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Uber, "sexism" in tech, and anecdotal feminist hysteria.

In case you have not kept up with the news, Uber has been the most recent subject of yet another hysterical feminist led mob. The hysteria began when Susan Fowler, a former Uber engineer, accused the company of “sexism.” Now in all honestly Fowler’s original article (if you believe what she says ) did seem to contain clearly inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. 2,290 more words


I just watched "The Red Pill"

I just hit the close button on my video player after watching the red pill and I am sitting in stunned silence as I write this piece. 400 more words

A Voice For Men

This world makes me extremely sad sometimes. I can’t even get through a full page of the News without wanting to puke and scream.

I wish I was a safety net for the innocent.


HuffPo Just Lowered the Bar for Men Everywhere

The Huffington Post has been one of my go-to news sites since a friend first told me about the Canadian edition years ago.

This is despite the right hand column of things HuffPo thinks would interest me. 349 more words


Comparing male and female support for abortion, divorce and gay marriage

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t apply to married women. When I refer to women below, I mean young, unmarried women. But I’m just going to say “women” for brevity’s sake. 1,364 more words


Domestic Immodesty

Immodesty is dangerous to your soul but cooking topless is dangerous to your health. I guess it’s just as well. I suppose you should get used to burning flesh anyway. 84 more words


In the creative world, you are essentially misandric

In IITKGP’s Gender Studies class a Bengali documentary ‘Paachaar’ (trafficking) was shown. The docu showed a man being the kingpin of the human trafficking racket and only young girls are being trafficked. 751 more words

Gender Bias