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fake deep: I'm convinced that Cecile Emeke is a prophet

Please excuse my tardiness, but I just discovered the powerful word that is “fake deep“. Written by Queen Mother Cecile Emeke, Director/Writer/Cinematographer Extraordinaire, “fake deep” is a poem that discusses the phenomenon of misogyny disguised as love, spirituality, consciousness, intellectualism, etc. 354 more words

Angry Black Woman

#WCW Emma Watson

If you weren’t aware, ie if you’ve been living under a rock since September, Emma Watson (yes, the Harry Potter Girl), the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador has launched a campaign called HeForShe.   462 more words

Walgreens Produces "Women's Earplugs"

Walgreens has produced a product line of “Women’s Earplugs” that exclusively block out the sound of men.

“Initially we thought about just making the unisex product pink, writing “women” all over it and hiking up the price by 10 to 50 percent but then we decided to break out of the mould” said Walgreens representative, Petra Johanson “We did something that not many companies are brave enough to do and spoke to women directly.” 233 more words

Introductions, Definitions, and a Little Rambling

Hi everyone! My name is Haley, I’m a college senior, and I live in Wisconsin. I’m a Screen Media major and an English minor, I have a 6 year-old Shih-Tzu, and I spend my time reading, painting, and marathoning television shows. 326 more words

Bell Hooks

Feminism: Or like do you think I'm pretty though?

A couple close friends and I have on ongoing joke about our bizarre relationship with rejection. All of us have an icky, deep-seated desire to respond to personal rejection with “But like…you think I’m pretty, right?” 1,289 more words


Fifty Shades of Fucked Up - A Movie Review and Social Commentary

The Foreplay

When the book ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ was first released, none held more disdain for it than I did. Here was what the majority dubbed ‘mummy porn’ with a fetishistic flavour, hitting the mainstream masses and allegedly laying claim to an underworld that we of the artistic never-never had been indulging in for years. 7,774 more words


Why The Mens Rights Movement Will Not Succeed.

This is a transcript for this video:

You know what gets me about the mens rights movement: it’s completely futile.
Allow me to explain why. 4,792 more words