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POEM: "The hurtful-healing whisper'd words" by K.T. Klay

Words are nothing…

…they are the whisper of a breeze.

Yet they have the power of a double edge sword,

and can summon…

…such irrational fears. 212 more words


"Friends" a poem by K.T. Klay

What or who are your friends?

A friend is someone who’s actions match their words.

A friend will tell you the truth, even if it makes you BOTH uncomfortable. 114 more words


I Am Sorry: Personal Reflections & Ruminations

       Other people may not agree with me but…. I have felt that I have been “short” and “snippy” with people the last few weeks. If anyone feels that I may have been that way towards you, I want to apologize. 693 more words


Hearts (Poem) by K. T. Klay

Hearts were made to beat

Hearts were made to love

Hearts were made to be filled

With all that good things are made of

Hearts are made to guide… 113 more words

Life And Encouragement

Priorities & Love

I just finished watching the movie CLOVERFIELD, and I’m moved to tell you all, “I love you.” To some, this may seem like an odd statement.  470 more words



I enjoy being alone….and I don’t.

I cherish the time to be alone….and think….and process….and think….and plan….and think….and reflect….and think…..and sing….and plan….and think…and sing…and dance….and sing….and think….and write…and laugh….and cry…and think…. 316 more words


I've got a CRAZY idea!

I’ve got a CRAZY idea!

Here it is: Let’s end “White Supremacy” by reaching worldwide “White Equality”!

In other words, everyone in the world will have the same power, privilege, status, pay, and “equality” as the average white male has had for centuries! 157 more words