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False accusation cases 101: Mahad Cassim

Jemma Beale case: Mahad Cassim’s reputation ‘ruined’. A man who served two years in prison after being falsely accused of rape has spoken publicly about his case, for the first time. 203 more words

False Accusers

Are Mass Shootings A Result of Biblical Masculinity?

With the mass shooting at a Florida High School by Nikolas Cruz we are not only seeing the call to restrict gun rights but we are also seeing the misandrists coming out again. 2,264 more words


The Misandry Girl

The Misandry Girl aka TMG 

At The Beginning … 

Anastasia Sheldon is just a normal girl in her age. But wait a sec! What makes her so different from other girl? 224 more words


I must be a misogynist

I have often wondered “am I a misogynist”. I know I’m not supposed or allowed to be one but I do wonder if I am one anyway. 621 more words


False accusation case 96: Paul Baden

Harassment charges dropped after police withheld evidence, court heard
It comes after a number of similar high profile cases. Paul Baden, formerly of Maple Gardens, Rugby, had pleaded not guilty to harassing his former partner Julie Berriman by constantly calling her and sending her texts and messages.  823 more words

False Accusers