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Old sexist adverts again - this time re men


A picture is worth a thousand strawmans. I’ve included ‘problematic’ implications.

>Implying men are worthless without a fat wallet. Come on, we know what ambition means. 488 more words

"What!? A New Word Learned!?"

Whilst playing with misogyny I encountered on The Radio this curiosity: misandry.

Now, as of course I am sure you already know, misandry is the (misplaced to be sure) hatred of men.   388 more words

J Richards

EYE on Media Misandry: Public Servants Debate Equality Outcomes for 49% of Constituents

EYEreflect on the media coverage of this years Commons International Men’s Day debate and highlight some of the significant contributions that were (mostly) ignored.

You may have heard that, for the second year running, … 748 more words

Gender Mereology

37 Men Explain Why This Isn’t A ‘Man’s World’

Found on AskReddit.

1. We are seen as 100% disposable by the vast majority of society.

“What it’s like to be seen as 100% disposable by the vast majority of society.” 3,657 more words

Flash Fiction Friday: Miss Andre


Devin’s fingers twitched briefly over the piano keys. At least Marco was closer to Devin than Prometheus, but regardless, he should have known better. 874 more words

My Works

Rethinking Toxic Masculinity

A few months ago an old friend deleted me from his Facebook but not before sending me a message explaining why: he was growing quite uncomfortable with some of my views, feeling that I was secretly right-wing and, following one online conversation with him, a man-hater.   2,596 more words


Feminism & The Princess Complex

Garbage – Stupid Girl.

While the proclaimed purpose of feminism is noble, throughout my entire life in America, I have never personally seen a single action motivated by misogyny. 381 more words