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Struggles of My Chinese Insurance

A small diversion from our regularly scheduled programming.

My awesome work insurance covers everything. Well, basically everything. Everything except for STI testing. Today, in the midst of a mild breakdown after excruciating pelvic pain for over 24 hours, 48 now, I was told that I would have to dish out a small fortune to pay for sexual health tests that would have been completely covered by insurance in Bermuda or in Canada. 397 more words

Misc Rants

Smiling Stellar Shapes Shown in Eyes Like Reflecting Pools Drained Dry (or The Great Nothing)

Time’s passage in perpetuity
struck such staggering
to youth—
all hope, our hope—
all faith in the future

and the seconds slid slowly as centuries when… 374 more words


Car Crashes, Witches, and A Sleepless Night

The following is a true story, an event in my life that shook me to my core. It made me question my trust in humanity, my view on the homeless population, and ultimately, my own sanity. 866 more words

Misc. Rants

Guilty Pleasures

This blog post isn’t about sex, unfortunately. It is a fairly misleading title, but it’s really about doing the things you like to do, and being proud of them. 352 more words

Misc. Rants