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The MRAs of Literature: Is This Anonymous, Male Version of the VIDA Count a Joke?

In a few short years, the VIDA Count has become a regular fixture in the literary world, released each year to be either ignored or heeded by magazine editors depending on their individual consciences.  872 more words


Gendercide: The Persecuted Penis Dr. Phil Valentine....

Greetings, Brothers.

For several months, I’ve been learning from the mind of the great Dr. Phil Valentine, Metaphysicist.  He is very deep and  his lectures, I can only say, take your thought process above and beyond the stratosphere of intellectualism.   121 more words

What should we do to encourage men to marry?

Dina tweeted two articles in a row about a new book that describes some of the reasons that men aren’t marrying. I thought that since she tweeted two of them, that I had better blog on them. 1,073 more words


Gynocentric behavior in men – the biggest hurdle to their liberation

The news of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) appointing a woman driver named V. Saritha has been making rounds these days. And the news is that she is the first ‘ 1,138 more words


Pink and Blue

{Co-written with my dear friend J}

Today’s definition of feminism is “A multi-disciplinary approach to sex and gender equality understood through social theories and political activism.” Feminism has evolved from the critical examination of inequality between the sexes to a more advanced focus on the social and performative constructions of gender and society. 638 more words

M's Writings

What it means to be male




noun: masculinity; plural noun: masculinities

  1. possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men.

    “handsome, muscled, and driven, he’s a prime example of masculinity”

  2. 470 more words

Liberal Democrat executive committee member suspended over “kill all men” hate tweets

At HEqual we’re delighted to bring readers news of positive and very interesting developments concerning the Twitter hate speech of Liberal Democrat Executive Committe member Sarah Noble. 997 more words