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I need to write about soap dishes


Yes, I know, but bear with me, please. It’s been one of those weeks… I hope this at least amuses you a bit!

Soap dishes became, for me, an emblem of what society has become. 570 more words

Sauce for the goose

My recent posts on male-as-norm language, To gender or not to gender and Default: male, did not go down well with everyone. I heard from one or two readers who thought I’d been a bit sweeping. 1,792 more words

Feminism: Cancer of the Internet?

I need you to forget everything you know about feminism for this to have the effect I want it to. It doesn’t matter if you love it, hate it, or are completely indifferent to it. 531 more words

Equality Of The Sexes

10 Sexist Things Women Say About Men

Let’s clarify something.

Misogyny is the hatred/dislike and/or ingrained prejudice of women or girls.

Misandry is the hatred/dislike and/or ingrained prejudice of boys or men. 2,124 more words


When Manospheres Merge: Bizarre Politicking and Petty Court Drama

I have a secret hobby. It’s not the kind that you can confess openly in public without getting a lot of odd looks, a cleared throat, and a swift change in conversation topic, but I’m going to come clean about it here. 1,097 more words


100 Things All Women Need To Know About Men (According to 100 Men)

Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz.Found on AskReddit. 1. Men aren’t mind readers. “Men aren’t mind readers…if you want something, be direct.” 2. Guys are shy, too. “Guys are shy, too. 32 more words


Remember these feminists are considered icons in the feminist movement

When we criticise feminism, these are the people we’re talking about:
“The nuclear family must be destroyed… Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process.” — Linda Gordon… 3,806 more words