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Is sexism against men a growing problem?

Most people, when met with a question like “do you believe men can face sexism?” have many varying opinions. The chance of getting either a yes or a no is fairly equal. 2,367 more words

Anti Feminism

Hormonally Evil Me

My period started today, and I am in a mood. Granted, I’m a raging bitch on a good day, and I’ll certainly never be Susie fucking sunshine with my head up my own ass like Lickity Split (this dumb bitch I work with) but today is even worse than usual for me. 330 more words

The "pink tax" is just another "wage gap" myth

Another great video by TL;DR

Ms Elizabeth Plank fabulously explains to us how women have to pay more than men fro the same type of products or service. 180 more words

How can we get single men and husbands to be interested in church and ministry?

Consider this passage from William Lane Craig’s April 2013 newsletter, which made me very excited and happy. (H/T Triablogue)

Here it is:

One overwhelming impression of these engagements is the way in which the intellectual defense of Christian faith attracts men.

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Against discriminatory adverts

Fathers4Justice has published a post about two adverts by Children’s Hearing of Scotland:

Fathers4Justice today condemned adverts by Children’s Hearings Scotland as discriminatory and anti-father and urged supporters to contact the organization to ask them to withdraw the adverts with immediate effect.”

Myra Breckinridge

Myra Breckinridge

After watching an advertisement of an upcoming documentary, featuring the ABC Vidal-Buckley Jr. debates, I took out a collection of Gore Vidal’s writings from the library.  1,127 more words