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Sleeping Insects Covered In Water Droplets

Early morning dew can really make things look beautiful, whether those things are a field of flowers, a single leaf, a cobweb, or even sleeping insects. 74 more words


The Diaries of Adam and Eve


I feel like an experiment, I feel exactly like an experiment; it would be impossible for a person to feel more like an experiment than I do … 134 more words

Did you know it's National Poetry Month?

I would be remiss if I somehow passed the whole month of April without noting that it is National Poetry Month. Or maybe I should clear my throat and look around deliberately, muttering, “Where’s Decker?” 231 more words


Insects Covered with Dew

Saw these at least a couple times a whiles back and kept meaning to post them because of how absolutely incredible they are. The photos were snapped by physiotherapist Miroslaw Swietek, an amateur photographer who took up the hobby a mere 2 and a half years ago (You can see more of his striking work… 62 more words


Sleeping Insects Covered in Droplets of Water

Miroslaw Swietek is a Polish amateur photographer who took up photography two and a half years ago. Using a torch, Mr. Swietek hunts out the motionless bugs in the darkness before setting up his camera and flash just millimetres from them. 42 more words

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Bejeweled Insects

Every so often, dear readers, the author of BV is struck positively speechless (shocking, I know) by an image from the animal world. In this case, these  include the  images of  93 more words


Dew on insects

Amazing photos of sleeping, dew-covered bugs by (amateur!) photographer Miroslaw Swietek. A few more here; via Mefi.

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