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#metoo False Accusations

The “#metoo” movement is considered to have begun with an article by Ronan Farrow in 2017, detailing sexually manipulative behaviour by the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, with a large number of individuals over several decades. 73 more words

False Accusers

Three UK Databases of False Accusations

False Accusers

The Misandry of Fatherhood.

This is a little odd for me, but I want to talk about a father that many people I know say is a wonderful Dad. 906 more words

Fractured Feminism

Occasionally I will stumble upon comments and blurbs and such on social media from women that are against feminism.  And while the world wide web is quick to pounce back on these ladies, I am more interested in figuring out why they feel/think/believe the way they do.  686 more words

Feminists and MRAs: Two Sides of the Same Coin

I came to a realization lately and I really have nowhere to discuss this realization other than here so I figured I’d make a very short and very brief post about this.  870 more words


Why No Well-Informed Empiricist Should be a Standpoint Epistemologist

1. Introduction

This is a response to philosopher Liam Kofi Bright’s (LSE) blogpost “Empiricism is a Standpoint Epistemology”, based on actual evidence. 2,843 more words


The Anatomy of a Witch Hunt

I described the Oxford Lynch Mob of 2013-14 and its witch hunt and my eventual reinstatement after over a year of lying, vigilantism, harassment and abuse… 343 more words

False Accusers