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The Media Discover Men's Rights Activism

The media seem to have discovered men’s rights activism (MRA) recently. It’s been around for decades, but the anonymity of the Internet has opened new doors. 782 more words

Why Doesn't He Just Leave? Men and Domestic Violence

At the moment, according to Destroy the Joint there is at least one woman a week being murdered by her partner.

Domestic Violence is now more of a mainstream issue than ever. 425 more words


Mad Max Fury Road: Misogyny or misandry?

First I would like to say that this film was amazing and you should be out seeing it right now.

That said, despite the rave reviews this film has earned, there seems to be a small segment of people who are outraged by it: MRAs. 1,126 more words


Scary Fem (a self-made term to describe myself)

One of my favorite stories of scary fem is from a Vegas MFA colleague and girl friend:

One night she was walking down Maryland Parkway, a busy six-lane highway that cuts through the city from north to south. 687 more words


misandry, the local gym, and moving forward for the summer

At my local gym there is a small mat area for doing abs and stretching and ect. it’s pressed into a corner by a wall of mirrors and the platform where there are cardio machines.   474 more words

So Much More, p. 95-105 – Part 2: Do You Even Lift?

“A&E” refers to Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin, authors of So Much More. I chose the abbreviation to save space and time.

In the last post, I outlined how A&E finally got around to (partially) defining the word “femininity.” Femininity, however, is only one of the terms A&E set out to define at the beginning of the chapter. 2,335 more words

sorry for all the whining I'll inevitably do on this blog

I don’t have high expectations that this blog will be viral or really be read by anyone, maybe my boyfriend will check it out occasionally.  This is mostly a space for me to process my feelings and exist as a space to for self care.   317 more words