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A Do-Ahead Dish Italian Style

Whether it’s a wedding or just Tuesday night, this baked mostaccioli is a winner because it can be made in advance and either frozen or refrigerated, then re-heated to make a casserole as delicious as lasagna.   384 more words

Sunday soup excavation: Spinach, apple, sweet pea

So. Today was disgusting. Slush, freezing rain, general nastiness. A perfect soup day. Also a perfect “no way in hell am I going outside” day. So that means one of two things: Delivery (options are limited in my neck of the woods) or dance with the one what brung ya. 287 more words


Roasted Chicken with Red Skin Mashed Potatoes and Mirepoix Ragout 

So today I felt like having something super tasty, comforting, and simple. I also wanted it to look like I put a lot more effort into it than what had actually gone into making the dish. 910 more words


Kielbasa & Shrimp Jambalaya.

As most of you know, it’s Mardi Gras, and for those of you too responsible to go out drinking tonight…or too cheap to hire a babysitter…or too resigned to the fact that both of your children will be up all night if you have a raging buzz…try cooking the bayou instead of drinking it. 249 more words

Main Course

Crawfish Garlic Toast with Cajun Pierogies

Yesterday, I gifted a friend with lunch from my favorite Cajun restaurant, to help her get labor started on her third, overdue baby. While I know this is an unproven, old wives tale, the voodoo crawfish worked to bring about many local babies! 457 more words

Magical Main Dishes

Moroccan Cottage Pie (i.e., Crazy Mish Mash Pie)

I love a good pie. And I happen to think that there’s no better option than a piping-hot pie for a late lunch on a cold winter afternoon. 661 more words