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Published! #4

So yet again The Federalist gave in, they said if you stop sending us this crap we’ll publish something else, little do they realize I’ll never stop sending out crap! 165 more words


Salon defends Rapists and shames their Victims 

(Declined by The Federalist, I wrote this 10 minutes after Salon posted the article in question on their twitter feed yesterday morning, and I neglected to check the date of the article because I assumed they were promoting something relevant and recent but they were not, the article was from April, so lame! 1,239 more words


Boy Shorts

These are called boy shorts but they are exclusively for girls and now my feelings are hurt. 1.1/5


The 13th Doctor ... Women v. Men ... Why the hate?

If it wasn’t immediately obvious by the title of this Blog as a whole, I am a man. More to the point, I am the penultimate devil of the man-hating feminazi agenda. 955 more words

Unpopular Opinion

Misandry : An invisible hatred against men in india

Misandry, i know many of you might be wondering what does this mean as it is used or very rarely referred any where. Misandry means dislike for or ingrained prejudice again male sex or men. 662 more words

The Red Pill documentary - Not the cesspool of misogyny you might think it is.

The Red Pill is a documentary film about a self identified feminist Cassie Hayes and her investigating the Men’s Right’s Activism movement. The film features interviews with prominent MRAs like Paul Elam, counterpoint interviews with feminists, and footage of confrontations between feminists and MRAs. 1,411 more words


On Coney Island and Mermaids

This year was my first Mermaid Parade! Well, technically second because last year I was a spectator, but seeing the beauty of 2016’s costumes (the glitter! 1,760 more words