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Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye

Dear reader, she murders the English language…


Young Jane Steele’s favourite book is Jane Eyre and she sees some parallels between her own life and her heroine’s. 778 more words

Book Review

What British Politics Tells Us about Gender Politics

We lack a consistent way to talk about gender bias. By Dave DuBay. Read more on the Good Men Project.

Every time someone says The Past Wasn't "Really" Sexist

I want this to flicker into your mind.

Treating one another like human beings is required for civilization, these divisions hold traditional values back by waging a war within a nuclear family. 502 more words

Why are boys struggling to succeed in school and to find jobs?

Although you might think that there are no reasons for boys underperforming in school and work, a little research shows that this is not the case. 1,564 more words



You: Apparently I make misandrist comments.

Sister: Don’t we all? What’s wrong with that?

You: Oh, this came from someone who thinks women are ‘sexy’ and ‘amusing’. 6 more words


The Day We Fooled Ghanaian Twitter and Other Stories.

Some men and women who listen to my music usually come back with two responses. The first being that I am actually very good at what I do. 1,460 more words

Embracing Brotherhood

It’s time to re-stitch the fabric of Brotherhood.

Feminists, leftists, general misandrists, they all enjoy attacking men and masculinity. Men are the problem. Toxic masculinity… 1,577 more words