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Dear Deepika, even that video is not your choice!

It’s always good to see people who start ‘activism’ in the name of various ‘isms’. Kejriwal started an activism to cleanse politics and became a part of the same brand. 662 more words

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QOTD: anonymous ex-TSA manager on behavioural profiling

As reported in The Intercept, a refreshingly frank take on a facet of modern “security” measures in airports:

A second former Behavior Detection Officer manager, who also asked not to be identified, told…

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Taboo Topics: Feminism - What Does It Mean to You & Me?

Yeeesss, feminism. Does it mean anything to you? If it does, what does it mean? How would you define it? By your own definition, would you count yourself a feminist? 1,457 more words

Dr. Martin Luther King

My last days in Cartagena de Indias (Love will tear us apart)

I remember when I was a girl in church, learning about 1 Corinthians 13 with all its talk of love. How love is patient, kind, selfless. 359 more words


Feminism - Wrong parts, Wrong approach

Another debate, another call for the silencing of male voices in the cry for an increase in Feminism and equality for all. This is now the third debate that I have seen and for a third time the men in the room have been ‘hushed’ by the extreme Misandrists of the world presenting them selves, wrongly, as feminists. 763 more words


Why aren't more people feminists?

A question the likes of Emma Watson might be asking themselves, as their movements grind to a slow but sure halt. What went wrong for the image? 189 more words

Death Rate of Women a PR Disaster; Experts Agree

The death of another woman bringing the rate up to just under 2 a week this year has been a public relations disaster for men everywhere, experts agree. 247 more words