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Feminism is Socially Acceptable Misandry

Feminism at its Core is simply Sociably ACCEPTABLE MISANDRY all feminists and All Women are guilty to varying degrees of this flawed logic .
Feminism sees any action by a man as evil devised to hold all women down . 421 more words

Middle-class white male memes

For the autistic, this is a joke.

Let’s call it If Misandry memes were actually funny.

I posted respect women memes, I can take a joke too. 1,299 more words

Man, Interrupted

I hate to prattle on and on about gender every week, but here I go again. My own personal gender politics tend to align with what I regard as that of traditional feminists: men and women should be treated exactly equally in all things, but we are not there yet. 1,054 more words


Bi-Gender Intuition

I believe that, even though women have a biological brain preponderance of intuition, plenty of men do too.  Plenty of women are naturally good at STEM;(science, technology, engineering, math).   84 more words


I Am Not A Feminist. I Am Now Mad.

I tweeted a thread yesterday about how a lot of the problems feminism tries to tackle were/are created and sustained by women.

I am not a Feminist. 671 more words


Sexism in the Apocalypse

I read a lot of apocalyptic fiction.  I love apocalypse stories.  I love to read about how, when the worst happens, humans can discover levels of ingenuity we never knew we had to overcome even the most insurmountable odds.   4,348 more words