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Mr. Handball

Miranda – In September of this year, I went on an epic solo vacation to Israel and Cyprus. To sum up my trip, think beaches, booze, partying, falafel, and orthodox Jews. 941 more words


Mr. Arborist

To the man I ghosted

Dear Mr. Arborist,

This is the message I wish I could say directly to you. But, to preserve my dignity and refrain from getting further hurt, I’ll opt to share my thoughts in this way instead. 752 more words


How I went from a 1 to a 9 in less than a year…

Oh hey there people of the interwebs. Miss me much? I think according to my last blog post “6ixin like a Vixen” it’s been just over a year since we’ve last spoken. 1,594 more words


Men Who Talk During Sex.

As Miranda Hobbes once said, “Sex is not a time to chat. In fact it’s one of the few instances in my overly articulated, exceedingly verbal life where it is perfectly appropriate, if not preferable, to shut up.” And yet, for whatever reason, it seems as though the talking in bed trend has made a fast and furious comeback with “men” in their early to mid-20s, perhaps and most likely attributable to the surfeit of porn that somehow indicates to them that the unreal and the feigned is the real. 253 more words

Review of 'Sex and the City'

4 gals in New York City looking for love and labels (fashion brands) is the premise of the ‘romcom’ that had a successful run of 6 seasons on HBO. 864 more words

American / English Cinema / TV

Lessons from TV attorneys

I’ve always been intrigued with how the law is portrayed in the media, specifically in television shows and movies. I’m even more intrigued with how female attorneys are portrayed and how their personal lives intersect with their professional life.  883 more words