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Heroic Struggles and Some Villain-y Love


There has been a lot of heroes in the media lately from movies  and television shows that are more flawed than those typically seen. 482 more words


A Joyful Return

Charley’s been great at regenerating the blog with a few new posts over the past fortnight or so, but I’ve been conspicuously and embarrassingly absent — especially as it was my idea to start blogging more often! 1,383 more words

St Mallory's Forever

Your Friends Might Be Fairies

It occurred to me a couple of days ago that should a young adult who had previously appeared mostly normal turn around to me and inform me that they were a fairy / vampire / werewolf / other supernatural creature, I’d probably just roll with it. 991 more words


Alexandrina Brant reblogged this on Miss Alexandrina and commented:

Today's awesome reblog is by Miriam Joy - about fairies (and those other supernatural beings) existing, once or now, in this life. It's funny, since fairies in present influencing fiction is one of the subtler (I hope!) points I make in the short story on which I've been working. Take her point about evidence, for instance: my MC, Fionna, only accepts that the woman asking for her help is a fairy after she's snatched her dagger and cut her neck, revealing green blood. An old online friend, I've not had the chance to beta any of Miriam's tales-with-fairies (because I won't call them 'fairy tales'), but I get the sense that her fairies might well fit in with the personalities of mine...or perhaps get along if not. Check out Miriam's blog when you get the chance.

An Interview With the Teen Authors of St. Mallory's Forever!

In January, the bestselling writing duo Saffina Desforges released a new novel – with two unknown and previously unpublished teenage girls,  Miriam Joy and Charley Robson… 1,537 more words

Guest Visits

To Have And To Hold

Yes, you guessed it — this is not a Valentine’s Day post, but a post to let you know that as of today, you can now actually buy a copy of St Mallory’s Forever! 237 more words

St Mallory's Forever

Very Close

Just a very quick note to say that we’re burning the candle at both ends to get St Mallory’s Forever! finished and published by the date we provisionally set — the 22nd. 125 more words

St Mallory's Forever

The Promo Video Is Live!

Sorry for posting twice in one day — I just wanted to let you know that our promotional video is now live and you can watch it right here: 42 more words

St Mallory's Forever