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POLA ‧ 社區文化發展中心 Circle Arts Festival 圓圈藝術節」

「POLA ‧ 社區文化發展中心 Circle Arts Festival 圓圈藝術節」LIKE me

尺寸:80cm X28cm X70cm
作品簡介:『影響』是日文及中文題目的3D藝術作品。這個詞源自「如影隨形;回響應對著聲音」的概念,發生在我們生命中無可避免的自然定律。當萬物受到外圍的因素影響,萬物也為周邊事物造成影響。在這種相輔相成的情況下,推論出人生一個不變的 “生、存、滅” 的循環=圓圈相連


Ways a Designer Makeup Mirror Can Enhance Your Bathroom

Why settle for a standard bathroom mirror when you have designer makeup mirror options that are way more beautiful? Changing out your plain mirror for something with more presence is a budget-friendly way to makeover your bathroom without spending a fortune in a full remodel. 367 more words

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What Is Your Reflection In A Mirror? What Is It Telling You?

Connecting with others is an excellent way to learn the importance of life. To understand what your inner-self is trying to teach you, to look from the perspective of others and to be in ‘awe’ of the wonderful journey called life. 522 more words




These “#MeToo” statuses are heart breaking. If you haven’t seen them yet, or seen but not understood what mean, they are raising awareness of the amount of women who have been the victims of sexual abuse, whether it’s molestation, assault, or attack. 2,200 more words

Wooden Mirror Frame

We picked up this old round mirror on Craig’s list for a song, and then used some scrap pieces of wood to make this mirror. We were inspired by… 177 more words