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Top Misconceptions About the Men's Movement.

Currently, the single biggest obstacle to the Men’s Movement is the extreme demonization of this group through the media. We are portrayed as being like the gender equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan so, understandably, many people are unwilling to give us the benefit of the doubt and understand what we actually advocate. 3,390 more words

The problem with the F word

As soon as one declares to be feminist, they are either rather scornfully assumed to be a man-hater, extremist, and butch, or greeted with an equally brutal irreverence. 795 more words


The "F" Word: Marriage is not a Reward

We live in a generation of educated fools. Even the most informed and respectable people make utterances that leave you wishing they had not opened their mouths in the first place. 516 more words


Origin of Mind

Humans are Homo Sapiens, an evolved species of animal like all other lifeforms on Earth. The closest biological relatives on Earth to Humanity are the Chimpanzees, sharing 95% of the exact same DNA. 1,601 more words


So Why the Hell Aren't You a Feminist?

Yeah, I’m a huge feminist. I think everyone else should be a huge feminist too. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t be? I mean how can you be against fighting for equal rights for women? 623 more words


Commercials: Misandry in the Media

If you recall in the post, Substance Vs. Role, I discussed how God created men and women equal in substance but different in role and how it was intended as a good way of establishing an order to families.  895 more words


Is Youtube censored by feminists?

Was taking part in a discussion on Youtube.
Many where claiming that making a threat of violence would be typical male behavior.
Now I don’t condone the transwoman making that threat, but I did point out that it doesn’t prove she is really a man, because cis women make threats of violence too… i.e. 93 more words