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Organisations: Reproducing (through) Sociopaths ?

Do organisational bureaucracies breed sociopaths; or, do organisational bureaucracies breed through sociopaths ? A lack of conscience and a burning ambition to trample anyone in their way provides the perfect vector through which the self-propagating inefficiencies of organisational systems might manifest their own, unconscious and agent-less survival strategies. 77 more words



  • a meal is an indulgence – a conversation is annoyance

  • misanthropy was easy – elegant. I miss it sometimes.

Sherlock Holmes


"flip flop," said the cat.

I was just about to write a glowing review of the 4Cats Art Studio in Duncan.

Then I learned the studio is no more.

Then I learned that 4Cats is a franchise, and the parent company has seen some controversy. 679 more words

Public Washrooms: Passive Aggressive Much?

Dumb Shit I Say: Public Bathrooms

This first installment in “shit I say” takes a look at my passive-aggressive side. And perhaps yours, too?

Today we visit that delightful destination of discomfort — but necessity — the public bathroom. 296 more words


Please don't do this to me. [Journal 6-13-18]

Danny Elfman – The Little Things.

Alright, another long adventure that deadens a piece of me. As mentioned on the forthcoming Dying Light vlog/playthrough: I’m about to get a job. 517 more words

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i'll still see you in everything

tl; dr: i’m sad but it’s all okay. lol why didn’t i just type that to begin with. could’ve saved myself so much time.

i try not to say too much to people sometimes, because i’m terrified, honestly, of saying something i’ll regret. 817 more words