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Lasagna with Kale

To add more vegetables to our diet, I simply…add more vegetables, to everything!  I have long found classic lasagna to be heavy, greasy and sweet.  By adding mirepoix (the french holy trinity of onions, carrots and celery) to the beef while cooking, the flavour is enhanced tremendously.   212 more words


Butternut squash soup with coriander

Roasted butternut squash with cherry tomatoes.


Cooking Term: Mirepoix

Wow! Long time no post… Sorry, folks. Life is a little crazy around here right now. This week’s cooking term is:


(According to merriam-webster.com:)

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Monday in Mirepoix

Monday morning is when the weekly market takes place in Mirepoix!  I’d been to Mirepoix once before, many years ago, when a friend wanted to show me a particularly interesting church, … 1,157 more words


D is for Doubling Up

OK, one more food post and then I’ll move on for a bit…

I’m of the “cook once, eat (at least twice)” school of cuisine. Heck, to be honest I would eat the same food day and night for a week if it would save me time, but the rest of my crew is not enthusiastic about this practice. 520 more words


Aunt Bridget's Chicken Soup with Little Meatballs

My high-spirited great Aunt Bridget was the original #nofilter. Always, words were coming out of her mouth that caused us to look at one another, as if to say, Did she really just say that? 1,956 more words


Beginnings of a Great Dish

All great dishes start from humble beginnings and every cuisine has their own.  I am sure everyone reading this has started a dish with one of these three bases sautéed in butter or olive oil in a 2-1-1 ratio. 233 more words

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