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Why I am a feminist

I am going to talk the dreaded topic, feminism. This has always been a topic I have been very passionate about, seeing inequality in any form is something that disgusts me, racism, sexism or homophobia is an unacceptable and outdated form of ideology. 499 more words

Marital Rape Epidemic in India

Off late there has been a lot of discussion on Marital Rape. Rape is defined as, ‘Any Sexual intercourse without ones consent’. Rape is a deplorable act, within marriage or outside of it. 1,138 more words


Misogyny Now a Hate Crime - What About Misandry?

In response to “overwhelming levels of misogynistic abuse” from metrosexual, soft Beta herblings, misogyny will now be classified a hate crime in the decadent, declining, and… 1,072 more words


Egalitarianism vs. Feminism vs. Misandry

Hello guys! It’s Raven here today. The topic of the day is actually three different topics. Today I will be teaching the differences between egalitarianism, feminism, and misandry. 514 more words

Exploration Of Self

R-types = polyandric and K-types = monoandric

Terms by a Russian called Blonsky during the Soviet Era.

We’d nowadays call it the tendency to monogamy and polygamy (andry being replaced perhaps incorrectly). 336 more words

Feminists treat men badly. It’s bad for feminism.

And they say there is no misandry – hatred of men.

By Cathy Young • washingtonpost.com • June 30, 2016

Feminist male-bashing has come to sound like a cliche — a misogynist caricature. 1,642 more words

Gender Politics

From provocateur to victim: #trigglypuff as a case study of SJW modus operandi and societal responses to it

By: Jack Logan
Originally posted here reposted with permission

In recent weeks, the internet has been rocked by the #Trigglypuff meme and I find my position on it shifting backwards and forwards as increasingly more nuances about this story have come to light. 1,495 more words