Learned from Sex and the City

If you, like me, happen to posses lady parts, then there is also a strong possibility that you enjoyed Sex and the City a time or two. 2,282 more words


How Sex & the City has changed our lives?

The iconic American TV show has toasted to a series of episodes over the most exhilarating fashionable New York women who always engage in day to day gossip over engrossing topics of men, fashion and their everyday lives, learning to deal with it in ways that are individualistic and in lieu with their bold characters. 546 more words

For Her

What Sex and the City means to me

The general view I get from my friends is that its a completely unattainable life drama, much like one of its characters Mr Big. But I like it. 74 more words


Inspired By...Sex and the City

Fashion from Sex and the City is just as iconic as the show itself.

The show premiered on June 6, 1998 and instantly started a revolution amongst women. 626 more words

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