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Misa Hayase/Lisa Hayes dream girl of the 80s

a quick portrait of a dreamy 80’s anime icon Lt Misa Hayase/Lisa Hayes of the Macross. I re-imagined her in a more realistic form. using a few great references form my friend Vincent Pang. 20 more words

Digital Painting

Anime: Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Super Dimension Fortress Macross, or Macross for short, is an utterly engrossing space opera and an undeniable anime classic. A war epic with a pacifist heart, it conveys messages not typically seen in the genre. 709 more words


When Love Doesn't Drift Away: Claudia LaSalle and Everyday Love in Macross

It is easier, and far more dramatic, to declare your love for something or someone once the stage is set. In Super Dimension Fortress Macross… 578 more words


Do You Believe In Love?

Kat here. I decided to go with Macross/Robotech for this one. Hikaru and Misa/Rick and Lisa when they were stranded on the ruined Earth. Not quite the usual Saturday morning cartoon but this was a big part of my childhood. 18 more words