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Of shrews and Jezebels...

I have some thoughts forming which I’m just going to write and see where they go. I was “impressed” (more like outraged, actually, as you would expect) by this article, written by one of the greatest narcissists in journalism today, Liz Jones of the Daily Mail. 1,324 more words

Sex in the Weinstein Age

Note: The only people responsible for sexual assaults are attackers. Their exertion of power over their victims is reprehensible, and we all need to stand up against all sexual abuses, of all kinds, against all people: female, male, cis, trans: every single point on the spectrum of human existence. 1,055 more words


Chris V Corliss: Publish Anything and I Will Sue You!

I had worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008. I thought her greater experience would serve the nation better than newcomer, Barack Obama. The country swung toward Obama and the rest is history. 1,970 more words

Mental Health

"Reverse Sexism" in Hollywood

Game of Thrones star, Kit Harington, recently apologized for his remarks in which he claimed he, along with other men in Hollywood, experienced sexism similar to that of female counterparts. 568 more words

Feminism Hurts ALL Women

By Sifu Crockett

G’day, comrades.

Someone — let’s call her Liesl — recently told me how she wished she lived in a world where it was okay to say, in public, that you’re not a feminist. 3,522 more words

Sifu Crockett

Goalposts and Girls

A 28-year old Ronovijay listened intently to 18-year old Mitthu’s unfortunate bus incedent as they relaxed on the turf, looking at the goalpost after a tiring game. 182 more words

Me Too

I'll tell you where all the good men have gone, rebuttal rebuttal from awhile ago

Awhile back I posted this article:


I got a lot of angry responses from women, largely about how men have ruined their lives and the lives of other women they know and care about through abandonment, sexual harassment or assault, rape or any number of other terrible things that men do.  1,480 more words

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