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Brunoise, batonnet and julienne

There was a cookery competition which I entered, and it was about different ways of cutting vegetables and offered the choices of brunoise, batonnet and julienne; well I know what julienne is – cut into long very fine and thin strips, tricky to do unless you have a nice sharp knife… No-one knows where the word julienne comes from but it was first seen in print in 1722, and was probably from someone called Jules or Julien, (who may have been the person who perfected this, or laid it down as a rule in his kitchen) and because it’s French, when applied to a feminine something it became julienne… 174 more words


Bibliophile Characters

Characters who love to read are today’s challenge and I couldn’t be happier to share these two books with you.

Paige is one of my absolute best friends and a fellow bibliophile, just like her characters. 120 more words


Difference as defined by meringue

There’s nothing like a holiday to make you think about where you live. I recently visited the Languedoc region of France stopping in a gite. I’ve realised that what I enjoy about France in general is the nothingness of it: the pace of life and the ‘retirement feel’. 1,018 more words


The Root of All Cooking

The flavors of various cuisines have a lot to do with how they start. Called aromatics, they are combinations of vegetables and herbs (and sometimes even meats) that are heated in some fat at the beginning of a dish. 413 more words

Outdoor Cooking

Lag din egen grønnsakskraft!

Grønnsakenes kraft

Koking av kraft på grønnsaker, urter og krydder er noe som bør bli en vane. Det er en enkel og sunn måte å gi dybde og god smak til rettene dine på. 412 more words


Almost Bolognese (Meat Sauce really)

I made meat sauce, it was cold and I wanted something that reminded me of warmth. There was some frozen ground turkey and a pepper- we always have onions in the house. 177 more words


Roasted Leg of Lamb with Mirepoix

Inspired by my trip to Paris, I decided to serve this tender flavorful lamb. This recipe, adapted from the fabulous Jacques Pépin, is simply a wonderful, earthy dish. 122 more words

Main Course