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november 2030
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Miriam (47 years), Quint (40 years), Shira (14 years), Asher (14 years), Elodie (14 years), Wyatt (11 years), Tyson (9 years) 1,406 more words


My Impostor Syndrome As a Mormon Woman

MIRIAM: They say the beginning of wisdom is knowing what we don’t know, and I agree, but what happens when what we “know” doesn’t come from us? 1,225 more words


People of Unbelief and Rebellion

I. Introduction

Today’s bible trivia question:  Why is our study book called the Book of Numbers? 

The Book of Numbers is of great historical significance because the Lord ordered the first census of the Israelites.  3,648 more words

Bible Study

Update 2

(I need to come up with better titles)

Hey friends,


I can barely believe it myself but yes: we started. After accidentally walking into the office of the camp management (I thought it was UNHCR) we introduced ourselves and a day later we had a translator who got two more friends to help us and from there we went. 249 more words


Malawi Update 1

Hey Girls, it’s your favorite German – although im the only German I know I’m your favorite.

I also know you will be very exited as this is my first blog post. 401 more words


Exodus 2:1-10 Notes

Exodus 2:1-10

The biggest events in history sometimes turn on the smallest hinges. We see that here in Exodus. Why is this story here? Most likely, the original audience for this book are the second generation of Israelites, who wandered in the wilderness because the first generation grumbled and complained. 1,995 more words


The Naked King

There is a children’s book written by H. S. Anderson titled The Emperor’s new clothes. I’ll be weaving this tale along with a man named Naaman in this writing concerning self-perception and denial. 2,406 more words

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