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A thousand impostors stare into my eyes,

For the mirror doesn’t reflect reality.

Which cape of what hue should I sport?

A smile that hides the vile, 166 more words


Mirror - Suzy Lee

Character Development

Part 1.

Name: Ava

Significance: Palindrome – Spelled the same backward and forward, like a mirror.

Part 2.

Age: 10 years old… 177 more words



I remember his tears
they were like my own
I unbuttoned his shirt
and turned the mirror

-M. Taggart


Mirror rorriM

objects in mirror may be
closer than they appear

Do not get too close.
If you get too close, it will hurt,
most likely. 148 more words


Paris is Burning (1990) in Ru Paul's Drag Race

Re-reading Judith Butler’s essay Gender is Burning, which interrogates how sex, race and class are performed, assimilated and undermined in Jenny Livingston’s film Paris is Burning… 446 more words

Tally's Reflection

We all have a cousin who collects stuff, baseball cards or bottle caps. Della’s collections were a bit more exciting. She had normal collections, like rare books and art and coins, but also a few more eclectic ones like china teacups with rare patterns or medieval swords, not to mention the clocks all over the house, her jewels, and my favorite, her collection of mirrors. 303 more words