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Get Rid of your Rearview Mirror

Have you ever wondered why the windscreen of a vehicle is bigger than the rear view mirror? Well I’d tell you why. It’s simply because what’s ahead of you is much more important than what’s behind you. 491 more words

Reign I Forever

I am the bringer of Rain In a shallow sea

I beat my hammer the ocean plunder

What a great se(a)e that would be

Far in the north land Monks they search’d till dawn… 77 more words



It’s true; I never been an image that you adored.

To you, I was just like a broken mirror.

Such divergence left you utterly floored. 41 more words


When I Look at Myself in the Mirror

I see a girl, full of wonder and hope.

She tries to be the perfect person she wants to be. If only I had; if only, if only, if only. 206 more words


Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Pathways of possibilities, wrecked by wheels

A speeding heart, in need of braking

Soaring through shields, head over heels

Broken bodies bleed, the end of my aching.


Britain wants to mirror current dispute system with EU after Brexit

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain will press for close cooperation with the European Union to resolve cross-border civil disputes after Brexit and hopes to mirror much of the current system to offer certainty to citizens and businesses, a government paper said on Tuesday. 6 more words