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Why Pink needs to be boycotted - and why Pink is painting men Black and Blue

​Pink movie has not only unleashed the Misandry within most of us but also taken it to dangerously extreme levels.
I have faced first hand reactions of people hating men more than an incident or an act. 457 more words


Bahu Lao Maa Bhagao

​#BahuLaoMaaBhagao is what GOI and MinistryWCD are propogating when they say that Domestic Violence can happen only on daughter-in-laws and not on mother-in-laws!

Let’s forget for a moment that they are and always have been completely ignoring the male cohabitants which they think can’t suffer from domestic violence! 104 more words


Man Up!

I’ve seen the same meme on Facebook; a stupid meme, a pointless meme, a meme that perpetuates stereotypes and disallows for the acceptance of progress. And makes me mad enough to spit nails. 245 more words


Feminism is Poorly Disguised Misandry

title inspired by Google’s definition of misandry


I feel overwhelmingly obligated to preface this article with a few disclaimers and a background, lest I get attacked for being an archaic and bigoted misogynist. 4,347 more words


Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye

Dear reader, she murders the English language…


Young Jane Steele’s favourite book is Jane Eyre and she sees some parallels between her own life and her heroine’s. 778 more words

Book Review

What British Politics Tells Us about Gender Politics

We lack a consistent way to talk about gender bias. By Dave DuBay. Read more on the Good Men Project.